Wonder Woman’s Perfume

She may not be a princess in real life, but Israeli actress Gal Gadot is portraying the most famous Amazonian goddess warrior princess of all time: Wonder Woman aka Princess Diana of Themyscira. To say I am excited is an understatement. I am a big Superman fan and even named both of my dogs in honor of the Superman comic books, but we have had numerous Superman movies AND Batman movies but no Wonder Woman film even though the Wonder Woman TV series in the 70s was really popular and Wonder Woman is one of the three most important founding members of the Justice League. I personally feel that is pretty unfair and we ladies are long overdue for a Wonder Woman film.

Picture from Gal Gadot’s social media, a sneak peak of Wonder Woman in her stand alone film which will premiere in 2017.

Wonder Woman is making her big screen debut today in Batman Vs Superman before she gets her very own stand alone film next year. (I have not been able to see B vs S yet, so please no spoilers in the comments section!) So, in honor of this major moment of cinematic history I would like to write a short blog post dedicated to the favorite perfume of the actress behind Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot’s fashion is not very well known just yet although I am sure we will see more of it now that she will be walking so many red carpets. However, I did manage to discover this short little interview on Youtube. In it, Gal divulges that her signature scent is Gucci Bamboo. I thought it was really great that she did not hesitate to name her favorite perfume since many women (especially women in the public eye) tend to be more tight lipped about what their favorite perfume is. But because I love perfume and write about it often, I decided to look up Gal’s favorite perfume.

Gucci Bamboo’s notes are official described as “Top notes of bergamot. Heart notes of casablanca lily and ylang ylang extra-comoros. Base notes of sandalwood.” I love Gucci purses with their signature bamboo handles, and this perfume comes with an equally iconic bamboo shaped bottle. Bergamot is one of my favorite scents and I like that this scent is anchored by the base note of sandalwood. It sounds like it would be a feminine, yet sexy scent. I am definitely going to track this one down and test it out.

Find Gucci Bamboo via this link on sale for a limited time:


And I am going to finish this post by leaving you with this brand new picture released today of Gal with some of her co-stars (including Robin Wright) in a promo picture from the Wonder Woman film. Those costumes look fierce!

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