Throwback Thursday: Diana’s Sky Blue Chanel Suit

When Diana was Princess of Wales she was encouraged to wear the work of designers from the UK and the Commonwealth. However, she secretly had a penchant for Italian and French designers. Once Diana divorced Prince Charles she was free to experiment with Armani, Versace, and Chanel. Many royal women feel that a classic Chanel suit is the epitome of elegance. Think of Jackie Kennedy and her iconic pink tweed suit with matching pillbox hat (even though Jackie’s suit was NOT Chanel but a Chanel lookalike). Diana may have been inspired by Jackie when she wore one of her most famous 90s looks: A beautiful sky blue suit by Chanel.

Embed from Getty Images

This suit was couture Chanel from the Spring/Summer season of 1997. It was designed by Karl Lagerfield who is famous among royal women. Princess Caroline of Monaco and her daughter Charlotte Casiraghi are close friends and wear his creations often.

Diana first wore the suit on March 9th, 1997 to Prince William’s confirmation. Like Jackie Kennedy Diana wore a matching pillbox hat into the ceremony but took off the hat to pose with William and Charles for the official photo.

Embed from Getty Images

Here is a short video of Diana on the day of her son’s confirmation:

Diana liked this suit so much that she wore it again just one month later on April 21st to the British Lung Foundation’s unveiling of a rose named after her, the “Princess of Wales” rose.

When she wore the suit she would pair it with nude Chanel heels and a matching Camel/beige handbag. If you look closely you can see that she is also wearing one of her favorite Cartier wrist watches.
The iconic boucle light wool sky blue skirt suit now belongs to Kensington palace. Here is a picture of it on display.

Embed from Getty Images

In this close-up photo you can see that the buttons on the jacket have the famous Chanel logo. There is light fringe detailing on the lapels.

Embed from Getty Images

The matching pillbox hat is also at Kensington palace.

Embed from Getty Images

If you are interested in learning more about Princess Diana’s style and how she used her clothes to shape her public image I would recommend “Dressing Diana” by Tim Graham and Tamsin Blanchard which can be found here (picture is a link):

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