Kate’s Jenny Packham Evening Gown

As I was searching around online I noticed that Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, really loves this off the shoulder Jenny Packham gown. She has worn it on three separate occasions. The first time was in October of 2013 at a gala to benefit Action on Addiction.

Embed from Getty Images

Then the second time she wore it in February of 2014 she borrowed a gorgeous diamond necklace from the Queen at the National Portrait Gallery in London.

Embed from Getty Images

And finally, she wore the gown again in December of 2014 with her hair pulled back and a pair of gorgeous diamond and emerald earrings.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

Three different looks with the same simple but elegant gown.

Catherine Jenny Packham

The original Jenny Packham gown most likely cost a few thousand dollars when Kate first purchased it but it has since sold out. So imagine my surprise when I found this stunning lookalike dress for $65 by Shymay Women online. It comes in the same color that Kate wore (click on the link below to see it) but you can also get it in a pretty fire engine red or periwinkle blue if you want to do something a little bit different.


Last month I also wrote a similar blog post about a dress Catherine wore by Alice Temperley and where you can find a lookalike dress for under $100. You can find it under the tag “Duchess of Cambridge.”


The Frugal Lady

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