Kate’s Christmas Fashion, 2015

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! After spending the day with my family I was curious to see what Kate wore to the annual Christmas day church service at Sandringham. Luckily for me, the Daily Mail identified Kate’s outfit which makes my job a little easier. 😉 Here is Kate at St. Mary Magdalene Church with the rest of the family.

British Royal Christmas 2015

Kate xmas

Daily Mail


Kate is wearing a long, forest green (some call it ‘moss green’), belted coat by Sportmax. Sportmax is a luxury brand and their coats run on the expensive side. I cannot find the same exact coat Kate wore because it sold out already (!) but here is a similar double breasted “Maine” coat by Sportmax in a pretty teal-green.

Sportmax teal-green

You can find it here:


However, if you would like to ‘get the look for less’ here are some alternatives. Various shades of green-from forest green to olive- are really popular this season. A good green coat is still neutral enough to wear with many different outfits but it will stand out in the crowd of people wearing black coats. It’s a little different but still elegant.

First, this funnel neck basket weave coat by Ralph Lauren is 45% off. It has knit cuffs and cool little belts to fasten the front. It comes in a light camel color as well as a green shade called “Loden” as you can see in the picture.

Ralph Lauren Loden

Find it here:


Then, this Via Spiga double breasted coat is really affordable-under $100 depending on what size you get with sizes up to a 14- and it also has a neat military style with large gold buttons. It comes in olive and a bunch of other colors like the navy one in this picture.


Find it here:


This Lucky Brand military style wool coat is comfy and casual. It’s currently on sale for $99.99, so it’s a good price, too.

Lucky Brand military wool coat

Get it here:


This long wool blend trench coat by Vince Camuto is also really lovely. The picture shows it in a more purple-y wine color but it also comes in an olive color that looks really similar to the one Kate wore on Christmas day. Plus, it is also on sale.


Get it here:


I also found this fabulous belted, double breasted coat by DKNY on clearance for $120. It’s a lovely piece.

DKNY green coat

Get it here:


But if Money Were No Object…

Then this is the dream coat I would buy. A Burberry macrame lace trench coat in deep bottle green. Sigh…..

Burberry green lace coat

See it in all its glory here:



Any royal watcher will know that Kates LOVES a good pair of boots. She usually opts for Stuart Weitzman but the Daily Mail identified Kate’s boots as Aquatalia boots. Much like her Sportmax coat, they are a luxury brand. Here is a better picture of her boots from yesterday morning.

Kate Christmas 2015 full picture

From looking at the picture I think Kate is wearing the “Raine” weatherproof boots which would make sense considering that it was raining on Christmas morning and at one point it looked like Kate was walking through wet grass. I found a pair on sale for 33% off. 🙂 Yay!


Get them here:


Or, if you would like a lookalike pair of boots without spending the cash, I would really recommend Nine West. I have always loved their shoes and I think they make really sturdy boots. I always love a good knee high boot for the fall/winter since they work well with a cute dress or coat but cover more of your leg than pumps or ankle boots do. When you wear them with black tights (as Kate does) it keeps you a little more covered if you are walking in the cold. These particular boots are in a classic style so you will be able to wear them for a few years which I think is important. It’s ok to buy earrings or a blouse in a more trendy style but coats and boots should be more classic so that you can wear them for more than one year. At least, that’s my philosophy. If I can wear a coat or pair of shoes for at least three years I feel like I really got my money’s worth. Kate has been wearing the same style of knee high boot since she was a student at St. Andrews. I think that was at least ten years ago. So if you by a good pair of knee high boots you know they are not going out of style by next year and they would look dated. The same thing can be said for a good pea coat or trench coat, it’s classic. These Nine West boots come in brown and black and the heel is a bit shorter.

Nine west brown boot

Get them here:


As I mentioned before, Kate is usually a fan of Stuart Weitzman boots. This is her favorite pair which also happens to be one of Angelina Jolie’s favorites. It’s called the “Reserve” boot.



These pairs of Nine West boots looks sooo much like Kate’s Stuart Weitzman boots. They are practically identical but the Nine West boots are a fraction of the price. Check it out!

Nine West Tiberia


Nine West T boot



Finally, I’d like to write about the pretty brooch Kate wore yesterday because I believe it was the first time she wore it (I could be mistaken so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). I am a big believer in brooches, you guys. ESPECIALLY during the winter time. I love the way a sparkly brooch looks on a coat or pinned to a scarf. I think they are lovely. Kate’s pretty brooch is actually an oak leaf and upon closer inspection you can see little acorns on it. This is special because the Middleton coat of arms that was made for Kate before her wedding day had acorns and an oak tree incorporated into it. Kate’s parents even gave her acorn earrings to wear on her wedding day because of how symbolically significant they are to her and her family. Here is a picture of Kate’s brooch on Christmas day, 2015:

Kate XMas 2015 brooch

And her wedding earrings:

Kate wedding earrings

If you would like to have a pretty, sparkly brooch to decorate your new forest green coat I would recommend something like this crystal brooch. So pretty!

Crystal Brooch leaf

Find it here:


Or maybe something like this?



Kate was also wearing a favorite pair of Kiki McDonough earrings. If you would like to learn more about that, I wrote an entire post dedicated to her McDonough earring collection that you can read here:


Cheers and Merry Christmas!

The Frugal Lady

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