Kate’s Favorite Things

When Oprah still had her talk show, I was always interested in seeing her “favorite things” episodes because I liked seeing what cool new gadgets or items she liked to use to see if I could try it for myself. Although I write about various royal women and sometimes other celebrities whose fashion I admire, some of my most popular blog posts are ones that I have written about the Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton). I can see through my WordPress  stats that the blog posts that I have written about her favorite makeup and cosmetics and posts I wrote last year about Christmas gift ideas are the ones most visited. I think people might really like to know specifically what Kate’s favorite things are. So I decided to write this blog post about some of Kate’s favorite things with either info on stuff that she loves and wears all the time that is just now available again or info about new stuff that these designers have made for the Fall 2016 season. If this post proves popular, I may make this into a series of blog posts on a few other women as well.


Bobbi Brown Makeup

So as I wrote about in my blog post about Kate’s makeup and cosmetics, Kate really likes Bobbi Brown makeup. Most of the makeup products she wore on her wedding day were by Bobbi Brown and people on Twitter have reported seeing her shopping at Bobbi Brown makeup counters for years since before she even got married. It has been five years since Kate got married and the way she does her makeup really hasn’t changed too much, leading me to believe she still favors Bobbi Brown. But I have noticed that the way Kate grooms her eyebrows is different. In pictures before she got married and when she was still a University of St. Andrews student, her eyebrows were thinner. But as eyebrow trends have changed now to favor thicker or more defined eyebrows Kate has also filled hers in more. This especially started to change when Kate did her Vogue cover.

So here are a couple of great eyebrow products by Bobbi Brown that I can imagine Kate using. This cool little compact has a nice brush and two different colors of powder for when you want to lightly fill in your eyebrows.


Find it here:


As a woman who has naturally thick and sometimes unruly eyebrows, my personal favorite eyebrow product is this eyebrow gel that you brush on with a wand that looks similar to a mascara brush. It keeps your eyebrows in place so nicely.

Find it here:


Bobbi Brown also has some really pretty makeup palettes this season. This is a great time to buy some new makeup because lots of makeup brands put together gift pallets in anticipation for the holidays. This one has both eye shadows and blushes. I can tell you that the eyeshadows in this palette look like ones that Kate wears. They are also nice neutral colors that I think would be flattering to women with any eye color.

Find it here:


Here is another makeup palette that I really like. The brushes that come with it are lovely.

Find it here:


And finally, this eyeshadow palette includes all of the colors that Kate likes.

Find it here:


According to the makeup artist who worked with Kate before her wedding day, one of Kate’s favorite products is the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick. This set includes the shimmer brick plus a really lovely, soft brush to apply it as bronzer or blush. I have also used the shimmer brick as eye shadow in the past.

Find it here:


Kate’s Favorite Kiki McDonough Citrine Earrings

Kate’s favorite jewelry designer is Kiki McDonough. I have written a blog post dedicated to her jewelry before that was popular. The earrings that Kate seems to re-wear the most are her citrine pieces. I think Kate must really love citrine. For a while her favorite citrine earrings were sold out. But now they are back!

Find it here:


Kate’s second favorite pair of citrine earrings are neat because they are actually interchangeable. The citrine pieces can come off of the diamond hoops and be exchanged for different colored stones.

Find it here:


Kiki McDonough earrings are expensive. So here are a couple of similar earrings I found for less.

Find it here:


Find it here:


Find it here:


Find it here:


Karin Herzog Face Treatments

When it comes to skincare, Kate’s favorite products are by Karin Herzog. Here are some examples of her skincare regime.

Find it here:


Find it here:


Find it here:


Find it here:


Find it here:


These are just some of Kates favorite things. I may do a follow up post with some more of her favorites, so stay tuned and don’t forget to like My Frugal Lady on Facebook!


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Summer Trend: Azure Blue

Duchess of Cambridge, SportsAid Dinner

So one of the biggest trends I am seeing in stores and on the runway this summer is azure blue. The color can be found in everything from bags, jewelry, shoes, and clothing. It looks especially pretty as an accent color with white or yellow. For example, a nice white sundress or blouse with azure blue bag or jewelry. Many designers have incorporated the color into their collections. These are some of my favorite pieces that I have found online to put into a concise blog post as fashion inspiration. If you are packing for a summer vacation, considering splurging on some azure blue pieces for your wardrobe!

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, National Day


First, Coach has used the azure blue color in some of their bags this season. This bag is a solid blue example of the popular color.


Find it here:


But my favorite summer Coach bag may be this this cheerful color block bag with the azure blue incorporated into its design along with bright pink, yellow, and white. It is a great statement piece.

Find it here:


Speaking of summer vacations, if you are going to the beach this summer this Kate Spade bag is super cute. I like the unique seahorse pattern.

Find it here:


Or, if you would like something a little bit more professional this Kate Spade bag would work with business casual dress code.

Find it here:


I am also loving this nautical theme, azure blue wrist watch. I always love a good watch.

Find it here:


Kate Spade also has some gorgeous azure blue/turquoise jewelry this season. These earrings are lovely.

Find them here:


I really love the floral statement necklaces that Kate Spade is known for. This one is so pretty and delicate.

Find it here:


I also love long dangling earrings.

Find it here:


I like this multi-strand necklace, too.

Find it here:


And this cute dress.

Find it here:


And finally, Kate Spade is doing a lot of ear crawlers this season. I like these blue ones.

Find them here:


This Charles David pumps are currently on sale for 60% off.

Find them here:


I also love this azure blue and white bohemian maxi dress by Dodo Bar Or. It would be perfect for hot summer BBQs or days on the beach.

Find it here:


This dress by Roland Mouret is also lovely albeit for more formal occasions than a day at the beach.

See it here:


If you would like to treat yourself to a Fendi bag, they have also been inspired by azure blue this season. This tote bag has Fendi’s signature ‘bag bug’ embroidered on the side. It’s big enough to fit a laptop inside.

Find it here:


This Zac Posen backpack bag has a sleek, modern design in the pretty blue shade that is so popular this season.

Find it here:


And finally, for a more formal bag I love this beautiful embellished Emilio Pucci clutch.

Find it here:


I hope that you feel inspired by this blog post! Remember to like My Frugal Lady on Facebook for more articles and cool stuff.


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Summer Earring Trends

Hello Ladies! I am feeling inspired by some of the cool earring trends I am seeing in the mall, online, and on my favorite celebrities and thought I would write a blog post about it. So here are some of my favorite earring trends and where to find them!

Crawlers/Ear Pins

So the first type of earring I would like to talk about is an ‘ear crawler’ sometimes known as an ‘ear pin’. On a recent trip to the mall I found some pretty floral Kate Spade earrings and I couldn’t stop thinking about them after I came home. You know when you fall in love with something in a store but don’t buy it so you come home and kick yourself afterwards? That’s what I did. It was only when I went home and searched for the earrings online that I realized they weren’t ordinary earrings, but ‘ear pins’. Meaning that they are made with a longer, pin like back that runs up the length of your ear. Here are two pictures of Emma Stone and Emma Watson wearing ear crawlers/ear pins to show you what I mean.

I absolutely love this trend. I think part of the reason why I like it is because I am too chicken to get my ears pierced more than once so these earrings allow you to experiment with the earring going up the length of your ear without actually having to go through the pain of getting your ears pierced again. LOL

Here are some of the Kate Spade ear pins from the Spring/Summer 2016 season. I love the feminine floral look of these.

Find them here:


Find them here:


These are the same exact ear pins I found in the mall that inspired me to write this post. I love floral jewelry and I love how sparkly these are.

Find them here:


Then these ear pins have pretty variegated gemstones.

Find them here:


And I love this pink version!

Find them here:


These pretty ear crawlers are by Sole Society and also have a floral design.

Find them here:


I like these ear pins with an arrow design by BCBG Max Azria. Plus, they are on sale for $19. Score!

Find them here:


These cool ear crawlers by Nadri are also on sale right now. They are 50% off. I like the multifaceted stones.

Find them here:


These ear crawlers have a similar semi-precious stone design, but they also have a cool hanging chain on either side. I think they’re pretty and they are also 50% off!

Find them here:


I also like this cute pair of ear crawlers that look kind of like peacock feathers. They are also by Nadri.

Find them here:


And the last pair of ear crawlers I like are by Marchesa. I like pearls, and these ear crawlers offer a modern twist on a classic.

Find them here:


Ear Jackets

The next trend in earrings that I am really liking right now is ear jackets. There are many different styles and variations of this particular trend. Here are pictures of Jennifer Lawrence modeling ear jackets for Dior, and another picture of Jennifer Lopez showing off some ruby ear jackets on a red carpet.

I’m gonna start with Kate Spade again because I am really loving Kate Spade right now. As I previously mentioned, I love pearls. I also love lots of color and these ear jackets offer a little bit of both.

Find them here:


And here are a similar pair in pink.

Find them here


These pearl ear jackets by Kate Spade are on sale. I like the star burst pattern.

Find them here:


And I can’t get over how cute these ‘oopsie daisy’ ear jackets are.

Find them here:


I also love these ‘bee happy’ ear jackets. Too cute!

Find them here:


These crystal ear jackets by Marchesa are simple and lovely.

Find them here:


And these beautiful Marchesa ear jackets are in a lovely light blue. I like to call it “Cinderella blue” because it reminds me of the color of the dress that Cinderella wore in the Disney cartoon. It’s one of my favorite colors!

Find them here:


These ear jackets are little bit different from the others I have posted so far. They have a nice dangle to them. They are by Vince Camuto.

Find them here:


And finally, I like these pretty ear jackets by Rebecca Minkoff. They are currently on sale for $20.

Find them here:



Another trend that I think is really fun is a mismatched look. This trend is straight out of the 80s. I like that it is fun and unexpected and that there are many different ways to engage with this particular trend. This is Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, one of my all time favorite royal ladies. I am a BIG fan. If you are not familiar with the Swedish royals, she is the sweetest person.

Victoria has a penchant for statement earrings. These pictures are from a few years ago when she was visiting a fashion exhibition in Sweden. I like that she was gutsy enough to wear mismatched earrings as royal women can be a bit conservative with their style, in general.

For this 80s inspired trend, I recommend Betsy Johnson who tends to love creating 80s inspired jewelry in general. She has some really cool mismatched earrings that remind me of Victoria’s. These are lovely with their purple and pink stones.

Find them here:


These are also from Betsey Johnson. I love the swan and feminine pink design.

Find them here:


Oscar de la Renta is also producing some jewelry incorporating a few different trends in one. This pair of earrings includes one small earring and one large ear pin giving it a fun mismatched look.

Find them here:


Or, if you would like to try something a little more understated, you could try this cute pair of earrings with a heart and an arrow by Kate Spade. Very romantic and sweet.

Find them here:


Just like the pair b y Oscar de la Renta, these earrings include one tiny stud and then a larger statement piece. However, this is an ear cuff, not an ear crawler. It is on sale for $19.90 by Express.

Find them here:


Here are some other Betsey Johnson earrings in a different mismatched style.

Find them here:


Find them here:


Find them here:


Find them here:


Find them here:




And the last earring trend that I am really loving right now is colorful or gemstone earrings. I am going to use Princess Victoria for inspiration again. Firstly, there is this lovely picture of her wearing multi-colored, multi-faceted earrings. I believe that they may be Tiffany and Co, but I am not sure.

And most recently, Victoria posed for adorable newborn baby pictures with her son, Prince Oscar. I love the long gemstone earrings she wore to match the pale blue of her blouse and her son’s sweater. Just lovely.

These are a pair of faceted, multicolor earrings similar to the ones that Victoria wore in the first picture. These are from Tiffany and Co which is what leads me to believe that Victoria’s are as well.

Find them here:


And here are a lookalike pair that I found that are significantly less expensive.

Find them here:


Are really love this gorgeous pair of Swarovski crystal earrings in all of the colors of the rainbow. They would go with any outfit!

Find them here:


And this sweet pair of multicolored gemstone earrings is just $12.

Find them here:


And these Betsey Johnson earrings are nice and colorful as well.

Find them here:


And these cute colorful earrings from JC Penney are on sale for only $9!

Find them here:


That’s all folks! Hope you liked these earrings. Don’t forget to like My Frugal Lady on Facebook and subscribe to this blog for more neat stuff.


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Queen Victoria’s Sapphire Coronet Tiara

In January of 2012, a beautiful sapphire and diamond tiara once belonging to Queen Victoria turned up in a private home in Highgate, UK.

To uncover the secrets of this mystery tiara and to understand how it came to be in possession of a private family rather than the royal family one must go back over 170 years to when the tiara was first created to trace its fascinating history.

Portrait of the young Queen Victoria (1819 - 1901), Franz Xavier Winterhalter, After

Franz Xavier Winterhalter’s portrait of Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria’s husband Prince Albert, the Prince Consort, was known for his keen eye for architecture, design, and art. He was instrumental in creating many of Victoria’s most beloved pieces of jewelry including this tiara which Victoria described as a “sapphire coronet” in her records most likely commissioned by Albert from jeweler Joseph Kitching circa 1840-1842 at the cost of approximately 450 pounds. It is a small piece in keeping with Victoria’s style and could be worn in a nontraditional way surrounding her chignon on the back of her head as one can see in the famous portrait above by Franz Xavier Winterhalter. The tiara features cushion cut and kite-shaped sapphires set in gold while the diamonds are set in silver in a neo-Gothic trefoil pattern typical of its time. The small structure suited Victoria because she was a very petite woman at only 5’0″ tall. Albert was also undoubtedly aware of Victoria’s issues with migraine headaches which meant that she preferred wearing lighter tiaras in order to avoid triggering a migraine.


Queen Victoria’s Engagement Ring

Victoria was a very romantic and sentimental woman. Albert himself was also a hopeless romantic and he designed many pieces of jewelry for Victoria that held symbolic meaning, including jewelry made of their children’s baby teeth. Victoria’s famous engagement ring was a serpent, an ancient symbol of protection. A serpent or dragon eating its own tail-known as a ouroboros – or depicted in a circular pattern as with Victoria’s ring is also a symbol of eternity. This ring features Victoria’s birthstone, an emerald, as the centerpiece and rubies for the serpent’s eyes. Albert often designed jewelry with rubies to symbolize passion and diamonds to symbolize eternity, since diamonds are the hardest stone and therefore nearly impossible to break. Turquoise and pearls were seen as representing romantic love so they were often used in weddings. Victoria gave each of her bridesmaids a gift of a turquoise eagle brooch seen below.

Royal Bridesmaids Brooch

Brooch, 1847

Queen Victoria’s brooch with her daughter, Princess Vicky’s baby tooth

But for Victoria’s wedding gift, Albert gave her a magnificent sapphire brooch surrounded by diamonds that is reminiscent of the style of Diana, Princess of Wales’ engagement ring which now belongs to Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.

Queen Elizabeth II wears this brooch often. Queen Victoria is Queen Elizabeth’s great-great-grandmother so I am certain that this wedding brooch holds a great deal of significance to her.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at Royal Ascot in 2015 wearing Victoria’s wedding brooch

Victoria proudly wore her brand new brooch on her wedding day to Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha on February 10, 1840 as you can see in the portrait above. I personally believe that Albert created the sapphire tiara to match the brooch that he gave his new bride.

After Prince Albert’s death on December 14th, 1861, Victoria went into mourning for the rest of her life. Therefore, she often did not feel that it was appropriate to wear ostentatious jewelry or bright colors. But this diminutive sapphire coronet was deemed appropriate for Victoria to wear in later life due to its small size.

Queen Victoria with her sapphire tiara

After Victoria’s death in January 1901, the sapphire tiara was not seen for two decades as Queen Alexandra and Queen Mary preferred to wear more substantial pieces. It was next seen in 1922 when the tiara was given to Princess Mary-daughter of King George V and Queen Mary-as a wedding present along with a matching parure comprised of a bracelet and necklace. Princess Mary married Viscount Lascelles, who would eventually inherit the earldom of Harewood making Princess Mary the Countess of Harewood.

Princess Mary’s wedding parure with Queen Victoria’s tiara

Princess Mary wearing her wedding parure and the matching tiara. She wore Victoria’s sapphire coronet tiara in a bandaeu style across her forehead which was fashionable in the 1920s.

Princess Mary, the Countess of Harewood, on left, wearing Queen Victoria’s sapphire coronet tiara circa 1960s. Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent, is pictured on her right.

Princess Mary died in 1965, leaving Victoria’s tiara to her husband and children. Subsequently, the tiara was worn by Patricia Lascelles, the Earl of Harewood’s second wife.

Patricia Lascelles, Countess of Harewood, circa 1970

The last time that the tiara was pictured being worn on a member of the Lascelles family was in 1992 when Andrea Lascelles married the Earl’s fourth son, Mark.

The tiara was seen in public in 1997 after Geoffrey Munn wrote to the Earl of Harewood telling him he was putting a collection together for an exhibition at Wartski’s. The tiara was again exhibited in 2002 at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

George Lascelles died in 2011, making his son David the current Earl of Harewood. Since 2002 the fate of the sapphire tiara and matching parure has been convoluted. It is possible that the necklace and bracelet were sold decades ago; however, the tiara managed to stay in the family. And that brings us to the day in 2012 when an anonymous family in Highgate loaned a tiara previously belonging to Queen Victoria that had not been seen in years to Geoffrey Munn, an expert in jewelry appraisal and history.

(From left) Linda Rosenblatt, Antiques Roadshow expert Geoffrey Munn, and Jean Marks with Queen Victoria

From Left: Linda Rosenblatt, Antiques Roadshow expert Geoffrey Munn, and Jean Marks with Queen Victoria’s tiara at event for World Jewish Relief

Queen Victoria's sapphire and diamond tiara, circa 1840

Queen Victoria’s sapphire and diamond tiara, circa 1840, on loan from a private collection by arrangement with Wartski, London

Since its rediscovery in 2012, the Victorian Sapphire Coronet Tiara has been most recently exhibited at the Winter Antiques Show in February of 2014 in New York.  Although I cannot be sure, I believe it may still belong to the Lascelles family unless they discretely sold the tiara along with the matching parure after George Lascelles death in 2011.

This tiara is a beautiful piece albeit it is comparatively small to other pieces created for Victoria by Prince Albert. Its whereabouts in 2016 are somewhat unknown to the general public. However, I feel that if it were at all possible it would be lovely to see this piece purchased by the Prince of Wales, who much like Prince Albert has a well known interest in jewelry and an appreciation for design. It would be fantastic to see this tiara reunited with Queen Victoria’s wedding brooch that Her Majesty is so fond of or perhaps it could be worn by the Duchess of Cambridge since it matches her engagement ring so well. But no matter what, I feel that the most appropriate thing is for this tiara to continue to be worn by direct descendants of Queen Victoria or their spouses. Considering how much this tiara meant to her I am sure that is what Victoria would have wanted and I hope that whomever owns this tiara now treats it like the priceless piece of history that it is.


The Frugal Lady

Princess Victoria’s Tassel Earrings

January tends to be a pretty slow month, fashion wise. I think maybe most royals tend to go on vacations to Mustique or Ibiza or someplace warm after the hectic Christmas season. I’m not sure, but royals seem to be in hiding right now. In addition to that, shops are either empty or full of leftover winter clearance items in order to make way for upcoming Spring collections. For my part, I have been visiting local shops and researching pre-Spring runway fashion on the internet to try and predict what this Spring has in store for us so I can plan my Spring fashion blog posts.

I am not sure which designer originally came up with the trend of tassel earrings, but I do know that Oscar de la Renta seems to be the one who popularized it. And it doesn’t look like this trend is going away any time soon with de la Renta’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection featuring lots of tassel earrings in a variety of colors. Pink, teal, white, and lots of other light, pastel colors perfect for Spring. As I looked through the collection I recalled seeing at least one of my favorite royal ladies wearing tassel earrings: Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. I think she is such a sweet person and very fashionable, too. After a bit of searching I managed to find the picture and it turns out that she was in fact wearing Oscar de la Renta earrings and she likes them so much she’s worn them at least twice. Behold! 🙂

Embed from Getty Images

Princess Victoria Oscar de la Renta earrings

Credit: http://www.newmyroyals.com, Dinner for Members of Parliament, Oct 22 2014

I don’t normally like to rush out and buy ‘trendy’ items since many trends go in and out of fashion in a blink of an eye, but I really like the idea of tassel earrings. I think it’s cool. So I have decided that I will probably treat myself to a pair of tassel earrings this Spring. Here are some of the Oscar de la Renta earrings for Spring/Summer 2016.

See them here at Moda Operandi:


See them here:


See them here:



Find them here:


But I especially like ones like these with some gem embellishment, it adds some extra bling.

Get them here:


But the Oscar de la Renta earrings are on the expensive side, in my opinion. Which is totally great if you want to splurge. However, I found some more affordable alternatives that I also like.

These cool Madame Mathilde earrings are on sale for $71.

See them here:


These earrings by the same company are the same price. I really like the bright colors. Perfect for Spring.

See them here:


Lisi also makes some really cool earrings that are very similar in style to the Oscar de la Renta ones. These are $94.

Get them here:


This gold pair is also $94.

Get them here:


These BaubleBar earrings are also really pretty AND they are on sale for $38.

Get them here:


And finally Clara has also made some really pretty earrings. I love the purple ones and they are really affordable for $36.

Get them here:


They also make them in Navy and Emerald.

Get them here:


So many options! It’s making me excited for Spring! 🙂


The Frugal Lady

Kate’s Christmas Fashion, 2015

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! After spending the day with my family I was curious to see what Kate wore to the annual Christmas day church service at Sandringham. Luckily for me, the Daily Mail identified Kate’s outfit which makes my job a little easier. 😉 Here is Kate at St. Mary Magdalene Church with the rest of the family.

British Royal Christmas 2015

Kate xmas

Daily Mail


Kate is wearing a long, forest green (some call it ‘moss green’), belted coat by Sportmax. Sportmax is a luxury brand and their coats run on the expensive side. I cannot find the same exact coat Kate wore because it sold out already (!) but here is a similar double breasted “Maine” coat by Sportmax in a pretty teal-green.

Sportmax teal-green

You can find it here:


However, if you would like to ‘get the look for less’ here are some alternatives. Various shades of green-from forest green to olive- are really popular this season. A good green coat is still neutral enough to wear with many different outfits but it will stand out in the crowd of people wearing black coats. It’s a little different but still elegant.

First, this funnel neck basket weave coat by Ralph Lauren is 45% off. It has knit cuffs and cool little belts to fasten the front. It comes in a light camel color as well as a green shade called “Loden” as you can see in the picture.

Ralph Lauren Loden

Find it here:


Then, this Via Spiga double breasted coat is really affordable-under $100 depending on what size you get with sizes up to a 14- and it also has a neat military style with large gold buttons. It comes in olive and a bunch of other colors like the navy one in this picture.


Find it here:


This Lucky Brand military style wool coat is comfy and casual. It’s currently on sale for $99.99, so it’s a good price, too.

Lucky Brand military wool coat

Get it here:


This long wool blend trench coat by Vince Camuto is also really lovely. The picture shows it in a more purple-y wine color but it also comes in an olive color that looks really similar to the one Kate wore on Christmas day. Plus, it is also on sale.


Get it here:


I also found this fabulous belted, double breasted coat by DKNY on clearance for $120. It’s a lovely piece.

DKNY green coat

Get it here:


But if Money Were No Object…

Then this is the dream coat I would buy. A Burberry macrame lace trench coat in deep bottle green. Sigh…..

Burberry green lace coat

See it in all its glory here:



Any royal watcher will know that Kates LOVES a good pair of boots. She usually opts for Stuart Weitzman but the Daily Mail identified Kate’s boots as Aquatalia boots. Much like her Sportmax coat, they are a luxury brand. Here is a better picture of her boots from yesterday morning.

Kate Christmas 2015 full picture

From looking at the picture I think Kate is wearing the “Raine” weatherproof boots which would make sense considering that it was raining on Christmas morning and at one point it looked like Kate was walking through wet grass. I found a pair on sale for 33% off. 🙂 Yay!


Get them here:


Or, if you would like a lookalike pair of boots without spending the cash, I would really recommend Nine West. I have always loved their shoes and I think they make really sturdy boots. I always love a good knee high boot for the fall/winter since they work well with a cute dress or coat but cover more of your leg than pumps or ankle boots do. When you wear them with black tights (as Kate does) it keeps you a little more covered if you are walking in the cold. These particular boots are in a classic style so you will be able to wear them for a few years which I think is important. It’s ok to buy earrings or a blouse in a more trendy style but coats and boots should be more classic so that you can wear them for more than one year. At least, that’s my philosophy. If I can wear a coat or pair of shoes for at least three years I feel like I really got my money’s worth. Kate has been wearing the same style of knee high boot since she was a student at St. Andrews. I think that was at least ten years ago. So if you by a good pair of knee high boots you know they are not going out of style by next year and they would look dated. The same thing can be said for a good pea coat or trench coat, it’s classic. These Nine West boots come in brown and black and the heel is a bit shorter.

Nine west brown boot

Get them here:


As I mentioned before, Kate is usually a fan of Stuart Weitzman boots. This is her favorite pair which also happens to be one of Angelina Jolie’s favorites. It’s called the “Reserve” boot.



These pairs of Nine West boots looks sooo much like Kate’s Stuart Weitzman boots. They are practically identical but the Nine West boots are a fraction of the price. Check it out!

Nine West Tiberia


Nine West T boot



Finally, I’d like to write about the pretty brooch Kate wore yesterday because I believe it was the first time she wore it (I could be mistaken so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong). I am a big believer in brooches, you guys. ESPECIALLY during the winter time. I love the way a sparkly brooch looks on a coat or pinned to a scarf. I think they are lovely. Kate’s pretty brooch is actually an oak leaf and upon closer inspection you can see little acorns on it. This is special because the Middleton coat of arms that was made for Kate before her wedding day had acorns and an oak tree incorporated into it. Kate’s parents even gave her acorn earrings to wear on her wedding day because of how symbolically significant they are to her and her family. Here is a picture of Kate’s brooch on Christmas day, 2015:

Kate XMas 2015 brooch

And her wedding earrings:

Kate wedding earrings

If you would like to have a pretty, sparkly brooch to decorate your new forest green coat I would recommend something like this crystal brooch. So pretty!

Crystal Brooch leaf

Find it here:


Or maybe something like this?



Kate was also wearing a favorite pair of Kiki McDonough earrings. If you would like to learn more about that, I wrote an entire post dedicated to her McDonough earring collection that you can read here:


Cheers and Merry Christmas!

The Frugal Lady

Kate’s Favorite Kiki McDonough Jewelry

The Duchess of Cambridge’s love of Kiki McDonough jewelry has been widely reported and I can see why. This brand exemplifies Kate’s style: simple, elegant, classic yet modern. Here are some of Kate’s favorite earrings from the brand and where to find them in case you are thinking of treating yourself to some bling. 🙂

First, the “Grace” white topaz and diamond stud earrings in 18k yellow gold are one of Kate’s favorite pairs of earrings and she has been seen wearing them at multiple official events. Here she is wearing her “Grace” earrings in Australia with baby George:


Embed from Getty Images

Kate Middleton Grace earrings

And again in 2011:

Kate Getty Images Via Daily Mail Grace Earrings

Getty Images via Daily Mail

And on many other occasions. She seems to really love them! So here are the Grace earrings in the same exact style as Kate wears.


Find them here at Neiman Marcus:


Or, if you want to try something a little different, the “Grace” earrings also come in lemon quartz and diamonds.


Get them here also at Neiman Marcus:


Green peridot:


See here:


Or citrine:


See here:


Citrine happens to be one of the duchess’s favorite stones. She has a couple of pairs of McDonough citrine earrings that she wears all of the time. The first pair are from the “Eternal” line and are citrine pear-drop earrings in 18k gold. Here she is wearing them at Investec Derby Festival in 2011.

Embed from Getty Images

And on baby George’s christening day.

Embed from Getty Images

I have most recently seen Kate wearing this pair on a visit to the Towers Residential Outdoor Education Centre on November 20th, 2015.

Towers Residential Outdoor Education Centre

Here is a close-up picture of the “Eternal” earrings in Kate’s favorite citrine stone.

Kiki citrine

You can find them here:


But they also come in blue topaz which I really like as a December baby since blue topaz is the birth stone for the month of December.


Find them here:


And a second pair of citrine earrings that Kate loves also comes from the “Eternal” collection but has a tear-drop style with diamonds for extra sparkle. Here is a picture of Kate wearing them at the Cheltenham Racecourse in March of 2013.

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And here is a picture of her earrings:

Kiki McDonough citrine

You can find them here:


But the cool thing about these earrings is that the charms (in this case citrines) can be removed interchangeably with other stones. The collection has lots of different options to choose from and you just change the drop charm depending on what color you want to wear to coordinate with your outfit. You can collect all of the different colors available. I have seen Kate wear citrine and green amethyst but she may have more colors we just haven’t gotten a good picture of yet since her hair often covers her ears making it difficult to see her earrings. Here are some other colors!

Blue Topaz


Find them here:


Lemon Quartz


See here:




See here:


A darker Amethyst

See here:


And Topaz



And finally, I am going to finish this post with a pair of earrings that Kate is reported to have received as a Christmas gift from her husband, Prince William, in 2011 during her first Chirstmas celebration at Sandringham as a member of the royal family. The earrings are green amethyst diamond drop earrings in 18k gold from Kiki McDonough’s “Classics” collection. Here is a picture of Kate wearing them to morning church service at her first royal Christmas four years ago.

Kate Christmas earrings

And here is a close-up of the earrings. Like the earrings from the “Eternal” collection these earrings have removal drops that you can switch with drops of different colors.


Find them here:


You can also get citrine drops:

Oval Citrine


Or amethyst

Oval Amethyst

See them here:


And blue topaz

oval blue topaz

Find them here:


Maybe Kate will get some new ‘bling’ for Christmas this year? Watch this space! 🙂


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