Kate’s Wedding Perfume

If you have been following this blog for a while, you will know that I have written about what perfume Kate wore on her wedding day before. However, this post is the first time that I will be highlighting multiple scents from Illuminum, the perfume house that created the classic white floral scent that Kate Middleton wore on her wedding day when she became the Duchess of Cambridge. Illuminum is a British perfume house that is now easier for us Americans to find here in the states.

Illuminum was founded five years ago, the same year that William and Kate got married. Their official website describes Illuminum as “a British fine fragrance collection that views scent as an open-ended adventure in self-expression. Where other perfume houses ask you to identify with a market idea of who you are, we make you the star of a transformative process of personal discovery. This process of becoming is without limits. You make it what it is.”

So without further ado, here is a list of some scents from Illuminum for both women and men with the official description of each scent courtesy of Barney’s New York. Furthermore, some of the scents that I will write about here are found exclusively at Barney’s so you won’t find them anywhere else. I will begin with Kate’s wedding perfume: White Gardenia Petals.

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White Gardenia Petals

Traditionally British royal brides since Queen Victoria tend to wear Creed perfume on their wedding day for the exception of Princess Diana and a few others. Kate decided to break with traditional and wear the brand new perfume by Illuminum on her big day. At the time of her wedding, it was widely reported that Kate chose “White Gardenia Petals” for her wedding and she may continue to wear it to this day.

White Gardenia Petals’ official description: “This is a delicate and refined scent – the top note of lily evokes a nostalgic summer ambiance, whilst heart notes of gardenia, Ylang Ylang, lily of the valley and jasmine breeze are sumptuous and feminine. Amber wood underscores this light bouquet.”

Find it here:


Tahitian Yuzu

Here is another fragrance from Illuminum called Tahitian Yuzu.

Official description: “Redolent of the South Seas and all their exotic abundance of fruits and flowers. This fragrance clusters together top notes of pineapple and blackcurrant that are sparkling, piquant and delicious, it then journeys into a sea of twinkling stars; jasmine and violet. Whilst the base note of musk bestows a soft seductiveness to this effervescent mix.”

Find it here:


Ginger Pear

Illuminum seems to specialize in niche perfume that is unique to what you can easily find in any department store. “Ginger Pear” is a perfect example of how artfully Illuminum blends notes together.

Ginger Pear’s Description: “This exotic partnering of ginger and pear is the apogee of gourmand fragrances. An effervescent crown of sparkling pear and citrus zest melts into a beautiful evocation of wild ginger – as though you had just sliced in half a root. Tea blossom joins the ginger to provide a sanguine coolness, whilst musk renders sweetness at the base.”

Find it here:


Tribal Black Tea

I absolutely LOVE any perfume with bergamot in it.

Tribal Black Tea description: “A spiced conflation of orange and tea notes, serenade the wearer with the brightness of bergamot and the engagingly provocative spice of cardamom. The darkness of the black tea blossom brings body to the centre. Mystical incense and sweet amber wood underscore this dry, sensually saturnine and beautifully bitter evocation.”

Find it here:


Piper Leather

This leather scent is great for women who like more unisex scents. I know lots of women who like to wear a light cologne and I think this scent would be perfect for that.

Official Description: “The dark, demonic whip crack of leather is central to this fragrance. Flanked by Black Pepper and Coriander at the top and Olibanum and Civet underneath; this is a dry, luxuriant and deviant leather scent. A spicy sensuality pervades this scent.”

Find it here:


Cashmere Musk

A coconut scent would be perfect for summer.

Official Description: “Wrap yourself in this cosseting and cocooning blend of sweetness and light. Top notes of coconut and fresh greens beckon you in and engender an inviting succulence. Purple hyacinth lends an exotic flourish to this most tactile of blends. Cashmere wood and amber gives it a gravitas and strength and longevity, fixing the evanescent coconut and greens into a lasting embrace.”

Find it here:


White Datura

Besides bergamot, I also love any scent with jasmine in it. I think it’s so feminine.

Official Description: “Opening with a refreshing waterfall of citrus, this seemingly capricious floral, embedded with Baies Rose and Jasmine absolute employs White Datura Oil at its epicentre, providing its legendary hypnotic qualities.”

Find it here:


Arabian Amber

Arabian Amber is mysterious and sexy with notes of sandalwood and Egyptian bergamot.

Official Description: “As intense as a walk through the souk. This perfume emits all the mystery and excitement of the Middle East. A hint of Egyptian Bergamot trumpets the arrival of this scent followed by exotic ingredients that unfurl as the fragrance settles – a rich symphony of Atlas cedar wood Sandalwood from Mysore, Patchouli for Indonesia and Omani Golden Frankincense.”

Find it here:



Rajamusk is a lovely young, fresh fruity floral scent.

Official Description: “Another thrilling assemblage of fruits and flowers: this one has a conflation of pear blossom and redcurrant at the top creating a fizzy ripeness that is fit to burst. The heart is a floral clustering of lily of the valley and violet petals – weightless and feminine. And the base notes include white patchouli. A bewitching alchemy of freshness, sweetness and spice.”

Find  it here:


Bergamot Blossom

This scent is definitely on my wish list. I love the idea of blending bergamot with citrus notes.

Official Description: “Bergamot blossom, as piquant and crisp as a summer’s walk through Mediterranean lemon groves cuts through the air – a scythe of scent molecules. The formula is a simple clutch of ingredients: Lemon, Blood Orange, Bergamot, Tunisian Neroli and Musk. But the pyrotechnic effect of all these explosive, heightened yet sweet and sharp citruses redefines what it is to smell Bergamot in the sunshine.”

Find it here:


Saffron Amber

Yet another great scent for the summer.

Official Description: “A clarion call of succulent peach and bergamot opens this sumptuously melodic fragrance. Melting harmoniously into Ylang Ylang and golden saffron India, this beautifully evokes a hazy summer sunset of rich notes. Finally a base note of amber lends a resinous charm, anchoring the scent with a sweet depth.”

Find it here:


Wild Tobacco

This scent sounds like it would be great for men as well as women who like a scent that smells more woodsy.

Official Description: “Exudes the dry and distinguished smell of the gentleman’s club. Top notes of Clary Sage and Clove Buds open this fragrance with a fanfare of herb and spice. The heart is a blast of Virginian Cedar Wood Tobacco leaves, as rich and moist as nestles in a pipe itself and devoid of any harmful nicotine. Finally the base of Labdanum adds a sostenato chord of sensuousness and depth.”

Find it here:


White Oud

White Oud is described as a great sexy, spicy scent.

Official Description: “Just like a fine bottle of Bordeaux, this perfume requires time and knowledge to be loved. The sensations of smoked wood and mysterious spices champion this composition.”

Find it here:


Rose Oud

Rose Oud is a warm, feminine, floral scent.

Official Description: “Jasmine, Muguet and Moroccan Rose dovetail the exquisitely complex smell of oud in this depth-charged feminine fragrance. The oud lends the flowers a smoky, yet honeyed resonance with hints of spice and wood while castoreum endows exotic warmth to the base.”

Find it here:


Scarlet Oud

Heralded as the world’s first naturally red perfume, Scarlet Oud is one of the most unique scents that Illuminum has to offer.

Official Description: “Oud (also known as Agarwood) is the dark resinous heartwood that forms in Aquilaria trees (native to Southeast Asia). Oud has had ancient significance and religious connotations and is sometimes used as incense in temples. As a result this is a multilayered and complex scent redolent of thick smoke, honey, wood and green shoots. It is also the world’s first naturally scarlet scent!”

Find it here:


Wild Berry Blossom

Finally, Wild Berry Blossom is a mature, sexy version of a fruity floral.

Official Description: “A reinterpretation of the classic fruity floral, avoiding all the clichés. A top note of cassis lends it a dark, bubbly froth on opening. At its heart lies wild berry blossom and peony for a sweet and subtle floral bouquet. At the base is cedarwood, anchoring these fruits and flowers with a smooth depth.”

Find it here:


I hope that you have enjoyed learning more about Illuminum, the British perfume company that created the Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding perfume! Don’t forget to like My Frugal Lady on Facebook and to follow this blog for more cool articles and info like this!


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Royal Makeup and Cosmetics: The Duchess of Cambridge

Many years ago historians had to really dig to figure out what cosmetics products a royal lady used. But nowadays with Twitter, phone cameras, and the fast paced nature of the internet it seems like we can gather more specific information about what royal women buy. If a royal lady goes to the mall and buys a certain lipstick it’s a safe bet that someone was watching and took note of it. Or, in the case of the Duchess of Cambridge, it is possible that a makeup artist that worked directly with the royal may come forward and reveal all. I don’t like to pry too deeply into royals’ personal lives but I am very interested in different skin care products and makeup. So you can imagine that I was pretty happy to discover that some of the products that Kate uses I have used myself. I guess maybe I feel that my taste in makeup has been royally validated, you know? 🙂

So, without further ado, here are the Duchess of Cambridge’s favorite skin care, makeup, hair care, and perfume products and where to find them. Enjoy! And feel free to share this post on your Facebook so that your friends, family, and significant other can read it and get the hint that you may want to add these products to your Christmas wish list. 😉

 Kate Hair

Hair and Nails

I think that probably the most famous aspect of Kate’s iconic look is her thick, healthy, bouncy hair. Some fashion bloggers and critics on online forums complain it is too long or that they don’t like her ‘fringe’ (‘bangs’ to us Americans). But no matter what you think of her new haircut you have to hand it to her: Kate has really healthy hair.

According to many sources including an article from ‘The Royal Fans’ blog called “What’s in Kate Middleton’s Beauty Bag?” Kate’s hairdresser James Pryce from London’s Richard Ward salon says the Duchess uses Kerastase Hair Rituals products. Apparently her stylist recommended that she used the line’s shampoo and conditioner for ‘dry’ hair to maintain it’s moisture. It’s called “Kerastase Nutritive Bain Oleo-Relax Smoothing Shampoo for Dry and Rebellious Hair.” That’s quite a mouthful, but it seems to be working for her!

The shampoo is normally $56 but I found it for $20. Score!


Get it here:


And her conditioner is called “Fondant Nutri-Thermique Thermo Reactive Intensive Nutrition Conditioner.” It’s normally $58 but I found it for $30. It seems to be a good conditioner for people who blow dry their hair a lot which means it would be really good for the cold winter months when we are less likely to let our hair dry naturally:

Kate conditioner

Get it here:


It has been reported that Kate visited the Jo Hansford Salon in London to get a manicure before her wedding day and when she did her manicurist, Marina Sandoval, chose this light shade for Kate. It’s called “Allure” by Essie and Kate has used it ever since.


Get it here for $8.50


Kate skin


Kate’s favorite skincare products were recommended to her by her dermatologist and are by Karin Herzog, who specializes in “luxury anti-aging” products using active oxygen. Apparently, Herzog was a medical researcher in Stockholm, Sweden and then developed this skin care line after retirement. His official website states that “Karin Herzog is the worldwide leader in oxygen-based skincare. It is the only range formulated with stabilized active oxygen, which acts as a rocket booster, propelling essential nutrients to the collagen producing cells.” Sounds impressive. 🙂 Kate uses this cleanser:


Find it here:


This fancy-schmancy moisturizer:


Find it here:


And she particular loves this spot creme. Her makeup artists and dermatologist have always told Kate that consistency is vital and she tends to wear products that are all from the same line.


Get it here:


But one exception is this Nivea ‘pure and natural’ cream which is actually pretty common and easier to find then the products by Karin Herzog.


Get it here:


Kate wedding coach


I am obsessed with figuring out which perfumes royal women wear. I happen to believe that a woman’s scent says a lot about her personality. British royal brides tend to wear perfume by Creed but Kate broke from tradition and used a perfume by a relatively new perfumery. Her wedding perfume was “White Gardenia Petals” and was made by Illuminum. Since it was publicized that she used the scent on her big day the perfume has become very popular. However, it is still hard to find unless you order it online. No stores where I live have even heard of this perfume house. The perfume is official described as “a delicate and refined scent – the top note of lily evokes a nostalgic summer ambiance, whilst heart notes of gardenia, Ylang Ylang, lily of the valley and jasmine breeze are sumptuous and feminine. Amber wood underscores this light bouquet. ” From the description it sounds divine. This perfume is more expensive. However, this is probably because gardenia is one of the heart notes of the scent. Gardenias are my favorite flower and real ones smell beautiful. But anyone who knows anything about perfume will tell you that the scent of a gardenia is very hard to capture accurately in a perfume. That’s because gardenias do not have the same type of oil that other flowers like roses have. So the oil from Gardenias cannot be naturally extracted like roses or other flowers. Instead, the smell of a Gardenia has to be synthetically created. And if a perfume is cheap they will not be able to do this well. Only the best perfume houses like Creed, Guerlain, and Annick Goutal can do it right. So Kate must have felt that this perfume was up to par with other high end, luxury perfumes. It has received great reviews and is described as being very classy and romantic. Kate has worn it again since her wedding day so this perfume is supposed to be a good scent for special occasion or daily use.

Illuminum white Gardenia petals

Get it here for $150 from Barneys New York:


Kate eyes


So according to “What’s in Kate Middleton’s Beauty Bag?” Kate wears YSL’s Touche Eclat ‘miracle’ makeup pen. Apparently, Julia Roberts, Victoria Beckham, and Demi Moore also love this product. It seems to be a real celebrity ‘must have’ product. You use it as a highlighter or eye brightener.

Yves Saint Laurent

Find it here via Sephora.com for $42:


And here is a nifty youtube video on how to use it:

Kate vows

For her wedding day, Kate chose to work with Bobbi Brown cosmetics which is great since I have some experience using some of the same Bobbi Brown products myself. The makeup brand was so thrilled to announce that they would be helping her with her bridal makeup that they released a sketch detailing exactly which colors Kate used for her big day. Here it is!

Bobbi Brown Kate Wedding

Here are all of the products in the same exact colors that Kate used on her big day which she has continued to use up until this very day.

She used “Ivory” eyeshadow as a base all over her entire eye lid. I would also use this as a highlighter under the eye brow or at the corner of the eye.

Bobbi Brown Ivory

Get it here:


Then she used “Rockstar” metallic eye shadow on the lower lid. It has a nice shimmer to it.

Picture is a link:

And then she used “Slate” eyeshadow in the crease of her eye. It has been reported this is one of her favorite colors that she uses all the time.


Get it here:


She used lots of “Black Ink” gel eye liner.

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink
Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Black Ink

Get it here:


She chose “no smudge” mascara. Perhaps she didn’t want any happy tears during her wedding to ruin her makeup? 🙂

No Smudge Bobbi Brown


She used “pale pink” blush which you can see here to give her the blushing bride effect. It looks pretty bright but it goes on lighter than what it appears.

Pale pink blush

Get it here:


And then the next part makes me really happy, because Kate used a Bobbi Brown shimmer brick and I have used them before myself! On her wedding day, she used “pink quartz’ shimmer brick as a bronzer. However, I have used the shimmer brick in the past as a blush AND as eyeshadow. It actually can be used for a few different things. It’s also really popular with lots of celebrities like Celine Dion who reportedly gave a bunch of the women who worked with her during one of her world tours a Bobbi Brown shimmer brick as a present. It’s a really great product and would make a good gift!


Find it here:


Since Kate tends to accentuate her eyes most when she does her makeup she tends to wear very pale or neutral lipstick and gloss. I also think this may be because Kate has thin lips and when a person has naturally thinner lips wearing dark or red lipstick emphasizes that fact. So it makes sense for Kate to wear a lighter shade of lipstick. According to Bobbi Brown Kate wore “Sandwash Pink” lipstick on her wedding day, which is a really pretty, delicate color.

Kate lipstick

Get it here:


She finished her look with some “Crystal” gloss. It’s clear so it can be used over any lipstick you buy to give it a nice shine. I like it a lot.


Get it here:


I hope you have enjoyed an insider’s view into what Kate uses to stay looking princess-y. Kate’s mother-in-law’s favorite brands and products will be the subject of my next segment of “Royal Makeup and Cosmetics” when I focus on Princess Diana. So stay tuned!


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