Royal Coats and Jackets: Fall/Winter 2015-16

Now that it’s November 1st, it’s starting to get chillier. Meaning that we should all get our winter coats out of storage and get them ready to be worn again. If you are like me, you probably have at least one (or two) black coats that you have worn for a few years in a row. I have had mine for maybe four years. But everyone seems to wear black coats and jackets during winter. So if you would like to treat yourself to a new coat this year-and one that isn’t black-the royal ladies throughout Europe know a thing or two about picking a fashionable coat. After all, they have to wear coats-or coat dresses-many times. And in colder countries we see royal women wearing coats all year long to official engagements. So who better to look to for some shopping inspiration?

Cobalt Blue

First of all, too many people shy away from wearing a colorful coat. Perhaps because we tend to try to save money by buying coats that are in neutral colors like black or brown because we think that they will match with more outfits. But don’t be afraid of color! A blue coat can go with so many different things. Just think about how people wear blue jeans with shirts and blouses that are all different colors of the rainbow, right? Cobalt blue is a classic choice for Fall/Winter and is so often seen during the Holiday season at all of the Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas, or New Years parties because it is bright and festive but not too trendy. Just take a look at the Duchess of Cambridge wearing her Reiss coat at a Rugby match last month.

Kate Blue coat rugby

And flash back thirty years to Diana, Princess of Wales wearing the same color in this coat dress. She often wore this shade of blue because it matched her sapphire jewelry and brought out the pretty blue color of her eyes.

Princess Diana cobalt blue dress coat

And a few years ago Crown Princess Mary of Denmark wore a pretty cobalt blue coat with a jeweled neckline.

Princess Mary cobalt blue Klein coat dress concert Melbourne

As you can see, Mary has very fair skin while Diana had blond hair and Kate can get pretty tan when she gets some sun although you may not be able to tell from her picture from the Rugby match. But in general, cobalt blue is a color that is flattering for lots of skin tones and hair/eye colors. Kate’s Reiss coat seems to have sold out and Mary’s is no longer available but here are some pretty alternatives.

Princess Mary cobalt blue Klein coat dress

First, this Double Cloth Lady Day Coat by J. Crew comes in 11 colors including this pretty blue. It is also available in petite, tall, and regular sizes which is nice. I’m 5 ft tall so I always appreciate it when a designer takes height into consideration.

J. Crew lady day coat

See it here:

Then, this BCBGeneration zip trench coat comes in cobalt blue and is currently 33% off via this link on Nordstrom. I love BCBG and so does the Duchess of Cambridge.

BCBGeneration zip trench coat

Find it here:


Plaid is very, very ‘in’ this season. Just look at Kate Spade’s Fall/Winter collection this year. I happen to like plaid. And if you decided to buy a plaid coat for this winter it isn’t too trendy that you wouldn’t be able to wear it for a few winters in a row. Unlike those suede coats that we saw on so many runways this season which will probably not last more than one year. The minute you get suede wet in the rain you regret buying it. 🙂

Here is Kate again wearing a plaid coat in neutral blue/gray.

Duchess of Cambridge plaid Moloh coat

And Princess Victoria of Sweden wore black/white plaid about a year ago. I love her!

Crown Princess Victoria Malene Berger coat

And another picture of Diana, who is such an amazing style icon. She wore this pretty oxblood plaid skirt dress to the Highland Games during her first official visit to Balmoral after her marriage. Such an appropriate choice for a Scottish appearance.

Princess Diana plaid

Here is a plaid Vince Camuto coat at 50% off that’s in neutral colors sort of like Kate’s.

Plaid Vince Camuto

Find it here:

If you want something casual and comfy this Ellen Tracy plaid coat is also on sale.

Ellen Tracy plaid coat

See here:

Then there is this Michael Kors plaid toggle coat. I like the mix of forest green and navy blue and it is also currently on sale.

Michael Kors plaid toggle coat

Find it here:

And lastly, this DKNY double breasted plaid trench coat has a cool retro feel. I think it is my favorite choice for the plaid section of this blog. There is something very ‘modern working woman’ about this coat. Like something Lois Lane would wear. 🙂

DKNY double breasted plaid trench coat

Find it here:

Pink Coat

Now I know pink isn’t for everyone, but hear me out. Considering how most people wear black coats, black boots, and black bags during the winter if you walk into the room with a pink coat you would really stand out. Look how elegant Queen Maxima looks here. (Plus, pink and black look good together. So if you buy a pink coat and accessorize with black boot and a black bag it would look really good).

Queen Maxima pink coat day after coronation

And Jackie Kennedy’s favorite color was pink because she thought it was very French. I know she is not royalty, per se, but she is the closest thing we have had to American royalty. And look at how gorgeous she was in pink.

Jackie pink Jackie Kennedy pink Jackie Kennedy pink blazer

If you would like a lighter more reserved color this Worthington Double breasted wool blend coat comes in pale pink. Simple and elegant.

Worthington double breasted wool blend coat

Find it here:

Or, this Jessica Simpson zip-front ‘Walker’ coat is on sale.

Jessica Simpson pale pink zip front walker coat

See here:

But I like this “Cupcakes and Cashmere” Windsor coat. I love the bold, bubblegum color of this coat. I also think this is a flattering color for most skin tones.

Cupcakes and Cashmere Windsor coat

Find it here:

This Caroline Rose Paris plush easy coat with large over sized buttons is more casual. It’s currently on sale in limited sizes.

Caroline Rose

Find it here:

But this coat would be my fantasy splurge coat. I love Kate Spade, and this jeweled button wool car coat is fantastic. It has a great, retro, 1960s Jackie O vibe. So pretty. It’s definitely on my wish list.

Kate Spade pink car coat

See it here:


Now, tweed done right is normally pretty expensive. Like these coats that Princess Mary and Queen Maxima wore.

Crown Princess Mary tweed jacket

Maxima’s is Chanel. And we all know that Chanel is synonymous with tweed coats and skirt suits.

Queen Maxima chanel tweed

But I like this Guess belted tweed trench coat at 33% off. Very pretty and in a neutral color that will go with many outfits, including jeans.

Guess belted tweed trench coat

Find it here:


About three years ago I decided that I wanted to try something different and I bought myself a pretty fire engine red Guess coat sort of like what Princess Mary is wearing in this picture. I absolutely love it and get lots of compliments on it. A nice deep, bold red is so great for the dreary, snowy winter months. It’s also festive for the Holidays. Many, many royal women have multiple red coats in their wardrobes. This is just an example.

Princess Mary

Princess Mary red Diane Von Furstenberg jacket

Princess Victoria is seen wearing this red coat in 2011 that she has worn multiple times and lent to her knew sister-in-law, Princess Sofia, just a few months ago. I think it is so sweet the sisters-in-law share clothes. Have I mentioned that I love Princess Victoria, yet? ❤

Princess Victoria and Sofia of Sweden

And red has always been Queen Letizia of Spain’s favorite color. She wears it well, too. It’s very flattering on her.

Queen Letizia red coat

First, this Lauren by Ralph Lauren water resistant double breasted trench coat is 35% off. I love a good trench coat!

Ralph Lauren trench coat

Find it here:

Then, this Michael Kors belted, hooded wool blend coat is 33% off. It has the style of a trench coat but it’s wool so it’s warmer.

Michael Kors belted hooded wool blend coat

Find it here:

This simple Cinzia Rocca hidden button long coat is 40% off. I think it would look good with a pretty, sparkly brooch.

Cinzia Rocca hidden button

Find it here:

I like this Tommy Hilfiger plaid-trim wool duffle coat. It’s also on sale. The toggles are pretty classic so this is a coat that you can wear for many seasons. It has a hood, too which is nice to keep your head warm if you don’t like wearing hats.

Tommy Hilfiger duffle coat

Find it here:


Out of all of the royal women, no one has more experience with keeping warm during the winter then Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway. Living in Tennessee I can’t even imagine how cold it must get up in Norway! Although I did once go to Alaska as a little girl. And when I did I dressed in a quilted coat just like Princess Mette-Marit. It is the most practical thing to do and Mette-Marit is very practical when it comes to the clothing she chooses. She puts warmth first. Of course, I still feel that quilted jackets can be both practical AND fashionable as Mette- Marit has shown on multiple occasions. But if you live somewhere where you expect to gets lots of snow this winter, this is the type of jacket I recommend you purchase.

Princess Mette-Marit quilted Moncler Lans jacketcrown-prince-haakon_crown-princesss-mette-marit_patronage_official-work--h=500

Norwegian Royals attend the Holmenkollen Ski Festival Featuring: Prince Sverre Magnus,Crownprincess Mette-Marit,Crownprince Haakon Where: Paris, France When: 09 Mar 2014 Credit: **Not available for publication in France, Netherlands, Belgium, Spain and Italy. Available for the rest of the world.**

I like this Guess faux fur trim diamond quilted coat at 50% off. It comes in regular and petite sizes. I like the faux fur hood for extra warmth. You have to make sure you cover your head when it is really cold!

Guess quilted coat

Find it here:

This Michael by Michael Kors ‘packable’ diamond quilted down coat in regular and petite sizes is 33% off and seems to roll up easily if you are the type to travel a lot. This jacket seems a bit longer in the link I found then how it appears on this model.

Michal Kors quilted down coat

See it here:

This DKNY quilted down and feather filled coat looks very warm. This one runs large and is meant to be worn with lots of layers so this is the type of coat you need if you are going to be spending the winter somewhere really, really cold with lots of snow. It’s very practical AND it’s 33% off.

DKNY quilted down coat

Find it here:

Finally, I like this Lauren by Ralph Lauren belted quilted jacket. This piece is probably the most stylish quilted jacket I have found so far. I think that the belt and the fitted structure makes it a little sexy while still being extra warm.

Ralph Lauren belted quilted jacket

See it here:

Winter White

A white coat is just as neutral as a black one. But I think that people tend to stay away from white because of that “no white after Labor Day” ‘rule’. For the record, you absolutely CAN wear white after Labor Day. And it happens to look very stylish with something like a skirt or dress in fire engine red or cobalt blue for the holidays.

Princess Mette-Marit Valentino coat

The same Worthington coat that I choose in pink also comes in ivory. It’s 50% off and is very chic.

Worthington ivory

See it here:


If you are looking for a neutral, simple color in addition to your black or brown coat look no further than this pretty camel color. I have a camel coat as well and find that it goes with any color scarf or brooch that I want so I can mix and match as much as I like. That’s because camel is lighter than black or dark brown so brooches, scarves, purses, or gloves ‘pop’ more against the light background. See the contrast between Princess Mary’s purple accessories and her simple camel coat? This is another piece that you can add to your winter wardrobe and wear for years. It doesn’t go out of style.

Princess Mary camel coat with purple accessories

This Romwe camel v neck long sleeve coat is on sale for $72. ($72!!!) It has a great classic structure with pretty buttons along the sleeves. It’s lovely.

Romwe camel coat

Find it here:


Like brown or black, gray is an ever dependable neutral color for coats or jackets. Princess Mette-Marit favors a gray, white, and navy color palette during the winter. She is seen here wearing a pretty expensive Burberry coat in gray.

Princess Mette-Marit at the premiere of the documentary film in Oslo

If you would like something really casual, Vince Camuto gray wool blend coat and is 33% off.

Vince Camuto gray

See it here:

Topshop is one of the Duchess of Cambridge’s favorite brands. And this “Amelia” slouchy coat in gray is both stylish and comfy.

Topshop gray slouchy coat

Find it here:

Cape Trench Coat

But by far my favorite trend this season is all of the ponchos/cape coats I have seen in stores and on the runway. Princess Mary has worn ponchos like this piece by Ralph Lauren in the past.

Princess Mary cape coat

And this navy poncho, along with other similar pieces. I think it looks very stylish.

Princess Mary Mango cape

This red example that Queen Maxima wore is very chic as well.

Queen Maxima Zara cape

Out of all of the coats I found for this blog post this beautiful cape trench coat from White House Black Market is one of my favorites. It’s also on sale! I can imagine wearing this with a chic bag and cool sunglasses. It’s so beautiful!

White House Black Market cape trench coat

Find it here:

This DKNY hooded cape coat reminds me of something Princess Mary would wear. It is also on sale.

DKNY hooded cape coat.

See it here:

This Vince striped cape coat looks like the poncho/cape coat styles that you see in the stores this season. It looks pretty warm and comfortable, too.

Vince blanket striped cape coat

See it here:

And finally, this Soia and Kyo hooded cape coat is in an amazing ‘oxblood’ red for just $73. I love it! It kind of reminds me of Maxima’s but for a fraction of the price.

Soia and Kyo hooded cape coat

See it here:

Stay warm this winter, everyone! 🙂


The Frugal Lady

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