Royal Children’s Back to School Fashion-Part Two

Today is the Sunday of tax free weekend where I live in Tennessee. Every year this is when hoards of people flock to the mall to buy back to school clothes, so I thought this would be a good time to take a look back at how royal kids from around the world dress on their first day at school. In part one, I talked about the royal children of Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands. Now I will take a look at some other royal kids starting with the Swedish royal family.

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel brought their pretty little girl, Princess Estelle, to her first day of preschool last year. Here’s the picture:

Embed from Getty Images

Princess Estelle always looks so happy in all of the pictures I see of her and her parents obviously adore her. I think she is probably one of the most confident and happy royal children. I love seeing pictures of her.

As a side note, do you guys see how similar Princess Victoria’s blazer is to the beloved blazer by Zara the Duchess of Cambridge loves to wear? Take a look:

Embed from Getty Images

They’re both dark blue blazers with large gold buttons. They have a nautical/military look to them and both royal women paired their blazers with jeans and wore their hair pulled back. It must be a popular royal look. 🙂 I am not sure if Victoria’s blazer is Zara as well, but Kate’s definitely is so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. Kate really loves Zara and has worn the brand many times before and after her marriage. Here is a similar Zara blazer. It is not the same one Kate wears because it sold out (anything Kate wears sells out within 24 hours!). But it has the same structure, navy blue color, and large gold buttons on the backs of the sleeves. Moms deserve to treat themselves to a nice outfit to bring their kids to their first day of school, too. Right ladies? 😉

The royal family of Japan (like the Spanish royals) send their children to private schools where they have to wear uniforms. Here are some pictures of Japanese royal children on their first day of school.I can’t believe how grown up Princess Aiko is. And I feel like Prince Hisahito was born just yesterday!
Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Not every royal family has a tradition of taking pictures of their kids’ first day of school but the British royal family has some great pictures of these events. Most of the current generation of royal children are too young to be in school (like the Cambridge’s kids and Zara Tindall’s children) but here is a look back on British royals and their first day from the previous generation.
This is a sweet picture of Prince William on his first day of nursery school. He reminds me so much of Prince George! I imagine this is what George will look like on his first day in a year or two.
Embed from Getty Images

I cannot get over how adorable Harry is in this picture from 1989. He always had such a mischievous personality. I bet he kept Diana on her toes. Love the way Diana is looking at her boys. She seems so proud.
Embed from Getty Images
Here is a picture of Princess Eugenie with her mom and dad, the Duke and Duchess of York. I never realized how much Eugenie looks like her dad but boy she does take after him.
Embed from Getty Images
And then there is this picture of Prince William on his first day at St. Andrews University in 2001. I had such a crush on him during this time, you guys. I was 11 years old. 🙂 William’s casual style really hasn’t changed all that much since this picture was taken. This is pretty much the way he dresses when he is not participating in royal events or official functions. He’s a laid back guy.
Embed from Getty Images
And it looks like Ralph Lauren is still making this same style of pullover to this very day, too:


UPDATE! January 6th, 2016

Today is the day that little Prince George of Cambridge began his school career at a small Montessori school near the Duke and Duchess’s home, Anmer Hall in Norfolk. Instead of inviting photographers to watch George enter the preschool, William and Kate opted to share two pictures of George’s first day via social media. Here they are!

Prince George first day 1

George is pictured standing in front of a large mural that is painted on the side of the tiny school. There are only about 30 students who attend in total.

Prince George first day 2

I think he looks like a mix of both William and Kate. Adorable! 🙂

I hope that you enjoyed these posts as a look back on how royal kids dress on their first day of school. If you have kids or are getting ready to go back to school yourself, good luck and have fun!
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