Pippa Middleton’s Royal Wedding Makeup

While I was writing my blog post on Kate’s favorite makeup and cosmetics I discovered that the same makeup artist who taught Kate how to do her makeup for her big day also helped Pippa with her makeup. So here is a quick breakdown of the same exact products that Pippa used on her sister’s big day according to Bobbi Brown Cosmetics. Enjoy!

Pippa's Makeup

Bobbi Brown Bone eye shadow across the entire lid:

Bobbi Brown Bone


On the lower lid, she wore Ash Long Wear Cream Shadow which has since been discontinued. But I would recommend this amazing Greige eye palette that has very similar colors.



Just like Kate, Pippa used Black Ink Gel Liner. But the sister have very similar tastes and coloring so that makes sense.

Black Gel


For her mascara she used Extreme Lash Glamour.



Her blush was Sand Pink

Sand Pink


She used some Bronzing Powder as well.

Bronzing Powder


And a highlighter pen, most likely this was used under her eyes or on the top of her cheekbone area. The specific one that Pippa used has been discontinued but the Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclait highlighter that Kate used is still very much available and continues to be one of Kate’s favorite beauty items.

Touche Eclat


Finally, she finished the look with Blondie Pink lipstick and Confetti Lip Gloss.

Blondie Pink


Her lipstick is still available, but her lip gloss has been discontinued. I would recommend the brand new Bobbi Brown shimmer lip gloss in pink sugar.

Bobbi Brown Lip gloss



The Frugal Lady

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