Throwback Thursday-The Duchess of Windsor’s Monkey Dress

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Every week I will be posting a royal version of “Throwback Thursday” where I will be posting a fashionable picture of a royal lady from the past and talking about her outfit.

This week’s subject is Wallis, the Duchess of Windsor. The Duchess of Windsor was one of the most fashionable women of the 20th century. She is also the woman who claimed King Edward VIII’s heart, a love affair that would lead to the great abdication crisis of the British monarchy. An American socialite, Wallis Simpson was probably most well known in fashion circles for her extensive jewelry collection that was worth millions and was subsequently auctioned off for charity after her death.

Here is a picture of her taken in the 1950s wearing her famous “monkey dress.” Click on it to get a bigger view so you can see the details on her dress:

Embed from Getty Images

The dress really needs to be examined closely to fully appreciate it’s detail. It was made for the duchess by Givenchy (Audrey Hepburn’s favorite designer) in 1954 and is made of white silk organza. Upon closer inspection one can see that the dress has a fun and unique pattern of embroidered monkeys playing musical instruments. This dress now belongs to the Maryland Historical Society.  You can read more about the dress in this ‘Baltimore Style’ article here:

And you can also visit the Maryland Historical Society website here:

I just love how whimsical the pattern of this dress is while still maintaining a classic and elegant shape. Very French, and very Givenchy. And let’s not forget the gorgeous statement necklace she is wearing to match the piece. It looks like a large sapphire and emerald necklace with matching sapphire stud earrings (kind of like these but only much bigger).

This is one of my favorite royal dresses. So pretty.

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