Fall Trend: Boots with Fringe

For my next installment of the “Fall Trend” series I would like to write about a cool, fun variation of the classic winter boot. Boots with suede fringe are all over the runway for Fall/Winter 2016. Here are a few high fashion examples of the trend along with some more affordable versions for those of us who like to be a little frugal. 🙂

Stuart Weitzman boots are Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge’s favorite designer boots. She has been wearing them since long before her marriage back when she was still Kate Middleton, a University of St. Andrews student. So I think it would be great if we catch Kate wearing some of these knee high fringe boots by Weitzman. Perhaps she will buy some for her tour of Canada next month?



See it here:


See it here:


Another luxury designer who has been inspired by the fringe trend this year is Christian Louboutin.  Take a look at these boots that incorporate two big trends for fall: fringe and anything Tudor-esque. Expect to see a lot of velvet, choker necklaces, leather, etc. this Fall/Winter season. According to magazines like Vogue and Elle, anything Tudor or Elizabethan is very ‘in’ this year.

See it here:


So now that you have seen the high fashion, runway version of this trend. Here are some more affordable alternatives by one of my favorite boot designers: Steve Madden. These books look just as great as any of the Stuart Weitzman shoes that Kate Middleton loves so much, yet they are a fraction of the price. I have some Steve Madden boots that I have worn for a couple of winters in a row so I also know from experience they last a long time. Check out these booties with zippers and buckles.

See it here:


I also like these dark brown boots that have an old West vibe.

See it here:


Or these light brown suede boots with multi-layer fringe that remind me of the Weitzman boots.

See it here:


These black booties also have a Western vibe. I like the thick heel. I have always been more comfortable walking in boots with a solid heel instead of something like a stiletto.

See it here:


And finally, here are some cool knee high boots. I like wearing boots like this with a sweater dress. But you can probably wear them over skinny jeans, too.

See it here:


I hope you guys are getting inspired to shop for Fall! Stay tuned for some more blog posts on Fall/Winter trends and remember to follow My Frugal Lady on Facebook. 🙂


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Coach 75th Anniversary

Coach is having a milestone birthday celebration. For its 75th year, Coach has created its first major womenswear ready to wear collection. These are some of my personal favorite pieces from the Coach 1941 Spring/Summer 2016 collection.

First of all, I love this Tea Rose Applique Saddle Bag. I think the flower applique is so perfect for spring while the colors and saddle bag structure are reminiscent of pieces that Coach produced in the 1970s so it has a cool retro vibe as well.

See it here:


The tea rose applique also comes in an “outlaw satchel” which has a more unique or unusual structure that makes it stand out from the crowd. It is described as a piece of “nostalgic Americana” that is inspired by the old west. According to the official description, the statement silhouette has a suede lining that is inspired by western workwear.

See it here:


And finally, the rose applique can also be found on this small crossbody called a “Dinky” bag.

See it here:


The Dinky bag is probably one of the highlights of the 1941 collection this season. At first glance, the bag seems like any other crossbody bag. Really simple and understated. While it comes in the rose applique seen above it has other patterns as well or just this simple glove tanned leather seen below. This example is in “canary” but there are about ten other colors available.

But the coolest part about this purse is when you take it home and open it up. Inside of the bag is a small kisslock purse that has been added to this bag for this special re-edition of a classic Coach bag from 1973.

In keeping with the retro 1970s vibe, Coach has included one special “surprise” of a little charm in each Dinky bag. You don’t know which charm you are getting until you take it home and unwrap it but here are the charms that you can possibly get. They can hook onto the outside of the purse for fun.

The Dinky bag is already starting to be seen on the arms of celebrities with Emma Roberts wearing a floral pattern version during New York fashion week.

You can find all of the Dinky bags via this link:


I also think that some of the sneakers for Spring are cute. Take a look at these pointed toe white sneakers with flowers made from layered embroidery and sequins.

Find them here:


They also come in brown.

Find them here:


Their fall collection is not available yet but I will write another post about their fall pieces in a few months (or whenever it becomes available) so stay tuned and remember to follow My Frugal Lady on Facebook for updates and more cool stuff!


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Mette-Marit’s Rockstar Princess Shoes

A long time ago I saw pictures of Crown Princess Mette-Marit on a visit to San Francisco and I fell in love with a gorgeous pair of edgy heels she was wearing by Valentino. Recently I also noticed Crown Princess Mary wearing the same Valentino shoes and I came to the conclusion that they were a royal favorite. But they are not cheap, averaging about $1,000 a pair, so I was hoping to find a less expensive alternative. Well, I was browsing in my local mall doing some research for a blog I am going to write on shoes for Spring 2016 when I saw a pair of shoes that I was convinced were the same ones by Valentino that I admired on Mette-Marit. But when I picked them up, much to my delight, I realized they were actually made by Arturo Chiang and are a fraction of the price. But unless someone were to examine your shoes really closely they would never be able to tell the difference because they look so much alike. When  I came home I found a link for them on line and I wanted to share them with my lovely readers. 🙂

Here is a picture of Mette-Marit wearing the heels I love. I like them because they are a good t-strap, which makes them easier to walk in in my opinion, and they have the edgy design along the strap that gives it a rock and roll vibe while still being modest. They are called “rockstud heels” and are perfect modern princess shoes. Contemporary but elegant.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark also has a pair of Valentino rockstud heels and she LOVES them. She has worn them many times.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

These shoes are also popular with movie stars such as Reese Witherspoon. Here are some pictures courtesy of the Daily Mail of her dressed casually in jeans and wearing a pair of rockstud heels. She actually has multiple pairs in many different colors but I think these were the clearest pictures. I don’t normally post paparazzi pictures on this blog but I am making an exception with these just because I like seeing that these shoes can be worn casually, not just with business casual or professional clothing. I think it helps illustrate how versatile these heels are. Mary even wore them to a semi-formal event with a lace dress in the picture above.

So now that you have seen some ladies wearing these cool shoes here are some examples of Valentino rockstud heels and where to find them. Here are some black and white ones:

Find them here for $1,100:


And here is a light pink version similar to what Mary wears.

Get them here for $1,000:


And they are available in lots of other colors, too.

And here is the lookalike pair by Arturo Chiang for only $89.99. Pretty similar, aren’t they? I think they look the most like Mary’s pair that she wears all the time. They come in two colors, “adobe”-which is sort of like a nude, this is the adobe color in the picture below- and black. I’m thinking I need a pair! They are so reasonable and look so similar to the Valentino ones!

Find them here:


Stay tuned for my larger blog post on cool shoes for Spring/Summer 2016! And if you haven’t seen it yet I have written a post on handbags for Spring that you can find here. I’m also putting together a Spring makeup post with new trends for 2016 so please remember to ‘like’ My Frugal Lady on Facebook for all of our new articles and other cool things. ❤


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L.K. Bennett Shoes-A Royal Favorite

The more research I do about the shoes that royal women wear the more I see L.K. Bennett shoes come up again and again. I became curious about this brand because royal women seem to favor it but I can never find them in any store near where I live. After searching and reading reviews of the brand I have come to the conclusion that the reason why royal women love this brand so much is because L.K. Bennett shoes are more comfortable than other brands with softer insoles so they don’t hurt your knees as much if you wear them for a long time. Royal women have to wear high heels and stand on their feet for hours as they greet crowds of people so it is imperative for them to choose comfortable shoes.

Probably the most famous royal patron of L.K. Bennet shoes would be Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge who favors simple black or nude patent leather platform court shoes.

Kate L.K.

Kate nude sledge pumps

Kate mosque

She even wore her favorite taupe/nude L.K. pumps to visit a mosque.

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - SEPTEMBER 14:  Shoe detail during the Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge visit to Assyakirin Mosque on day 4 of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge's Diamond Jubilee Tour of the Far East on September 14, 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  (Photo by Ian Vogler-Pool/Getty Images)
KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – SEPTEMBER 14: Shoe detail during the Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge visit to Assyakirin Mosque on day 4 of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge’s Diamond Jubilee Tour of the Far East on September 14, 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. (Photo by Ian Vogler-Pool/Getty Images)

You can find these same taupe pumps here:


This season L.K. Bennett has designed pumps in the same platform court shoe style in this pretty Mulberry suede. This color is very appropriate for fall and I hope to see Kate wearing these.

L.K. Bennett Harley in Mulberry

See them here:


They also made the same style of shoe in a beautiful lace. Considering how much Kate likes her lace I could imagine her wearing these.

L.K. Bennett Harley in Lace

Find them here:


Kate also has a soft spot for wedges, reportedly much to the Queen’s dismay. 🙂 She even wore sandal wedges while running on the beach in Australia, which must have been pretty difficult to pull off. Here she is the day after her wedding wearing a favorite pair of L.K. wedges.

Kate L.K. wedges

Because of the time of year I managed to find some L.K. Bennett sandal wedges on sale!

Here are the “Maggie” wedges in black patent leather with a peep toe.

Maggie peep toe black patent leather

Find them here:


And the “Priya” wedge in a pretty bright red. What girl doesn’t love red shoes?

Priya L.K.'s

And you can find them via this link:


Kate also likes simple black patent leather sledge pumps. She wears these all the time.

L.K. black sledge pump

They can be found here:


But for this season I really love these quilted sledges because it adds a little texture and detailing to the shoes. It’s a nice way to wear classic black pumps with a twist.

L.K. Sledge quilted

You can find them here:


Kate tends to wear the same black or nude L.K.s over and over again. While her black or nude pumps are a classic choice, I think that Kate plays it safe with her fashion choices more and more with each passing year. Ideally, I would like to see Kate experiment a little bit with a different style of shoe or maybe more color.

Here are some lovely pointy toe pumps in a bright color that is very in this season.

Fern suade pointy toe pumps

Find them here:


And these pretty ‘florete’ pumps. I like colorful shoes and bags. 🙂

florete pump


And since Kate seems to favor neutral colors, maybe she could wear something like these black and white cutaway suede pumps? I know I would. They’re sexy but still classy.

Black and white suade cut away shoes L.K.


Or maybe these “Inferna” pumps? I love the pattern.

L.K. Inferna


Or maybe…just maybe…she could really try something different and wear these gorgeous printed floret pumps. I’m in love with them. And they can be worn many times because they could really go with dresses/coats of many different colors. I would love it if she wore something like this to spice up her outfits a bit. Princess Victoria of Sweden wears colorful shoes like this.

Floret printed

You can find them right here in case you wanted to do some early Christmas shopping OR if you wanted to treat yourself. Ladies should do that every once in a while, right?



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