Throwback Thursday-Princess Mette-Marit in San Francisco

Yesterday was Crown Princess Mette-Marit’s 42nd birthday. So as a way of wishing her a belated ‘Happy Birthday’ I would like to dedicated this week’s Throwback Thursday to Mette-Marit’s pretty outfit that she wore on an official visit to my country a few years back. Take a look!

Embed from Getty Images

In May of 2013 the Crown Prince and Princess of Norway made an official visit to the US. And On May 8th they stopped to take a tour of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. For the occasion Mette-Marit wore an ensemble that appears to be basic from a distance (a black skirt and white blouse) but when you study the details of this outfit you can really appreciate how pretty it is.

Embed from Getty Images

First of all, I love how the black silk skirt has a simple and elegant bow detail on the front of the waist making it so that the wearer would need to tuck their blouse inside of the skirt so that people could see it. Some people wear their skirts resting on their hips but this skirt is meant to be worn a little higher resting right where Mette-Marit’s waist is. It’s subtly figure flattering and still modest since the hem of her skirt is at her knee. Very appropriate for a princess (or for business wear). I also like her simple white clutch.

Embed from Getty Images

Check out this similarly flattering high waist black skirt by Poplin for $18 dollars. It would look great with a nice blouse tucked in like Mette-Marit.

Since this blouse has 3/4 sleeves it gives the princess a chance to show off some royal bling. I love jewelry so I am glad that I found a nice close-up picture of her pretty bracelet!

Embed from Getty Images

But maybe one of the best parts of this particular outfit is Mette-Marit’s AWESOME shoes. They are gorgeous and really unique! They are pointed toe with a snake skin pattern with studs along the straps.

Embed from Getty Images

The embroidery and sleeves on the blouse are really just so pretty. Overall I think this outfit is just a good representation of Mette-Marit’s style in general. She tends to wear neutral colors and seemingly simple outfits but upon closer inspection you can really see such pretty details in her clothes. She has great taste but tends to be more understated in her style. Sometimes you have to really study her outfits to fully appreciate them, which seems very appropriate considering she wore this outfit to visit an art museum and art is often the same way. Sometimes you have to look closely at a work of art to really see the full picture. I like that Mette-Marit is confident enough to wear minimal make-up in almost all of the picture I see of her, even on her wedding day. She seems very comfortable in her own skin and very natural. She has her own signature style that’s different and sets her apart from other royal women.

Embed from Getty Images

I hoped you liked this week’s Throwback Thursday!


The Frugal Lady

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