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If you have been following my blog a while you know that I have a great interest in perfume. I think that the perfume a woman chooses to wear tells you a lot about her taste and personality so I make it a hobby of mine to discover what perfumes royal ladies from around the world like to wear. The royal women of Spain all have really excellent taste in perfume. I do not speak Spanish, so it took a little more digging on my part to figure it out since American news organizations typically do not report on the Spanish royals very often. I would like to share the information I have found with all of my lovely readers, so I decided to put a concise list together to show you four of the most prominent royal women of Spain and their favorite or signature scents and where to find them. Enjoy!

Queen Sofia

Queen Sofia

Firstly, I discovered that King Juan Carlos himself actually revealed that his wife, Queen Sofia, loves Nina Ricci L’air du Temps perfume in a biography written about her. It’s in Spanish, but I managed to find the info translated into English in a few online royal forums. I am not really that surprised by this because L’air du Temps is actually a pretty well known perfume among royal watchers. Lots of royal women wear this scent but especially Queen Sofia of Spain, Princes Caroline of Monaco and possibly her mother Princess Grace, Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, Queen Noor of Jordan, and lots of others. Although most people think that Chanel no 5 is the most famous and elegant perfume in the world, I would say that from what I have read L’air du Temps is just as highly regarded by aristocratic and royal women for a few generations now. It may not be as highly publicized as Chanel perfumes, and it certainly isn’t as common (I can’t find it in any store near where I live in Tennessee) it is a go-to perfume for many royal ladies.

So here is the official explanation of Nina Ricci’s most famous perfume along with the description for the notes within the scent by the nose that created it:

“The timeless fragrance L’Air du temps by Nina Ricci that brought fame to the Ricci house became and remains until today one of the greatest fragrance creations. L’Air du Temps was created due to the great passion of Nina Ricci‘s son Robert for fragrances and the art of the master perfumer Francis Fabron. The fragrance was launched after World War II, in 1948, and the dove on the top is a symbol of peace.

The floral-spicy note of the carnation is in centre of its composition. Bergamot and rosewood support the development of the carnation theme, refined with the notes of rose and jasmine. Violet and iris give a powdery nuance, and create a harmony with the woodsy notes of cedar and sandal, while sensual musk and amber add the final feminine accord to the composition.”

From it’s description I would say that this perfume is a warm, spicy scent. Although it is a floral scent, the floral notes seem to be supported by woodsy elements, particularly the cedar and sandalwood, which is normally found in colognes for men. That makes it a bit unique as far as women’s perfumes from the 1940s go. Lots of women, myself included, enjoy a little bit of a woodsy scent to calm a strong floral. I adore Jasmine and always have, but what makes this perfume unique is the emphasis on carnations. The spice plus the carnation makes this perfume sound like it is warmer than some straight floral scents. Here is a picture of the famous bottle with the white doves to symbolize peace:

Nina Ricci L'Air du Temps

You can find it here:

I also found this really pretty gift set. I think it’s very chic. Sometimes women like to spray perfume onto their skin and then wait for the dry down period to finish (about 15 minutes) before setting the scent with some of the scented lotion. It makes the perfume absorb into your skin and stay longer.

NINA RICCI L Air du Temps Gift Set

You can get it here:

Queen Letizia


The brand new queen of Spain and Sofia’s daughter-in-law, Queen Letizia, is reported to be a fan of Bulgari’s perfume according to El Mundo magazine articles and other Spanish sources. I wasn’t surprised that Letizia liked Bulgari, but I was pleasantly surprised that she likes this particular scent since the main note is green tea which makes it a very fresh and clean scent. Perfumes with green tea as a main note are a little bit more unique or maybe even oriental but very elegant. I have mentioned this in my writing before, but I suffer from terrible migraines so I have to be careful about what scent I use. I have read that perfumes with Green Tea may actually have a soothing affect for headache sufferers since the perfume is less ‘heady’ in comparison to some other stronger scents. Here is the official description:

“Eau Parfumee au The Vert by Bvlgari is a Citrus Aromatic fragrance for women and men. Eau Parfumee au The Vert was launched in 1992. The nose behind this fragrance is Jean-Claude Ellena. Top notes are coriander, orange blossom, mandarin orange, bergamot, cardamom and lemon; middle notes are jasmine, lily-of-the-valley and bulgarian rose; base notes are sandalwood, amber, musk, green tea, precious woods and cedar.”

The description for this scent is fantastic. I would try this perfume in a heart beat and it is officially on my wishlist. I adore orange blossoms, mandarin oranges, jasmine, and Lily of the Valley. The fact that this is a unisex scent is a plus for me because I don’t tend to get migraines from a light cologne as much as I do if I wear a heavier, floral scent. Letizia is a very modern career woman and somehow this perfume seems to suit her personality really well. It’s clean and modern but still feminine. I want it! 🙂


You can find it here:

Infanta Elena


Infanta (Princess) Elena is Letizia’s sister-in-law and the elder sister of her husband, King Felipe. According to Spanish magazines like El Mundo, she has been seen purchasing “Organza” by Givenchy on multiple occasions. Givenchy is a beautiful French brand that has most famously been associated with Audrey Hepburn who once described her style as being very laid back except for special occasions. Audrey said that if she ever had to go to anything important, she would wear Givenchy. So this is a very chic, oh so French perfume. Here is the official description:

“Organza is a magical mix of classical sensuality, delicacy and warmth, a hymn to eternal beauty possessed by every woman. An attractive bottle designed by Serge Manseau is the embodiment of virtues of this fragrance, which is oriental-floral, warm and sweet. It is composed of intoxicating notes of opulent white flowers: gardenia, tuberose and jasmine. The combination is incredibly exciting; soft vanilla in the base tames the voluptuous luxuriance of the floral heart.”

I really like white floral perfumes. And my all time favorite flowers are gardenias, I think their scent is the most recognizable and unique. However, anyone who knows anything about perfume will tell you that a good Gardenia perfume is the hardest scent to find. That’s because it is pretty much impossible to extract the oil of a gardenia flower-unlike roses which are naturally really oily-so anytime you read the description of a perfume and it says it contains gardenia as one of its notes the gardenia scent has been created synthetically. I would never buy a perfume that describes itself as being a gardenia perfume if it were made by a cheap company because if it is done wrong the scent can come across as dirty or too earthy. But since Givenchy is a very respected brand they are one of the few in the world I would trust. Royal women love wearing gardenia perfumes, especially on their wedding days. Princess Diana liked “Gardenia Passion” by Annick Goutal (my all time favorite perfume house, the very best) and Kate wore “White Gardenia Petals” by Illuminum on her wedding day. So this is a very princess-y scent.

Another good thing about this perfume is that it has vanilla in it. You really can’t go wrong with a little bit of vanilla. I thought it was just in my head, but I have noticed that I get the most compliments from men when I wear a perfume with vanilla in it. Then I read an article that supported my experiences by explaining how men are attracted to the smell of vanilla. It’s a biological thing, apparently. So you may want to give this scent a try. 🙂


You can find it here:

Infanta Cristina

Infanta Cristina

Finally, Infanta Cristina reportedly enjoys Emporio Armani for Her. The packaging for this perfume is a bit unusual and pretty modern. Unlike her mother, Queen Sofia, Cristina has chosen a pretty new perfume that was only created in 1998. Here is the official description.

“Launched by the design house of Giorgio Armani in the year 1998. This flowery fragrance has a blend of fruit, jasmine, heliotrope, cedar, vanilla, and musk notes. It is recommended for evening wear.”

Like her sister, Elena, Cristina has opted for a fragrance with some vanilla in it. But out of all of the Spanish royals she is the only one to try a fruity scent, which is really youthful and more modern. Armani tends to be pretty sexy as well, so I am sure this fragrance is no exception.

Emporio Armani For Her Eau de Parfum Spray

You can find it here:


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  1. Sascha

    Loved your post! I’m surprised that none of them wear Loewe, the Spanish equivalent of Hermes. I do appreciate your research and thank you!


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