Kate’s Favorite Kiki McDonough Jewelry

The Duchess of Cambridge’s love of Kiki McDonough jewelry has been widely reported and I can see why. This brand exemplifies Kate’s style: simple, elegant, classic yet modern. Here are some of Kate’s favorite earrings from the brand and where to find them in case you are thinking of treating yourself to some bling. 🙂

First, the “Grace” white topaz and diamond stud earrings in 18k yellow gold are one of Kate’s favorite pairs of earrings and she has been seen wearing them at multiple official events. Here she is wearing her “Grace” earrings in Australia with baby George:


Embed from Getty Images

Kate Middleton Grace earrings

And again in 2011:

Kate Getty Images Via Daily Mail Grace Earrings

Getty Images via Daily Mail

And on many other occasions. She seems to really love them! So here are the Grace earrings in the same exact style as Kate wears.


Find them here at Neiman Marcus:


Or, if you want to try something a little different, the “Grace” earrings also come in lemon quartz and diamonds.


Get them here also at Neiman Marcus:


Green peridot:


See here:


Or citrine:


See here:


Citrine happens to be one of the duchess’s favorite stones. She has a couple of pairs of McDonough citrine earrings that she wears all of the time. The first pair are from the “Eternal” line and are citrine pear-drop earrings in 18k gold. Here she is wearing them at Investec Derby Festival in 2011.

Embed from Getty Images

And on baby George’s christening day.

Embed from Getty Images

I have most recently seen Kate wearing this pair on a visit to the Towers Residential Outdoor Education Centre on November 20th, 2015.

Towers Residential Outdoor Education Centre

Here is a close-up picture of the “Eternal” earrings in Kate’s favorite citrine stone.

Kiki citrine

You can find them here:


But they also come in blue topaz which I really like as a December baby since blue topaz is the birth stone for the month of December.


Find them here:


And a second pair of citrine earrings that Kate loves also comes from the “Eternal” collection but has a tear-drop style with diamonds for extra sparkle. Here is a picture of Kate wearing them at the Cheltenham Racecourse in March of 2013.

Embed from Getty Images

And here is a picture of her earrings:

Kiki McDonough citrine

You can find them here:


But the cool thing about these earrings is that the charms (in this case citrines) can be removed interchangeably with other stones. The collection has lots of different options to choose from and you just change the drop charm depending on what color you want to wear to coordinate with your outfit. You can collect all of the different colors available. I have seen Kate wear citrine and green amethyst but she may have more colors we just haven’t gotten a good picture of yet since her hair often covers her ears making it difficult to see her earrings. Here are some other colors!

Blue Topaz


Find them here:


Lemon Quartz


See here:




See here:


A darker Amethyst

See here:


And Topaz



And finally, I am going to finish this post with a pair of earrings that Kate is reported to have received as a Christmas gift from her husband, Prince William, in 2011 during her first Chirstmas celebration at Sandringham as a member of the royal family. The earrings are green amethyst diamond drop earrings in 18k gold from Kiki McDonough’s “Classics” collection. Here is a picture of Kate wearing them to morning church service at her first royal Christmas four years ago.

Kate Christmas earrings

And here is a close-up of the earrings. Like the earrings from the “Eternal” collection these earrings have removal drops that you can switch with drops of different colors.


Find them here:


You can also get citrine drops:

Oval Citrine


Or amethyst

Oval Amethyst

See them here:


And blue topaz

oval blue topaz

Find them here:


Maybe Kate will get some new ‘bling’ for Christmas this year? Watch this space! 🙂


The Frugal Lady

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