Kate’s Chinese Banquet Jenny Packham Dress

For her much anticipated state banquet debut Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge wore a bespoke red Jenny Packham gown. Here are some of the clearest pictures available so far as of Tuesday night, October 20.

Kate chinese banquet

Xi Jinping state banquet

Kate Middleton attends state banquet full length

You can see in the full length picture that the gown has a cinched waist and what looks like a flow-y chiffon skirt. As an added bonus Kate wore some great diamond bangle bracelets.

A Jenny Packham gown can easily cost $8,000-$10,000. But I found some similar gowns for under $100 in case you would like to look like a duchess for the holidays!

This first dress has beading and lace applique detailing on the bodice plus a nice belted-cinched waist that is very figure flattering, a trademark of Jenny Packham’s. And while this isn’t a Packham gown it is a beautiful formal dress and since it is currently on sale for $70 I’d say it’s a steal! It’s available in sizes 2-18 but runs a little small.

This is another pretty prom dress with lace/beading on cap sleeves similar to the style that Kate wore. It also has the flow-y chiffon skirt and costs about $70 depending on what size you get (4-16). It comes in red, too!

This sleeveless, round neck evening dress has a similar structure to what Kate wore, especially with the cinched waist and chiffon skirt. The lace bodice is a little different but it is in keeping with Kate’s style in general since she loves lace. It comes in red and is $70.

It looks like Kate is also using a red clutch bag that matches her dress although I can’t get a good picture of it yet. Red is a culturally significant color in China in addition to being the primary color on the Chinese flag. It would be a little difficult to match the red gown with a red clutch exactly but here are some reasonably priced clutch bags I like. (All clutches come in red, so you can’t appreciate the full look unless you click on the links and see the bags in bright red! 🙂 ) Even though Kate’s bag looks like it is so simple it almost blends in with her dress I like bags with a little more ‘bling’ or embellishment.

I hope we start to see Kate at events like this more often. She has not been given the Royal Family Order by the Queen yet and I think that may have to do with the fact that she is not a full-time working royal yet.


The Frugal Lady

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