Throwback Thursday: Kate in Australia

In anticipation of the Cambridge’s official tour of India, I would like to look back on a pretty white with blue floral pattern L.K. Bennett dress that Kate wore when she, her husband, and baby George visited Brisbane on their official tour of Australia. It has become one of her most popular looks.

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Kate’s L.K. Bennett dress that she wore during her visit to Brisbane in April of 2014 has since sold out. However, I have found a lookalike dress for those who may want to replicate Kate’s floral look for Spring. L.K. Bennett has produced a new dress that is very similar in it’s silhouette with the floral design concentrated in the waist giving it a figure flattering shape. However, this floral dress is multicolored, as opposed to just blue and white. I am thinking of writing about some predictions for Kate’s tour of India in April and I say this dress may be a safe bet. It looks like something that Kate would wear so I would be surprised if she already purchased it and has plans to wear it this Spring. Once Kate wears a dress it sells out within 48 hours so if this is  dress she may wear and you like it, too I recommend ordering it now before it sells out.

L.K. Bennet Multicolor floral dress

You can find it here:

I personally love how colorful this dress is because you can mix and match it with accessories of many different colors. The pattern has shades of orange, blue, and black in it so you could wear black shoes or a bag, or add some color with orange or blue accessories. I hope that Kate does wear this dress. I think it would look great on her, especially if she wore some colorful accessories.


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