Royal Children’s Back to School Fashion-Part One

Have you ever wondered how royal children from around the world dress for the first day of school? Right about now stores will be full of busy parents and kids shopping for back to school clothes. In honor of the hustle and bustle of the new school year, I wanted to write a post that showed off royal back to school fashion from various European royal houses. Enjoy!

Firstly, let’s look at this sweet picture of Princess Leonor giving her daddy a kiss on her first day of school in 2008. Her mom and dad are King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain, so that means that this cute little girl is going to grow up to be the queen of Spain.

Embed from Getty Images

She may be a little princess, but Leonor is just like any other little girl on her first day of school. Take a look at her bright pink backpack. I imagine that she probably picked it out herself.

Embed from Getty Images

Like many royal children, the royal princesses of Spain have to wear uniforms to school so the only way they can express their style is through their backpacks. One year later, Leonor’s little sister, Princess Sofia, chose a bright blue Hello Kitty rolling backpack/mini suitcase. Sofia’s a girl after my own heart. I always loved Hello Kitty when I was little. Too cute!

Embed from Getty Images

I know they are for kids but I am tempted to get one for myself. 🙂 This one has a matching lunchbox!

Then, we have the Belgian royal children. And there are quite a few of them to talk about. Here is a picture of Prince Gabriel, Prince Emmanuel, and Princess Elisabeth (left to right) on their first day of school in 2008:

Embed from Getty Images

I like how they coordinated the kids’ outfits to match one each other. Here is the family on another first day of school in 2011, this time Princess Eleonore joined them as well:

Embed from Getty Images

I have a feeling that Princess Elisabeth is going to grow up to be a very fashionable princess. As the years go by she seems to be taking more interest in her clothing. She has inherited her mom’s love of bright colors like pink, orange, and mint green. She is 13 years old now, and by the time she is 16 I think she will really blossom. Take a look at her first day of school in 2013:

Embed from Getty Images

After searching for a while I found the same shoes she is wearing in the picture, they are Kenneth Cole Reaction and can be found here:

And here is a picture of her from her first day of school last year. I really think this outfit is such a sweet and age appropriate way for a 12 year old to dress. I especially love the scarf. I wish all 12 year old girls dressed like this:

Embed from Getty Images

I am not sure who designed Princess Elisabeth’s scarf, but there is a cool company called Krisp (based in London, England) that makes pretty accessories for girls and women. They have scarves in bright colors in a style that is similar to what Elisabeth wears. This scarf that I am sharing a link for is my favorite. I really like the tie dye look it has plus the tassels, and the pastel colors remind me of Elisabeth’s scarf:

Then, we have the Norwegian royal children. Princess Ingrid Alexandra in 2010:

Embed from Getty Images

And with her brother, Prince Sverre Magnus, on his first day of school in 2011:

Embed from Getty Images

As you can see Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway tends to favor a minimalist style of dress and neutral colors. I think that she also prefers to dress her children in this way. Out of all of the royal brides, she had the most simple and understated wedding gown with no lace, beads, or embellishments. So Mette-Marit has decided to dress her children simply as well in keeping with her taste. It looks to me like she probably dresses her kids in something similar to Gap Kids. Take a look at some of these ideas as an example:

And maybe Tommy Hilfiger for kids too:

I think that Mette-Marit probably likes Nautica as well:

Next we have the Danish royal family. Here is Prince Christian on his first day of nursery school in 2007:

Embed from Getty Images

He is so adorable and looks so little in this picture. You can also see that Princess Mary is pregnant with Christian’s little sister. I think his shoes are very cute. They look like leather Oxfords. Here is a pair similar to what Christian wore. Again, these are Kenneth Cole Reaction, just like Princess Elisabeth of Belgium:

Here is a more recent picture of Christian from his first day of school in 2011:

Embed from Getty Images

And here is a picture of his little sister, Princess Isabella, on her first day in 2013:

Embed from Getty Images

Christian and Isabella have younger siblings as well, the twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine seen here in a photocall this year on July 25:

Embed from Getty Images

Judging from Princess Isabella’s mischievous face in the picture above it looks to me like Princess Mary and Prince Frederick have their hands full. 🙂

All little princesses should have cute Mary Janes like these, also by Kenneth Cole Reaction:

And a pretty dress like the one Princess Josephine is wearing to go with it, This dress is by Nautica:

And prince Vincent looks adorable in his plaid shirt kind of like this one from Gap kids:

Finally, I would like to end this post with some pictures of the Dutch royal family. Take a look at Queen Maxima and King Willem-Alexander’s adorable kids in 2009. I love Princess Alexia’s denim dress:

Embed from Getty Images

I like this denim dress with white embroidery on the bottom by Bonnie Jean:

And here they are again in 2011. It is so sweet how the girls hold hands. And their bow head bands are adorable, too:

Embed from Getty Images

I don’t have kids myself yet. But if I ever have a girl I am going to get her a million bows, one for every outfit. Kind of like these whimsical interchangeable headbands. They look like fun! 🙂

Thanks for reading my blog post everyone! Please follow my blog if you enjoyed it. There are more royal kids from different countries that I will talk about in the next part of this series and I will publish part 2 soon.

Update! Find Part 2 Here:

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