Kate’s Favorite Things

When Oprah still had her talk show, I was always interested in seeing her “favorite things” episodes because I liked seeing what cool new gadgets or items she liked to use to see if I could try it for myself. Although I write about various royal women and sometimes other celebrities whose fashion I admire, some of my most popular blog posts are ones that I have written about the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton). I can see through my WordPress  stats that the blog posts that I have written about her favorite makeup and cosmetics and posts I wrote last year about Christmas gift ideas are the ones most visited. I think people might really like to know specifically what Kate’s favorite things are. So I decided to write this blog post about some of Kate’s favorite things with either info on stuff that she loves and wears all the time that is just now available again or info about new stuff that these designers have made for the Fall 2016 season. If this post proves popular, I may make this into a series of blog posts on a few other women as well.


Bobbi Brown Makeup

So as I wrote about in my blog post about Kate’s makeup and cosmetics, Kate really likes Bobbi Brown makeup. Most of the makeup products she wore on her wedding day were by Bobbi Brown and people on Twitter have reported seeing her shopping at Bobbi Brown makeup counters for years since before she even got married. It has been five years since Kate got married and the way she does her makeup really hasn’t changed too much, leading me to believe she still favors Bobbi Brown. But I have noticed that the way Kate grooms her eyebrows is different. In pictures before she got married and when she was still a University of St. Andrews student, her eyebrows were thinner. But as eyebrow trends have changed now to favor thicker or more defined eyebrows Kate has also filled hers in more. This especially started to change when Kate did her Vogue cover.

So here are a couple of great eyebrow products by Bobbi Brown that I can imagine Kate using. This cool little compact has a nice brush and two different colors of powder for when you want to lightly fill in your eyebrows.


Find it here:


As a woman who has naturally thick and sometimes unruly eyebrows, my personal favorite eyebrow product is this eyebrow gel that you brush on with a wand that looks similar to a mascara brush. It keeps your eyebrows in place so nicely.

Find it here:


Bobbi Brown also has some really pretty makeup palettes this season. This is a great time to buy some new makeup because lots of makeup brands put together gift pallets in anticipation for the holidays. This one has both eye shadows and blushes. I can tell you that the eyeshadows in this palette look like ones that Kate wears. They are also nice neutral colors that I think would be flattering to women with any eye color.

Find it here:


Here is another makeup palette that I really like. The brushes that come with it are lovely.

Find it here:


And finally, this eyeshadow palette includes all of the colors that Kate likes.

Find it here:


According to the makeup artist who worked with Kate before her wedding day, one of Kate’s favorite products is the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick. This set includes the shimmer brick plus a really lovely, soft brush to apply it as bronzer or blush. I have also used the shimmer brick as eye shadow in the past.

Find it here:


Kate’s Favorite Kiki McDonough Citrine Earrings

Kate’s favorite jewelry designer is Kiki McDonough. I have written a blog post dedicated to her jewelry before that was popular. The earrings that Kate seems to re-wear the most are her citrine pieces. I think Kate must really love citrine. For a while her favorite citrine earrings were sold out. But now they are back!

Find it here:


Kate’s second favorite pair of citrine earrings are neat because they are actually interchangeable. The citrine pieces can come off of the diamond hoops and be exchanged for different colored stones.

Find it here:


Kiki McDonough earrings are expensive. So here are a couple of similar earrings I found for less.

Find it here:


Find it here:


Find it here:


Find it here:


Karin Herzog Face Treatments

When it comes to skincare, Kate’s favorite products are by Karin Herzog. Here are some examples of her skincare regime.

Find it here:


Find it here:


Find it here:


Find it here:


Find it here:


These are just some of Kates favorite things. I may do a follow up post with some more of her favorites, so stay tuned and don’t forget to like My Frugal Lady on Facebook!


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Kate in Alexander McQueen for Canadian Royal Tour

Today, September 25, is the second day of Will and Kate’s royal tour. The Cambridges have departed Victoria for Vancouver. Kate wore a vibrant dress by Alexander McQueen with red shoes and clutch bag to match. I am SOOO happy she didn’t wear nude pumps with this dress. The red bag and shoes accessorize the bold pattern of the dress very nicely. Remember that Kate chose Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen to design her wedding dress so this designer is a go-to favorite for Kate. Here are some pictures!


Kate Middleton today

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wave as they board a 'float plane' from Victoria  to Vancouver on Sunday

Today is the Cambridge’s first full day of public engagements. Later today they will visit a charity called “Sheway” which works to benefit vulnerable mothers who are battling addiction and other mental health issues. Here is a link to Sheway’s official website.

Later today Will and Kate will join Prime Minister and Mrs. Trudeau for a visit to the Immigration Services Society of British Columbia. They will meet with people who have immigrated to Canada including Syrian refugees.

Kate’s dress is getting a mixed response on social media, but I like it. What do you guys think? I will continue to update as more photos and info becomes available.


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Will and Kate Start Canadian Tour

Today, September 24th, is the first day of the highly anticipated royal tour of Canada. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have arrived in Victoria, British Colombia with their children Prince George, 3 and Princess Charlotte, 1. This is Princess Charlotte’s first royal tour and the first time she has been seen since her parents released pictures of her to mark her first birthday. This is going to be a busy week for the Cambridges (and for bloggers covering the tour 🙂 ).

Here are the first pictures!

Prince William pointed as he talked to his son - who was wearing a checkered shirt and blue jumper - when the family arrive

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with their children Prince George and Princess Charlotte as they arrive at Victoria International Airport, in Canada

The Duchess of Cambridge carried Princess Charlotte

The third in line to the throne was wearing the same outfit that he wore to visit the Lindo wing when his sister was born, a pale blue jumper with blue shorts and knee-length socks


The family decided to color coordinate in royal blue. Kate was wearing a Jenny Packham dress with the Queen’s maple leaf brooch as an accessory. She also borrowed the brooch for her first tour of Canada with William shortly after their wedding. Kate wore a matching Lock and Co hat. (Thanks to Richard Palmer Twitter page for the ID of Kate’s outfit.) I believe I recognize Kate’s earrings as sapphire and diamonds from Kiki McDonough. Little Charlotte was also wearing blue. I have not positively ID-ed her dress yet but it looks like Rachel Riley to me. Even George was wearing a blue sweater (or ‘jumper’ as they say in England).

Here is a picture of Kate from her first tour of Canada where you can see her wearing the maple leaf brooch.

Image result for kate middleton canada

And here is a picture of the Queen wearing the same brooch.

Image result for Queen maple leaf brooch

I will continue to update as the tour moves along. Please keep checking back for more pictures and info!


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Fall Trend: Boots with Fringe

For my next installment of the “Fall Trend” series I would like to write about a cool, fun variation of the classic winter boot. Boots with suede fringe are all over the runway for Fall/Winter 2016. Here are a few high fashion examples of the trend along with some more affordable versions for those of us who like to be a little frugal. 🙂

Stuart Weitzman boots are Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge’s favorite designer boots. She has been wearing them since long before her marriage back when she was still Kate Middleton, a University of St. Andrews student. So I think it would be great if we catch Kate wearing some of these knee high fringe boots by Weitzman. Perhaps she will buy some for her tour of Canada next month?



See it here:


See it here:


Another luxury designer who has been inspired by the fringe trend this year is Christian Louboutin.  Take a look at these boots that incorporate two big trends for fall: fringe and anything Tudor-esque. Expect to see a lot of velvet, choker necklaces, leather, etc. this Fall/Winter season. According to magazines like Vogue and Elle, anything Tudor or Elizabethan is very ‘in’ this year.

See it here:


So now that you have seen the high fashion, runway version of this trend. Here are some more affordable alternatives by one of my favorite boot designers: Steve Madden. These books look just as great as any of the Stuart Weitzman shoes that Kate Middleton loves so much, yet they are a fraction of the price. I have some Steve Madden boots that I have worn for a couple of winters in a row so I also know from experience they last a long time. Check out these booties with zippers and buckles.

See it here:


I also like these dark brown boots that have an old West vibe.

See it here:


Or these light brown suede boots with multi-layer fringe that remind me of the Weitzman boots.

See it here:


These black booties also have a Western vibe. I like the thick heel. I have always been more comfortable walking in boots with a solid heel instead of something like a stiletto.

See it here:


And finally, here are some cool knee high boots. I like wearing boots like this with a sweater dress. But you can probably wear them over skinny jeans, too.

See it here:


I hope you guys are getting inspired to shop for Fall! Stay tuned for some more blog posts on Fall/Winter trends and remember to follow My Frugal Lady on Facebook. 🙂


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George and Charlotte’s Traditional Toys

Hi guys! I have a really fun article for you today. A while ago I wrote a blog post on Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s Favorite Things, including some of their favorite toys and other products from the toy companies that Kate buys from. That post was really popular and I enjoyed writing it so I decided to write an even longer post where I identified some more toys that George has been seen playing with. This article is dedicated to introducing you guys to the toy companies that have made toys that George and Charlotte have been seen playing with. The same exact toys that George and Charlotte played with may no longer be available; however, I enjoy picking out some of my favorite toys from collections from these companies because they are either similar to what George and Charlotte have played with or because I just think they are awesome toys. In addition to the toy companies we know Kate has bought toys from, I also thought it would be fun to highlight some other toy companies that I think Kate should buy from because they also specialize in traditional, classic wooden toys or toys that are high quality and seem like something royal kids should have in their nursery. So Kate, if you read this blog, I hope I give you some ideas when you shop for your kiddos the next time you want to include some props in a photo shoot! 🙂

This is a long post, but like I said I really enjoyed writing it. Some of these toys are so fun looking I am almost tempted to play with them myself. I also am aware of the fact that vintage or retro themed nursery are really popular right now. So some of these toys would even look great on display in a newborn’s nursery on a shelf or bookcase until they are old enough to play with them. But what I love about all of these toys is that even though they are all beautifully made and are high quality toys, most of them are wooden and big, chunky pieces so young kids can play with them and you don’t have to be too worried about tiny little pieces. I used to be a nanny, so I know a thing or two about what toys kids like to play with. So this post is basically a list of all of the toys I would love to buy my kids if I had any. Maybe one day! 🙂


Melissa and Doug

Back in Christmas of 2014, the Daily Mail ran an article which stated that Pippa Middleton purchased a cute little police car for her nephew, Prince George. After doing a little research I recognized that the police car is by Melissa and Doug, an American toy company that makes lots of wooden toys and educational toys. The police car is not sold individually any longer. However, you can buy the police car in a set of four with a school bus, taxi, and firetruck. The little stuffed, soft cars are designed as ‘pull-back’ vehicles that move across the floor.

Find them here:


The police car that Pippa bought for George is also available in this awesome play mat. I just think this is a really cool idea. All of these little cars fit inside of a little carrying case that zips up and you can carry it around by the handles. But when it unzips all the way the bag itself becomes a play mat for the cars. I think this is a great idea for traveling in a car since the toy is easy to clean up and car inside of the mat.

Find it here:


Orange Tree Toys

So as I said in my previous blog post about George and Charlotte’s toys, Kate’s favorite toy company is Orange Tree Toys, a British toy company that specializes in classic wooden toys. These toys are harder to find in the states. Tip: Occasionally I have seen some of their toys at Home Goods and TJ Maxx, it’s hit or miss.

Here are some Orange Tree Toys that I found online that I like and are easier to purchase if you live in the United States. First, there is this safari set. Rumor has it that Kate decorated baby George’s nursery in a safari theme because William proposed to Kate in Kenya. Considered William and Kate’s love of Africa I would not be surprised at all of George had toys like this in his nursery.

Find it here:


One cute thing about Orange Tree Toys is that they also make some decorative pieces for nurseries/kids rooms. They have music boxes and book ends that are really cute. Here is an example of one of their book ends. It is wooden and made in the same way as their wooden toys.

Find it here:


Then, there is this colorful puppy push toy that I like. I actually saw this toy in person in Home Goods recently. Do you see the little balls on the wheels? They move when you push the dog across the floor. Super cute.

Find it here:


And finally, I remember how I used to play with a wooden toy Noah’s Ark when I was a little girl. This one is so bright and colorful, it’s really sweet.

Find it here:


Le Toy Van

Ok, going by what I know about the toys that Kate buys for George and Charlotte, Kate prefers to buy classic, vintage inspired wooden toys. Therefore, I recommend Le Toy Van, a British toy company established by Georges Le Van in 1995. They specialize in classic wooden toys. Their toys are handcrafted and painted like little works of art. They are all just so adorable. I picked some of my favorites to highlight in the blog for your guys based on what I imagine George and Charlotte may play with in their nursery. Here they are!

First, I love this pretty pastel play kitchen. It comes with the utensils, pan, play food, and oven mitt that you see in the pictures. What kid doesn’t love playing with play food?

Find it here:


Next, I really love this washer. Small children love to pretend to do the things they see adults doing, like cooking and cleaning.

Find it here:


Going with the cooking theme, I love this mixer and baking set. I really like the retro, 1950s powder blue color of the mixer.

Find it here:


Speaking of retro, they also make a kitchen set in red and powder blue. I really love how vibrant this is.

Find it here:


I found this coffee maker to match. I like the polka dots on the coffee mugs.

Find it here:


I know when I was a kid I used to love to pretend to camp in a tent. This camper cook top would be perfect for the kid who loves to play in a tent.

Find it here:


Le Toy Vans makes some really awesome play food. They are all so colorful and well made with a lot of attention to detail in the way that they are painted. Take a look at this set. The leaves are made of fabric while the fruits themselves are made of painted wood.

Find it here:


They also have a unique crate of fish that I thought was cool. It comes with six fish. Like the crate of fruit, the fish come in a wooden crate with a pretend newspaper inside. I like the presentation.

Find it here:


Now, I really love this one. I adore anything bright and colorful for kids. This toy is called “ice lollies” by this British toy company but here in the States we would probably call these ice pops. Too cute!

Find it here:


And what traditional English toy company would be complete without a sweet tea set. I love the polka dots and the little tart/cake that comes with the tea set. I like the tray, too.

Find it here:


And how can you have a spot of tea without a plat full of ‘biscuits’? I just love how each of these cookies is different. It’s so pretty!

Find it here:


You can get these cute little sweets and a petit four as well.

Find it here:


This toy is perfect as a companion piece to one of the kitchen sets because it has a cookie tray that is made to fit inside of the play kitchen oven. Kids can pretend to use the rolling pin to roll out the cookies, bake them on the baking sheet, and then decorate them with the little decorations that come with it. It even has an oven mitt! I swear I’m tempted to play with some of these things myself. 🙂

Find it here:


I also really love this “My First Toolbench.” It looks like fun!

Find it here:


And this tool belt would go great with it.

Find it here:


Le Toy Van also makes some adorable puzzles. Here are two examples. There is this colorful, bright woodland theme puzzle.

Find it here:


And then there is this London theme puzzle with a little double decker bus.

Find it here:


Speaking of double decker buses, take a look at this one! So awesome. Considering how much Prince George (like most boys) loves train, helicopters, and motorcycles I wouldn’t be surprised if he had at least one double decker bus in his nursery. It could even be this one!

Find it here:


Most kids also love fire trucks, too. Maybe it’s the bright red color that they are fascinated by?

Find it here:


There is also a cute pack of six cars inspired by vehicles found in New York City.

Find it here:


And I couldn’t help but share this awesome pirate ship with you guys. I think it is so cool. I just want to point out that I think it is fantastic that this pirate ship features a girl pirate doll. Kudos to Le Toy Van for being inclusive. I used to get so frustrated as a little girl if there were no girl pirates, cowboys, Jedi, etc. for me to play with.

Find it here:


Le Toy Van also makes some beautiful doll houses. I have a ‘thing’ for doll houses. I just think they are so sweet and adorable. If I have kids one day they are absolutely getting a doll house. This little house is special because it is a fairy doll house and you can get fairy dolls and accessories to go with it. My little cousin was obsessed with fairies when she was a little girl. She would have LOVED this.

Find it here:


And here are the fairies! So sweet!

Find it here:


And look! There is a fairy with a magical carriage driven by a unicorn! IT’S SO FLUFFY I’M GONNA DIE! (Sorry, that’s a “Despicable Me” reference. I think of it every time I see a unicorn.)

Find it here:


And here are two examples of their doll houses. Here is a sweet two story cottage (with an attic).

Find it here:


And here is a four story mansion.

Find it here:


Here is an example of a family of dolls that you can get for the house.

Find it here:


And here are some rooms you can buy. I picked some of the ones I liked the most as examples. Here is a bathroom.

Find it here:


A children’s room…Notice the miniature doll house? So sweet.

Find it here:


And a dog and cat! Every house needs a pet, right?

Find it here:


A wardrobe with clothes.

Find it here:


A baby with a buggy and high chair.

Find  it here:


A living room…

Find it here:


They even have a laundry set.

Find it here:


A dining room…I love the grandfather clock and tea set.

Find it here:


And finally, a bedroom. I like the hat box and the flowers painted on the green furniture. So pretty.

Find it here:



Finally, I would like to introduce you guys to a French toy company named “Vilac” that I really like. Like the previous companies I wrote about, this company also makes adorable wooden toys for kids. Here are some examples.

This is a cute push toy with a penguin, polar bear, and a fish.

Find it here:


And a cute cat pull toy. The cat’s tail looks like it is on a spring so it probably bounces around when you pull it.

Find it here:


And another pull toy!

Find it here:


This elephant pull toy is really bright and colorful. You could probably put some of these toys on display in a nursery in addition to letting kids play with them. They are all really pretty.

Find it here:


And one more pull toy.

Find it here:


This next toy is an educational stacking toy that helps toddlers learn how to count to five. I love the little birds!

Find it here:


And this little puzzle farm house is also really sweet.

Find it here:


For older kids, they have some lovely vintage cars.

Find it here:


Find it here:


A kid can both ride on this toy and play with it like a puzzle.

Find it here:


Fire truck!

Find it here:


I also love this bike. It would make a great first bike for a preschooler.

Find it here:


But maybe one of my favorite toys is this little grocery. It has a mini cash register, fruits and vegetables, boxes of food, and even little paper bags. The details on this toy are really amazing down to the chalkboard.

Find it here:


Vilac also makes some really cool puzzles. This box of puzzles is inspired by London. There are three puzzles that come in a double decker bus shaped box.

Find it here:


And another set of puzzles inspired by France.

Find it here:


And what little kid doesn’t love fairy tales?

Find it here:


Finally, Vilac makes some really sweet mini musical instruments for small children. Take this red piano for example. It comes with sheet music.

Find it here:


And another pretty piano pained with vintage inspired flowers.

Find it here:


And just look at this awesome guitar!

Find it here:


And this one, too.

Find it here:


I hoped you enjoyed looking at these adorable toys. Please don’t forget to follow My Frugal Lady on Facebook and subscribe to this blog for more cool articles!


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Kate’s Wedding Perfume

If you have been following this blog for a while, you will know that I have written about what perfume Kate wore on her wedding day before. However, this post is the first time that I will be highlighting multiple scents from Illuminum, the perfume house that created the classic white floral scent that Kate Middleton wore on her wedding day when she became the Duchess of Cambridge. Illuminum is a British perfume house that is now easier for us Americans to find here in the states.

Illuminum was founded five years ago, the same year that William and Kate got married. Their official website describes Illuminum as “a British fine fragrance collection that views scent as an open-ended adventure in self-expression. Where other perfume houses ask you to identify with a market idea of who you are, we make you the star of a transformative process of personal discovery. This process of becoming is without limits. You make it what it is.”

So without further ado, here is a list of some scents from Illuminum for both women and men with the official description of each scent courtesy of Barney’s New York. Furthermore, some of the scents that I will write about here are found exclusively at Barney’s so you won’t find them anywhere else. I will begin with Kate’s wedding perfume: White Gardenia Petals.

Image result for kate middleton wedding


White Gardenia Petals

Traditionally British royal brides since Queen Victoria tend to wear Creed perfume on their wedding day for the exception of Princess Diana and a few others. Kate decided to break with traditional and wear the brand new perfume by Illuminum on her big day. At the time of her wedding, it was widely reported that Kate chose “White Gardenia Petals” for her wedding and she may continue to wear it to this day.

White Gardenia Petals’ official description: “This is a delicate and refined scent – the top note of lily evokes a nostalgic summer ambiance, whilst heart notes of gardenia, Ylang Ylang, lily of the valley and jasmine breeze are sumptuous and feminine. Amber wood underscores this light bouquet.”

Find it here:


Tahitian Yuzu

Here is another fragrance from Illuminum called Tahitian Yuzu.

Official description: “Redolent of the South Seas and all their exotic abundance of fruits and flowers. This fragrance clusters together top notes of pineapple and blackcurrant that are sparkling, piquant and delicious, it then journeys into a sea of twinkling stars; jasmine and violet. Whilst the base note of musk bestows a soft seductiveness to this effervescent mix.”

Find it here:


Ginger Pear

Illuminum seems to specialize in niche perfume that is unique to what you can easily find in any department store. “Ginger Pear” is a perfect example of how artfully Illuminum blends notes together.

Ginger Pear’s Description: “This exotic partnering of ginger and pear is the apogee of gourmand fragrances. An effervescent crown of sparkling pear and citrus zest melts into a beautiful evocation of wild ginger – as though you had just sliced in half a root. Tea blossom joins the ginger to provide a sanguine coolness, whilst musk renders sweetness at the base.”

Find it here:


Tribal Black Tea

I absolutely LOVE any perfume with bergamot in it.

Tribal Black Tea description: “A spiced conflation of orange and tea notes, serenade the wearer with the brightness of bergamot and the engagingly provocative spice of cardamom. The darkness of the black tea blossom brings body to the centre. Mystical incense and sweet amber wood underscore this dry, sensually saturnine and beautifully bitter evocation.”

Find it here:


Piper Leather

This leather scent is great for women who like more unisex scents. I know lots of women who like to wear a light cologne and I think this scent would be perfect for that.

Official Description: “The dark, demonic whip crack of leather is central to this fragrance. Flanked by Black Pepper and Coriander at the top and Olibanum and Civet underneath; this is a dry, luxuriant and deviant leather scent. A spicy sensuality pervades this scent.”

Find it here:


Cashmere Musk

A coconut scent would be perfect for summer.

Official Description: “Wrap yourself in this cosseting and cocooning blend of sweetness and light. Top notes of coconut and fresh greens beckon you in and engender an inviting succulence. Purple hyacinth lends an exotic flourish to this most tactile of blends. Cashmere wood and amber gives it a gravitas and strength and longevity, fixing the evanescent coconut and greens into a lasting embrace.”

Find it here:


White Datura

Besides bergamot, I also love any scent with jasmine in it. I think it’s so feminine.

Official Description: “Opening with a refreshing waterfall of citrus, this seemingly capricious floral, embedded with Baies Rose and Jasmine absolute employs White Datura Oil at its epicentre, providing its legendary hypnotic qualities.”

Find it here:


Arabian Amber

Arabian Amber is mysterious and sexy with notes of sandalwood and Egyptian bergamot.

Official Description: “As intense as a walk through the souk. This perfume emits all the mystery and excitement of the Middle East. A hint of Egyptian Bergamot trumpets the arrival of this scent followed by exotic ingredients that unfurl as the fragrance settles – a rich symphony of Atlas cedar wood Sandalwood from Mysore, Patchouli for Indonesia and Omani Golden Frankincense.”

Find it here:



Rajamusk is a lovely young, fresh fruity floral scent.

Official Description: “Another thrilling assemblage of fruits and flowers: this one has a conflation of pear blossom and redcurrant at the top creating a fizzy ripeness that is fit to burst. The heart is a floral clustering of lily of the valley and violet petals – weightless and feminine. And the base notes include white patchouli. A bewitching alchemy of freshness, sweetness and spice.”

Find  it here:


Bergamot Blossom

This scent is definitely on my wish list. I love the idea of blending bergamot with citrus notes.

Official Description: “Bergamot blossom, as piquant and crisp as a summer’s walk through Mediterranean lemon groves cuts through the air – a scythe of scent molecules. The formula is a simple clutch of ingredients: Lemon, Blood Orange, Bergamot, Tunisian Neroli and Musk. But the pyrotechnic effect of all these explosive, heightened yet sweet and sharp citruses redefines what it is to smell Bergamot in the sunshine.”

Find it here:


Saffron Amber

Yet another great scent for the summer.

Official Description: “A clarion call of succulent peach and bergamot opens this sumptuously melodic fragrance. Melting harmoniously into Ylang Ylang and golden saffron India, this beautifully evokes a hazy summer sunset of rich notes. Finally a base note of amber lends a resinous charm, anchoring the scent with a sweet depth.”

Find it here:


Wild Tobacco

This scent sounds like it would be great for men as well as women who like a scent that smells more woodsy.

Official Description: “Exudes the dry and distinguished smell of the gentleman’s club. Top notes of Clary Sage and Clove Buds open this fragrance with a fanfare of herb and spice. The heart is a blast of Virginian Cedar Wood Tobacco leaves, as rich and moist as nestles in a pipe itself and devoid of any harmful nicotine. Finally the base of Labdanum adds a sostenato chord of sensuousness and depth.”

Find it here:


White Oud

White Oud is described as a great sexy, spicy scent.

Official Description: “Just like a fine bottle of Bordeaux, this perfume requires time and knowledge to be loved. The sensations of smoked wood and mysterious spices champion this composition.”

Find it here:


Rose Oud

Rose Oud is a warm, feminine, floral scent.

Official Description: “Jasmine, Muguet and Moroccan Rose dovetail the exquisitely complex smell of oud in this depth-charged feminine fragrance. The oud lends the flowers a smoky, yet honeyed resonance with hints of spice and wood while castoreum endows exotic warmth to the base.”

Find it here:


Scarlet Oud

Heralded as the world’s first naturally red perfume, Scarlet Oud is one of the most unique scents that Illuminum has to offer.

Official Description: “Oud (also known as Agarwood) is the dark resinous heartwood that forms in Aquilaria trees (native to Southeast Asia). Oud has had ancient significance and religious connotations and is sometimes used as incense in temples. As a result this is a multilayered and complex scent redolent of thick smoke, honey, wood and green shoots. It is also the world’s first naturally scarlet scent!”

Find it here:


Wild Berry Blossom

Finally, Wild Berry Blossom is a mature, sexy version of a fruity floral.

Official Description: “A reinterpretation of the classic fruity floral, avoiding all the clichés. A top note of cassis lends it a dark, bubbly froth on opening. At its heart lies wild berry blossom and peony for a sweet and subtle floral bouquet. At the base is cedarwood, anchoring these fruits and flowers with a smooth depth.”

Find it here:


I hope that you have enjoyed learning more about Illuminum, the British perfume company that created the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding perfume! Don’t forget to like My Frugal Lady on Facebook and to follow this blog for more cool articles and info like this!


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Summer Trend: Azure Blue

Duchess of Cambridge, SportsAid Dinner

So one of the biggest trends I am seeing in stores and on the runway this summer is azure blue. The color can be found in everything from bags, jewelry, shoes, and clothing. It looks especially pretty as an accent color with white or yellow. For example, a nice white sundress or blouse with azure blue bag or jewelry. Many designers have incorporated the color into their collections. These are some of my favorite pieces that I have found online to put into a concise blog post as fashion inspiration. If you are packing for a summer vacation, considering splurging on some azure blue pieces for your wardrobe!

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, National Day


First, Coach has used the azure blue color in some of their bags this season. This bag is a solid blue example of the popular color.


Find it here:


But my favorite summer Coach bag may be this this cheerful color block bag with the azure blue incorporated into its design along with bright pink, yellow, and white. It is a great statement piece.

Find it here:


Speaking of summer vacations, if you are going to the beach this summer this Kate Spade bag is super cute. I like the unique seahorse pattern.

Find it here:


Or, if you would like something a little bit more professional this Kate Spade bag would work with business casual dress code.

Find it here:


I am also loving this nautical theme, azure blue wrist watch. I always love a good watch.

Find it here:


Kate Spade also has some gorgeous azure blue/turquoise jewelry this season. These earrings are lovely.

Find them here:


I really love the floral statement necklaces that Kate Spade is known for. This one is so pretty and delicate.

Find it here:


I also love long dangling earrings.

Find it here:


I like this multi-strand necklace, too.

Find it here:


And this cute dress.

Find it here:


And finally, Kate Spade is doing a lot of ear crawlers this season. I like these blue ones.

Find them here:


This Charles David pumps are currently on sale for 60% off.

Find them here:


I also love this azure blue and white bohemian maxi dress by Dodo Bar Or. It would be perfect for hot summer BBQs or days on the beach.

Find it here:


This dress by Roland Mouret is also lovely albeit for more formal occasions than a day at the beach.

See it here:


If you would like to treat yourself to a Fendi bag, they have also been inspired by azure blue this season. This tote bag has Fendi’s signature ‘bag bug’ embroidered on the side. It’s big enough to fit a laptop inside.

Find it here:


This Zac Posen backpack bag has a sleek, modern design in the pretty blue shade that is so popular this season.

Find it here:


And finally, for a more formal bag I love this beautiful embellished Emilio Pucci clutch.

Find it here:


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George and Charlotte’s Favorite Things

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have adamantly shielded their children from the unrelenting glare of the public eye in the hope that they might live a normal childhood, which I can wholeheartedly respect. It is for precisely this reason that I refuse to publish paparazzi photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte on my blog. However, the official pictures released by Kensington Palace-and often taken by mum Kate herself- have offered brief glimpses into the lives of the Cambridges. From these photos and from tidbits of information that William and Kate have given to the public one can gather some sense of what life must be like growing up a royal child. I personally love to look at baby and children’s toys because I think they are sweet. I also think it is fun to imagine the types of toys and accessories that may be found in the royal nursery at Anmer Hall. So here is a fun little blog discussing George and Charlotte’s favorite things for those of you lucky enough to have children in your life to shop for!


In one of the sweet pictures that Kate took of Charlotte when she was about six months old Charlotte can be seen holding a Jellycat “Fuddle Wuddle” puppy, which happens to be one of her favorite toys. I love her toothless smile as she looks at her puppy with glee! The same exact puppy may no longer be available but there are some similar ones that babies would love just as much. Jellycat is an English company and their stuffed animals are very soft and meant to be appropriate for children of all ages including very small babies like Charlotte.

Here is a brown puppy very similar to Charlotte’s.

Find it here:


Jellycat also produces sweet baby books that are meant as companion pieces to the stuffed animals. One of the stuffed toys plus a matching book would make a really sweet baby shower gift.

Find it here:


Find it here:


I also love the black and white spotted dog that Jellycat makes. Here is the little book called “If I Were a Puppy.”

Find it here:


And here is the adorable matching stuffed animal! Too cute.

Find it here:


And another matching book! I wonder if Charlotte has some of the books to match her stuffed dog?

Find it here:


Besides dogs, Jellycat also makes some other adorable animals. There are too many for me to list all of them here so I will just pick some of my favorites. I love this stuffed bunny with the cute contrasting pattern on the ears and paws. Perfect for a little girl.

Find it here:


I also have a soft spot for giraffes. I just love the pattern.

Find it here:


And what little girl doesn’t love unicorns?

Find it here:


And look! It has a matching book, too!

Find it here:


For their Christmas photoshoot, the Cambridges posed outside. We can see that Prince George was playing with a wooden toy train on the ground near Prince William’s foot. The train is by Orange Tree Toys, an English toy company that specializes in classic wooden toys. George’s toy train is currently sold out yet I have found some other toys by the company that are very sweet and I wouldn’t be surprised if they might be in the children’s nursery.

First, there is this really cute dog push along that I can imagine George and Charlotte playing with. It’s made by the same company that made George’s train and is colorful yet classic.

Find it here:


They also have this cute wooden Noah’s Ark set.

Find it here:


Since Kate seems to like to buy George and Charlotte wooden toys, I would also like to point out that one of my favorite American toys companies, Melissa and Doug, also makes some really sweet classic wooden toys. For example, since George’s exact toy train is sold out, take a look at these wooden Melissa and Doug trains which are similar in style.

Find it here:


Find it here:


For her adorable 1st birthday shoot, Princess Charlotte showed off her walking skills with a Orange Tree Toy block push toy. Like the train that George was pictured playing with, this toy also sold out quickly. But here is a similar block pull toy by Melissa and Doug.

Find it here:


And Melissa and Doug also make a few cute wooden push toys that are meant to help encourage toddlers beginning to walk.

Find it here:


Find it here:


Back when Kate was pregnant with George a few years ago, she was seen out and about with her mom, Carole, purchasing some baby items at boutiques. This Moses basket sticks out in my mind when thinking about what items might be in George and Charlotte’s nursery. I bet that both babies used this basket.

And while Kate purchased a Moses basket from a more exclusive and expensive boutique, I managed to find a pretty one from Kohl’s for a reasonable price.

Find it here:


Finally, Prince William recently made a statement that his children love “The Gruffalo,” a children’s book that I honestly had never heard of before. Then again, I don’t have kids so maybe some of my readers are more familiar with this story. There were two Gruffalo books that I could find. The original and then a sequel called “The Gruffalo’s Child.”

Find it here:


Find it here:


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Will and Kate’s India and Bhutan Tour Highlights

After a whirlwind week, Will and Kate’s tour of India and Bhutan is over. This blog post will be dedicated to Kate’s fashion moments from April 11-16. For my blog post on Kate’s arrival in India and her first few outfits visit here. I also wrote a separate post on her Jenny Packham gown from the ‘Bollywood Dinner’ which you can find here. 🙂

April 11, 2016

On April 11, Will and Kate spoke with tech entrepreneurs, visited India Gate, and paid respects to Mahatma Gandhi. The first photos I saw of this event were of Kate and Will meeting with a man who invented a machine that automatically makes dosa for breakfast in the morning after you pour batter into it. I think it must be set on a timer like when you time your coffee at night before you go to bed and then it just brews itself automatically in the morning. Dosas are kind of like Indian crepes. William tried to make one himself but then when he offered it to Kate she didn’t want to try it. Some people in India are saying that this came across as rude, as you are not supposed to turn down food when your host offers it to you. But I suspect that it may be because Kate doesn’t like to be photographed eating because that can result in some really unflattering pictures. Heaven knows the press have had a field day with Camilla whenever she eats something. They always print the most unflattering pictures of her afterwards.

William was shown the 'dosamatic' machine which makes pancakes, crepes, dosas and omelettes when automatically loaded with batter

Not so keen: After trying his creation, William offers Kate a bite, however the famously slim royal waved the food away with her hand

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive at an event to meet aspiring young entrepreneurs in Mumbai on the second day of their tour

Kate wore a white midi-dress by Emilia Wickstead for 1,700 pounds for the first events of the day. That translates to more than 2,000 US dollars which I honestly think is a bit overpriced for such a simple dress. I like the collar and the overall shape and structure of the dress and I think it is an appropriately modest length although the fake pocket flaps on the busts may have been better if they were positioned on the skirt of the dress itself. I like dresses with real pockets in the skirt and think it can be really cute. My first impression of the dress was that Kate probably chose white to keep cool in the Mumbai and New Delhi heat. However, the dress is actually wool-crepe, so it is debatable as to how cool (temperature wise) the dress could actually be. She accessorized with an oatmeal/almost nude Mulberry clutch and light pink/almost nude Rupert Sanderson pumps.

This dress by Warehouse from ASOS has a similar Peter Pan collar and looks kind of like Kate’s but the flap pocket detailing is on the skirt. It’s only $47.

Find it here:


I’m pretty sure these are Kate’s Rupert Sanderson pumps. But all of her shoes look alike so it is hard to tell sometimes.

See them here:


These Michael Kors pumps look very, very similar and are a fraction of the price.

See them here:


Like many other fashion bloggers, I would really, really love to see Kate experiment a bit more with her shoes and bags. She has dozens of nude or basically nude colored clutches and pumps. A clutch bag is not always appropriate for day wear and sometimes an outfit needs a splash of color. I understand that Kate had to pay respects at India Gate, which is the Indian equivalent to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, so she may not have wanted to be too loud with her fashion on this day. But it would have been fine to wear a navy blue bag and shoes or maybe even just a darker shade of pink. Not too bright, just enough that the color picks up well on camera and it contrasts against the white dress. Otherwise, the outfit looks too washed out.

Maybe something like these navy pumps by Charles David Pact? These are under $100 and are still a ‘safe’ color for Kate if she didn’t want to be too colorful.


Or maybe this shade of pink from Christian Louboutin. It would have photographed better than the light pink pair that Kate wore that basically just looked like all of her nude shoes.

See them here:


By now most people who have been following the Cambridges know what happened at India Gate. Kate’s dress flew up as she was walking and while she was trying to place the flowers. I won’t sugar coat it, this was pretty embarrassing. And a so called “Marilyn Monroe” moment couldn’t have happened at a more inappropriate time. I admit that I have had a sudden gust of wind blow my skirt up before. It is really embarrassing. The queen always takes certain precautions with her wardrobe. She wears weights in her hems, but she also has her dresser, Angela Kelly, make slips that go underneath her skirts that are the same color as her skirt. It is important for Kate to wear a skirt that is fitted more closely to her body when she is going to be outside the way the queen does and she should also have weights sewn into her hems. And always, ALWAYS wear underwear because Kate has been photographed without underwear while working at an official event. Most royal women have had their skirts fly up once or twice by accident, but Kate has had it happen too often over the past five years so something needs to change. The Indian press was deeply offended and it reflects badly on the Queen.

Happy Birthday, Gran! Kate and William use a sword to cut a special cake for the Queen at a party to celebrate her 90th in New Delhi

At the very end of the second day of their tour, Will and Kate attended a garden party in honor of the Queen’s 90th birthday. Kate got a chance to cut a cake with a sword, which sounds like fun. 🙂 Then she and Will mingled with the 2,000 guests that included people from the realm of academia, business, politics, and the military. Kate wore a Temperley London crop top and skirt by Alice Temperely. To my knowledge, Kate has never worn something like a crop top and maxi skirt quite like this before and I like it when she tries something different. I like the black embroidery on the white dress, but again I wish she would accessorize differently. A red clutch and red shoes would have contrasted well against the stark black and white of this ensemble or really any other color would have worked for that matter. The black and white is a blank slate kind of like the white Wickstead dress she wore earlier in the day. Kate has so many black and nude clutches and purses she really doesn’t need to buy any more.

The Duke and Duchess will meet hundreds of guests from Indian society at the official garden party  celebrating the Queen's 90th Birthday

Here is the top:


And here is the skirt:


Personally, this is my favorite dress from the Temperley Spring 2016 collection. I think Kate would look pretty in it if she wore a shell underneath or added some fabric to make it less low-cut.

See it here:



April 12, 2016

Art class: The Duchess of Cambridge sat cross-legged as she drew pictures with some of the street children helped by the charity

A picture of a house drawn by the Duchess of Cambridge during her visit to a children's centre run by the charity Salaam Baalak in Delhi

Playtime: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge enjoyed a game of the traditional table game Carrom with street children in New Delhi

The events from the morning of April 12 have been some of my favorite from this entire tour not so much because of what Kate wore, but because of the activities that took place. I love children and have worked with them off and on for years so I loved being able to see Kate sit on the floor and play games and draw with the children. I would love to see her do this more.

Will and Kate visited Salaam Baalak Trust. This organization won the National Award for Child Welfare in 2011. This is a description of the organization from their website:

Salaam Baalak Trust is an Indian non-profit and non-governmental organization which provides a sensitive and caring environment to street and working children in Delhi, India.

We help nurture their dreams and make them realize that their fate can be crafted by their own heart, their own hands and a firm resolve.”

For the occasion, Kate wore a maxi dress by Glamorous, a British Label, that cost about $80. I think it was appropriate for Kate to wear something less expensive since her other clothing choices for the rest of the tour were pretty expensive, by and large. She wore the maxi dress with brand new Russell and Bromley flats. I’m glad to see she wore some flat shoes for this event because watching her play cricket in wedge heels made my feet hurt in sympathy pain! 🙂

Relaxed: Kate wore flat cream pumps underneath a long burgundy ethnic style dress with a belt tied around the middle

I’ve never been one to wear maxi dresses, mainly because I am only five feet tall and any maxi dress would drag on the floor on me. But I think they can be fun for some women who can pull it off. There is a bohemian free spirit vibe going on with this dress. I found one in a similar style by London Times on sale for $50. I live in the south so long sleeves like Kate’s aren’t really practical for the Summer.

Find it here:


Formal: Prince William (left) shakes hands with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he and wife Kate arrive for lunch in New Delhi

The Duchess of Cambridge smiles during a photo opportunity at Hyderabad House in New Delhi

Later that same day, Will and Kate met with the Prime Minister of India, Naranda Modi to have lunch. Kate changed into a Temperley London dress in a really pretty jade color. I think that this color really suits Kate and it is a color I would wear myself. I also like that she wore her hair up and I wish she would have worn it up more throughout the tour in general. However, I don’t think the bodice of the dress is fitted properly. As it turns out, the dress was originally completely transparent in the front with the original model showing off some serious cleavage. So Kate’s assistant helped her add ‘modesty panels’ to the dress so that it would be appropriate for her to wear for this lunch. I believe that in placing these modesty panels the dress lost some of its original structure and pulled on her bodice in an unnatural way. So I would love this dress if it had been tailored properly to fit her better around the chest area.

Duchess of Cambridge attends a meeting with Prime Minister of India Narenda Modi in  Hyderabad House

Kate was also sporting some new Kiki McDonough earrings. McDonough is one of Kate’s favorite jewelry designers. The press are reporting that these earrings may have been a ‘push present’ given to Kate after Princess Charlotte was born. But while Charlotte’s birthstone is an emerald, these earrings are green tourmaline and amethyst.

Red carpet welcome: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are greeted with a ceremonial welcome as they arrive at Tezpur Airport in Assam, India, on day three of the Royal visit to India ahead of their visit to the world's largest one-horn rhino park

After their lunch with the Indian Prime Minister, Kate and Will flew to Assem where they were greeted with a campfire celebration.

The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William watch dancing by the fireside during a Bihu Festival Celebrationat Diphlu River Lodge on day 3 of the royal visit to India and Bhutan

Kate arrived in the same dress she wore to lunch with the Prime Minister but she quickly changed into a maxi dress by Anna Sui. The dress’s design was inspired by mid-century Scandinavian styles. I felt like there was a lot of pattern going on in one dress. Kate chose to wear Wedges, which quickly became muddied. I wish she would have worn some sensible sandals.

See it here:


When it comes to shoes, I would have opted for really simple black sandals because of how busy the print is on the dress. I also probably wouldn’t have worn anything too expensive. Something like these H&M sandals for $14.99.

See them here:


April 13, 2016

On April 13, Kate and Will took a Safari tour of Kaziranga National Park. They got to feed baby elephants and rhinos with giant bottles, which is basically my dream. It’s just too gosh darn cute!!!

Animal doctor: Kate nurses a baby elephant back to health at a sanctuary helping animals who have been injured, displaced or orphaned

The sanctuary provides emergency care and rehabilitation to wild animals that have been injured, displaced, or orphaned in the wild

The Duchess of Cambridge arrives in Pan Bari Village, Assam, India, during day four of the royal tour to India and Bhutan

Kate wore an embroidered dress by Topshop and wedges. Again, I kind of feel like sandals or flats of some kind would have been more practical but maybe Kate’s ankles are just stronger than mine are!

The dress that Kate wore is no longer available but here is another embroidered smock dress by Topshop for $68.

See it here:


Then William and Kate went on a safari. It felt a little bit more like a vacation than an official tour to me at this point but that may be because William was originally scheduled to give a speech on poaching on this day but for some reason he didn’t. Maybe he ran out of time or something happened but I think if William gave a speech it would have felt more like an official visit and not just a vacation. I would have liked to hear some informational facts and figures concerning what Kaziranga does to help these animals. Unfortunately, the day after William and Kate’s visit a rhino was killed by poachers close by to where the royal couple went on their safari.

Kate wore a blouse that was given to her by RM Williams during her tour of Australia and New Zealand in 2014. She also wore one of her favorite pairs of earrings. Citrine drops by Kiki McDonough. Here are the same pair with blue topaz instead of citrine.

See them here:


Kate wore some flats this time, though. She wore these Sebago Bala shoes.

See them here:


April 14th, 2016

On April 14th, the Cambridges flew to Bhutan. They were greeted by Princess Chimi, the sister of the King of Bhutan, and her husband.

Kate wore an Emila Wickstead coat that she has worn before and probably purchased in 2012. I like the color of the coat. It’s a pretty soft yellow like buttermilk. But alas, she chose a beige clutch and nude heels. I have already established that I would like to see Kate experiment with her shoes and bags. But I will also add that I think this coat would have looked lovely with a pretty brooch. Kate was not loaned any jewelry by the Queen for this tour and it is not exactly clear why. But Kate does own at least one brooch of her own that she could have brought with her. She was last seen wearing it at Christmas.

The brooch is an oak leaf with little acorns on it because Kate’s family crest has acorns incorporated into the design. The brooch, being entirely diamonds with no other colored stones, may not have showed up well against the light yellow coat but it still would have added a little extra sparkle. In general I wish Kate would wear more brooches. She has a very large collection of coats and dress-coats that would look great with some pretty brooches. But I am of the opinion that as a duchess and future Princess of Wales Kate should wear more diamond jewelry than she does especially when she is representing the Queen abroad. She has been royal for five years now so I think it is a good time for her to start wearing more jewelry. Maybe William should buy her a new brooch as a gift for their five year anniversary?

After arriving in Bhutan, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met with King Jigme and Queen Jetsun. Kate changed into an interesting outfit. It wasn’t traditional Bhutanese clothes; rather, it was a skirt made in London by unidentified designer using fabric made in Bhutan coupled with a top made by Paul and Joe. I like the top, although the skirt had an awkwardly placed slit in the front that kept blowing open. I think that maybe it could have been designed differently to avoid that from happening. Or, Kate could have just worn traditional Bhutanese clothes. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

That night, Will and Kate attended a reception with the King and Queen. Kate wore a Tory Burch dress and a pretty orange shawl, a color she never wears. I thought she looked good in orange and would like to see her wear this color again especially in the fall.

Coincidentally, Drew Barrymore wore this same exact dress on the same day that Kate did.

I think I like this dress a little better with the added orange shawl.

April 15th, 2016

On April 15th, Will and Kate went on a hike to the Tiger’s Nest monastery in Bhutan.

So Kate wore a blouse, a waistcoat, skinny jeans, boots, and the citrine earrings I wrote about earlier. I’m not a hiking kind of a girl, but keeping in mind how incredibly hot it was in Bhutan and how difficult this particular hike is claimed to be (Prince Charles visited the Tiger’s Nest but never made it to the monastery, he only got half way) I am not so sure this outfit is right for the occasion. Throughout the tour I followed what royal reporters were saying on their Twitter pages and apparently I am not the only one to question this choice. Camilla Tominey, a royal editor for the Sunday Express who went on the hike with a press pack to photograph the couple, said “Having just done this hike, may I humbly suggest that Kate’s leather waistcoat is a tad misjudged. May also want to put her barnet up. #hot”

Kate’s ability to hike up a mountain with her hair down while wearing a leather jacket and not breaking a sweat after hours in the sun led the Huffington Post to question “Is the Duchess of Cambridge Human?” 🙂

After the hike the Cambridges attended another reception. Kate wore a Beulah London red poppy gown. The blue poppy is the national flower of Bhutan.

April 16th, 2016

The Cambridges saved the best for last. On their final stop on their tour, Will and Kate flew from Bhutan back to India to visit the Taj Mahal in Agra. I would love to visit the Taj one day. It is not only a monument to love, but an architectural masterpiece.

I absolutely love this dress by Naeem Khan. Truth be told, he is one of my all time favorite Indian designers. I wish that Kate would have worn one of his gowns for the Bollywood reception. He is fantastic. I believe that he has been compared to Oscar de la Renta and Valentino. Here is a link to an article from Vogue showcasing his pre-fall 2016 collection. I think it is so lovely and although it cannot be purchased yet I just love looking at the various pieces he has put together.

I think Kate chose this particular dress because the pattern is reminiscent to the famous engravings that decorate the Taj. It was a great choice. (I wish she wore blue shoes to match, but I’m gonna let that go. 🙂 )

I don’t believe that this dress is available anymore. But upon closer inspection, you can see that the dress on the model is shorter than Kate’s. It looks like the designer added an extra layer of design for Kate to make it come to her knees. I would absolutely wear this dress and I hope Kate isn’t afraid to wear it again because it was used for the iconic Taj Mahal photo. I’d love to see her wear it again with her hair pulled back and her sapphire and diamond earrings that match her ring.

So that’s all folks! I hope that Will and Kate will continue to fulfill more royal duties. Now that Her Majesty has turned 90 years old and the Duke of Edinburgh will soon be 95, it only makes sense that it is now the time to pass on more responsibilities to the younger generation.

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William and Kate at Bollywood Gala

For the much anticipated “Bollywood Gala”, which may be the most glamorous event during the royal tour of India, Kate wore a custom, bespoke cobalt blue gown by Jenny Packham. Packham is one of Kate’s favorite designers and she often wears her creations for evening events. According to Simon Perry of People Magazine, this gown was hand beaded in India.

Here is a video of the very first glimpse of Kate and William arriving on the red carpet.

Here is one of the best images I have seen so far of Kate’s gown. This picture is from Filmfare’s twitter page. I really like this gown. This color suits Kate, the designer is appropriately British in keeping with Kate’s role as a representative of the British fashion industry, yet the gown is also inspired by Indian fashion which is what I was hoping for. The beading is lovely and it is appropriately modest. I also like that Kate has her hair styled up and away from her face.

Embed from Getty Images

Here is a close-up of Kate so you can see her earrings. According to Daily Mail journalist Rebecca English they were designed by Indian jewelry designer, Amrapali.

Embed from Getty Images

It seems that Kate is holding a clutch bag that was probably beaded and designed to match the dress. So I am going to say that it was probably designed by Jenny Packham as well although I don’t know that for sure yet.

I cannot find the same exact earrings that Kate is wearing. They may not be available anymore. But just to get an idea of what this jewelry designer is like here is a similar pair by Amrapali. Even though this particular pair of earrings is on sale they still cost a pretty penny.

See the collection here:


William and Kate got to meet some really famous Bollywood stars like Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit, among others. Many of these actresses were wearing fabulous gowns as well. Unfortunately, the venue seems to have some lighting issues. Maybe it is just in the pictures I am seeing so far but the pictures have a strange red glow to them. Even the pictures of Kate on the red carpet were overly lit with camera flashes that seemed to be blinding William and Kate. I hope we get better pictures soon, but here are a few that I have found so far.

The people in the middle of this photo are Aishwarya Rai and Sharukh Khan, two of the biggest stars in India. This picture is a perfect example of that weird pinkish red glow that I was talking about. I hope that the lighting didn’t ruin all of the photos.

The best pictures so far are of William and Kate from Getty images. So here are a few more!

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

The reception took place at the same hotel that William and Kate are staying at tonight. Here are a few pictures from the hotel’s twitter page that show what some of the decorations were like for tonight’s event. I always think it’s neat to see these details.

And if you are curious about Jenny Packham, Kate’s go-to designer, here is a similar gown by Packham.

You can find this gown and others like it from Packham’s collection here:


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