Coach 75th Anniversary

Coach is having a milestone birthday celebration. For its 75th year, Coach has created its first major womenswear ready to wear collection. These are some of my personal favorite pieces from the Coach 1941 Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

First of all, I love this Tea Rose Applique Saddle Bag. I think the flower applique is so perfect for spring while the colors and saddle bag structure are reminiscent of pieces that Coach produced in the 1970s so it has a cool retro vibe as well.

See it here:

The tea rose applique also comes in an “outlaw satchel” which has a more unique or unusual structure that makes it stand out from the crowd. It is described as a piece of “nostalgic Americana” that is inspired by the old west. According to the official description, the statement silhouette has a suede lining that is inspired by western workwear.

See it here:

And finally, the rose applique can also be found on this small crossbody called a “Dinky” bag.

See it here:

The Dinky bag is probably one of the highlights of the 1941 collection this season. At first glance, the bag seems like any other crossbody bag. Really simple and understated. While it comes in the rose applique seen above it has other patterns as well or just this simple glove tanned leather seen below. This example is in “canary” but there are about ten other colors available.

But the coolest part about this purse is when you take it home and open it up. Inside of the bag is a small kisslock purse that has been added to this bag for this special re-edition of a classic Coach bag from 1973.

In keeping with the retro 1970s vibe, Coach has included one special “surprise” of a little charm in each Dinky bag. You don’t know which charm you are getting until you take it home and unwrap it but here are the charms that you can possibly get. They can hook onto the outside of the purse for fun.

The Dinky bag is already starting to be seen on the arms of celebrities with Emma Roberts wearing a floral pattern version during New York fashion week.

You can find all of the Dinky bags via this link:

I also think that some of the sneakers for Spring are cute. Take a look at these pointed toe white sneakers with flowers made from layered embroidery and sequins.

Find them here:

They also come in brown.

Find them here:

Their fall collection is not available yet but I will write another post about their fall pieces in a few months (or whenever it becomes available) so stay tuned and remember to follow My Frugal Lady on Facebook for updates and more cool stuff!


The Frugal Lady

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