Royal Fashion Trend Fall 2015-Hand Painted Dresses

I have noticed a pretty cool trend going around in royal fashion circles this fall/winter season. Royal women are wearing hand painted gowns or dresses for special events. Some of these pieces are gorgeous, and the fact that they are hand painted makes each piece seem more personalized. Fashion IS art, of course, but there is something about hand painted clothing that just emphasizes this fact. It’s like wearing a canvas. I think it’s really cool. Here are two main examples of royal women wearing these hand painted pieces this month (October, 2015)

First, Princess Madeleine of Sweden chose this hand painted Valentino dress for her son’s christening. I think it’s beautiful, very autumnal. Just perfect for October.

Princess Madeleine Christening

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This dress is called the “Bambolina” brocade ‘angel wing’ print dress. You can see a short sleeve version of the dress via the Saks Fifth Avenue link below. Of course, Valentino is a very expensive designer. But I enjoy looking at pictures of his work anyway just to appreciate the artistry.

But what’s really cool is that Valentino made a jacket this season with the same ‘angel wings’ hand painted print on it. If I had the money I would buy this jacket in a heartbeat since you can typically get more use out of a jacket than a dress. I would wear it all fall.

Valentino Brambolina Brocade han painted coat

Another royal woman who appreciates hand painted fashion is Queen Maxima of the Netherlands who has recently been hospitalized for a kidney infection. She became ill during her recent tour of China. But she managed to make an appearance at the state banquet in Beijing before traveling back home for treatment. If I had not read that she was ill I would never have guessed it from these photos because she looked beautiful. The gown that she chose for the occasion is a Mattjis van Bergen creation inspired by Van Gogh paintings. I think it was a very appropriate way of incorporating a Dutch design into her gown on an official state visit. The bottom of her dress has a lovely woodland scene painted onto it. Her Majesty chose to accessorize her new gown with the Dutch Emerald Parure. I love emeralds so I particularly love this set that belongs to the Dutch royal family. So elegant.

Queen Maxima State Banquet

Although Queen Maxima’s gown is impossible to find, and even if I could find it it probably would be an astronomical price in the tens of thousands, I have found some other hand painted pieces that are more affordable.

Firstly, a ‘splurge’ for me would be this Carolina Herrera abstract paint print jacquard dress.

Carolina Herrera Abstract Paint Jacquard sheath dress

See it here:

Then this awesome painted floral print Chloe dress is on sale in limited sizes. It’s my favorite.

painted chloe

This Chetta B paint streak scuba sheath dress is not really painted but it has an abstract, paint streak pattern that is reminiscent of the hand painted look of the other dresses featured in this article.

Chetta B Paint Streak Scuba Sheath Dress

This Karen Kane painted canvas faux wrap dress is very figure flattering and is between $50-$80.

Karen Kane painted canvas wrap dress

And this Nic and Zoe hand painted twist dress is in a nice dark color for fall/winter.

Nic and Zoe

And this Alexander McQueen creation from the summer is now on sale in limited sizes,

Alexander McQueen cotton dress

This Marc New York print twill fit and flare sheath dress with pockets is nice and youthful.
Marc New York print twill fit and flare

It has stripes that look like they have been painted on with brush strokes although it is not a hand painted dress so it is less expensive.

Marc New York detailing

You can find it here for $128:

I think that Princess Madeleine and Queen Maxima’s fashion choices this month is a good indication that we will probably see some more hand painted pieces on royal ladies during the busy holiday season.


The Frugal Lady

Fall Fashion- Queen Maxima

Queen Maxima has fantastic fashion sense. She seems like a really fun, bubbly, extroverted person. She enjoys her royal duties and is a people person. We don’t often hear about the Dutch royal family in the United States so I would like to focus on her for the next installment of my “Fall Fashion” series.

This first outfit is from September 18th, 2013 when Queen Maxima visited with the Prime Minister of Spain during her official visit to the country. This sky blue is one of my all time favorite colors and it looks beautiful with her aquamarine brooch and earrings.

Embed from Getty Images

Maxima paired her simple, 3/4 sleeve dress with a nude clutch and snakeskin shoes.

Embed from Getty Images

Since becoming Queen she has become more experimental with her jewelry and how she wears it. Perhaps this is because she has access to more jewels since her husband’s coronation? I adore this butterfly that she placed in her hair with a simple low ponytail. It is possible that this butterfly is actually a brooch that can double as a hair clip.

Embed from Getty Images

Here are some items that remind me of Maxima’s look. Anne Klein synthetic snakeskin heels for $50:

And this pretty vintage inspired hair barrette:

In October of 2014 Maxima wore a pretty forest green peplum dress on a visit to Tokyo University. This color is gorgeous for Fall/Winter.

Embed from Getty Images

She paired it with a flattering large brim brown hat and matching shoes, clutch, and gloves. Some royal women (like the Duchess of Cambridge) choose not to wear gloves very often. But the appropriate royal etiquette dictates that in general if the dress code for an event calls for a woman to wear a hat it is understood that she should also wear gloves. Queen Maxima, Queen Mathilde, Queen Elizabeth II, Princess Grace, and various other royal women have chosen to abide by this rule. I personally think that the look is very chic and elegant.

Embed from Getty Images

Queen Maxima is wise enough to know that the way that a woman accessorizes an outfit can really ‘make or break’ the entire look, so to speak. These gorgeous emerald earrings are a perfect match to the forest green shade of her dress. I love long, dangling earrings!

Queen Maxima Earrings

And again, as with the last outfit, Maxima has decided to wear another sparkly diamond butterfly. This time she wears a diamond and emerald butterfly brooch that matches her earrings well. I get the feeling that Maxima likes butterflies. Perhaps it is because butterflies are associated with being a free spirit? I think it suits her personality.

Queen Maxima Butterfly

These brown leather gloves have a really cool retro vibe to them like Maxima’s. Plus, they also have bow details. They would be perfect with a fall/winter jacket.

I also really love brooches. Maxima's butterfly brooch is youthful and adds a nice bit of sparkle to her dress. Brooches are great to pin on a fall jacket or even onto a scarf.

Here is another outfit that Maxima wore in October of 2014 just a few days before she wore the green dress above. This time she wore head to toe red for a symposium on domestic violence.

Embed from Getty Images

She is wearing a large brim red hat (a similar style to the brown hat in the look I spoke about previously) and a matching 3/4 sleeve red dress with a simple bow on her waist. As I explained before, Maxima has decided to wear gloves whenever an occasion calls for a ‘fancy’ hat in keeping with royal tradition. This time she has chosen red leather gloves that match her dress and hat.

Embed from Getty Images

I think it is interesting that she has chosen purple pumps for this dress considering that red and purple are in danger of severely clashing. Yet somehow she makes it work! Notice the label on the shoes, they are L.K. Bennet pumps. This brand is the Duchess of Cambridge’s all time favorite. They must be really comfortable.

Embed from Getty Images

Here is a great close-up view of her clutch. Notice the butterfly? Maybe she feels it is a symbol for good luck? 🙂

Embed from Getty Images

Lastly, here is a nice view of the top of Maxima’s hat so that we can appreciate that the bow on her hat ties in with the bow on the belt/waist of her dress. So well put together!

Embed from Getty Images

This belted, 3/4 sleeve Ralph Lauren dress is similar to what Maxima wore:

L.K. Bennet shoes cost about $300-$400 on average but you can find these simple brown L.K. Bennet pumps here for $98 (limited Sizes):

However, these Enzo Angiolini pumps are in a wine color more similar to the color Maxima wore:

Again, a nice pair of gloves are not only fashionable but practical during the Fall/Winter. These red ones are pretty and look like Maxima's:

The last fall outfit I will talk about is from October 1st of 2014 when Maxima opened Markthal or, the ‘Market Hall’ in Rotterdam, Netherlands. It is a giant indoor market with stunning architecture.

Embed from Getty Images

Maxima really loves bold colors like red and orange. This dress is a brown, short sleeve, off the shoulder cocktail dress with a bright red floral pattern. She has worn a matching red hat with it that is in a unique turban style. She most love this particular style of hat because she has the same one in different colors.

Embed from Getty Images

She also wore bright red high heels to match. They have bows on the front and look like they may also be L.K. Bennet.

Embed from Getty Images

Maxima’s outfits are always so meticulously planned down to the last detail. Her earrings are gorgeous diamonds with bright red rubies. Notice how her nails are manicured with purple polish? They exactly match the purple/wine colored L.K. Bennet heels that she wore on October 14. She obviously likes to stick with her favorite colors!

Embed from Getty Images

This Ralph Lauren floral wrap dress reminds me a little of Maxima’s:

These red patent leather shoes are so sexy. And they are only $30!

I hope that you have enjoyed this latest ‘episode’ of Fall Fashion. I would suggest reading my last two Fall Fashion blogs on Princess Victoria of Sweden and Princess Mary of Denmark as well if you haven’t already done so.

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