Fall Trend: Embellished Guitar Strap Bags

Now that it is August, I have been doing some research and paying attention to what trends I have seen on the runway for the Fall season so that I can write some Fall fashion inspired blog posts and figure out what I may want to add to my wardrobe for this season. So far my absolute favorite trend for Fall this year is embellished guitar straps on purses. I think this is such a cool trend that is easy to pull off. These purses can be worn casually with jeans and they add a bit of color to darker coats, jackets, or sweaters. The most famous designer who has incorporated guitar straps into their collection this year is Valentino, who is famously inspired by rock and roll. Princess Mette-Marit of Norway, Princess Madeleine of Sweden, Princess Mary of Denmark, and Queen rania of Jordan all love Valentino with Madeleine even choosing the designer for her wedding day. Here are a few examples of Valentino bags with guitar straps that have been featuring prominently this year on the runways and in fashion magazines.



See it here:


See it here:


This super cool Valentino backpack has straps that look like a guitar strap as well.

See it here:


See how this tote bag has the smaller handles as well as the large embellished guitar strap? Valentino sells the guitar straps separately for people who would like to hook the guitar strap onto the bag interchangeably.

See it here:


Here are some Valentino straps sold on their own. They are typically colorful and embroidered.

See it here:


See it here:


Now that you have looked at the high fashion, runway versions of this trend from Valentino here are some more affordable alternatives of the trend that I love since we don’t all have a Valentino budget. 🙂 This bag is only $58. It has 3D flowers on the bag itself, which has been another popular trend all year, in addition to a large and colorful embroidered strap that looks a lot like what Valentino creates. I think it is such a fun bag for Fall!

See it here:


Steve Madden has also created some cute bags with the guitar strap and again, they are a lot less expensive compared to Valentino. Whereas Valentino can be 3 or 4 thousand dollars a bag, these Steve Madden bags are about $80-$90 on average.

See it here:


See it here:


See it here:


This gold version may be my favorite from Steve Madden. I love the color!

See it here:


See it here:


Like Valentino, other designers are now selling wide, embroidered guitar straps for bags on their own. Many bags have metal hoops that you can attach these straps to. So if you have a favorite bag for Fall from last year that you would like to update these straps are a great way to add some personality to your favorite bags but at $95 each they are a lot less expensive compared to Valentino, with each of their guitar straps being about a thousand dollars.

See it here:


See it here:


See it here:


These last two bags also have wide, thick, embellished straps. I wouldn’t really call them guitar straps, per se, but they still have a rock and roll vintage vibe that I really like.

See it here:


See it here:


Stay tuned for some more fall fashion posts and remember to ‘like’ My Frugal Lady on Facebook for more fun things!


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