Royal Maternity Fashion

I have never been pregnant yet myself. But I love babies, and I personally think women are really beautiful when they are pregnant. There is just something about seeing a pregnant woman that makes me smile. Maternity fashion has come a long way over the past 30 years or so. Historically speaking, there was a time when royal women were never depicted pregnant in royal portraits because it was considered bad luck. Even when Princess Mary of Denmark was pregnant just a few years ago her official royal portrait was not shown to the public until she delivered her baby safely. But long gone are the days when royal women were hidden away from the public while they were in the later stages of pregnancy. And while many royal women up to the early 20th century were not photographed showing a ‘baby bump’ things have changed dramatically. From Queen Elizabeth II and Grace Kelly in the 1950s to Princess Diana in the 80s and, most recently, Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge and the currently pregnant Princess Victoria of Sweden. Maternity fashion has become much more, well, fashionable. It used to be that women wore what looked like large potato sacks. But now maternity fashion is just as pretty as any other clothing. This blog post is inspired by the recent announcement of Princess Victoria of Sweden’s pregnancy. So while I will include some vintage or retro photos of royals from the past I will primarily focus on recent royal pregnancy fashion and what brands and designers royal women shop with when they are expecting.

Fashion Flashbacks

One of the most iconic pregnant royal women is Princess Grace. Here is a cool picture of her shopping at a maternity boutique in Paris, Tout Pour La Future Maman. 

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And here is a sweet picture of Grace and her prince cuddling while she was pregnant with her first baby, Princess Caroline. Grace and Ranier did not know each other well before they married and only met each other in person a few times before their engagement but reportedly one of the first things that the Prince of Monaco said to Grace when they had a private date together is that he thought she would look beautiful pregnant. How romantic!

But the most famous image of Grace is this one. She used a large Hermes bag to cover her baby bump and ever since it has been known as the “Kelly Bag.” People can go on a wait list for years to get one.

Grace Kelly Kelly Bag Pregnant

Princess Grace Pregnant black lace dress

Princess Grace Pregnant tiara

Original caption: Princess Grace And Rainier At Theater In Monaco. Monaco: Princess Grace of Monaco in Satin-Brocade evening coat, is shown with Prince Rainier III on their arrival for the opening of a new motion picture room at the

Here are some pictures of Queen Silvia of Sweden when she was pregnant. They’re pretty rare!

Queen Silvia Pregnant

Queen Silvia Pregnant 2

And Queen Sonja of Norway.

Queen Sonja Pregnant

Pictures of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain pregnant are very rare as well. She tended to prefer really large, over sized coats to hide her ump completely. Very unlike the more fitted maternity wear in fashion today.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

I have read that Princess Diana didn’t particularly like wearing maternity clothes and it is claimed that she said that wearing maternity wear made her feel like she was ‘wearing a circus tent’.

Princess Diana Pregnant

Princess Diana Pregnant 2

Princess Diana Pregnant 3

Current Maternity Wear

Now that we have looked at some maternity wear from the past let’s see how some royal ladies dress their baby bumps in recent years.

First, the Duchess of Cambridge. Here is a picture of Kate wearing Jojo Maman Bebe, one of her favorite maternity labels, on a visit to the Downton Abbey set when she was pregnant with Princess Charlotte.

Kate Jojo Maman

And I found the same coat!!!!! It is called the “princess” coat appropriately enough and you can get it here for about $100 depending on the size. It’s in a pretty winter white that Kate seems to favor.

But if you would like something darker as a fall coat this Jojo Maman coat in black is in a very similar, simple style.

But I personally like this eggplant color for fall. It’s such a pretty jewel tone.

Seraphine maternity dress

For this first family photo taken after Prince George was born Kate wore a maternity/breastfeeding dress by Seraphine. I found the same one! It’s called “Jolene” and can be found here for $90. It does have short sleeves, though and is in a lighter, brighter Spring/Summer color.

But Seraphine also makes the same style dress with long sleeves for fall. I like this one in a deep rose shade.

This one in purple.

And this faux wrap dress in a cool polka dot pattern.

Now, Princess Victoria recently announced her second pregnancy which makes me really, really happy. I love Princess Victoria and think her little girl, Princess Estelle, is just the cutest thing ever. For one of her first public appearances after announcing her pregnancy she wore this evening gown by Adrianna Papell even though it is not technically a maternity gown.

Adrianna Papell Princess Victoria

And here is a very similar Adrianna Papell gown. I love the square beaded pattern on the dress. It reminds me of something from the 1920s.

This Jojo Maman warp dress is for women who are pregnant OR nursing. It’s the type of dress that royal women like Kate, Victoria, and Princess Mary of Denmark like to wear after the give birth because it makes breast feeding easier.

Many articles also say that royal women like Kate like nursing tops like this one by Jojo Maman. It’s very simple and functional.

While this top is more like something Princess Mary has enjoyed wearing during her three pregnancies.

Kate and Victoria like to wear these Seraphine ‘overbelly’ maternity tights especially under the wrap dresses I have listed here.

Princess Mary of Denmark is such a stylish royal. She loves to wear ponchos whether or not she is pregnant. They happen to be fashionable this year and I think they would be great for pregnant ladies. Here are some pictures of her wearing ponchos.
Danish-Royal-Family poncho

Princess Mary beach poncho

Princess Mary poncho

Here is a pretty poncho in winter white from Seraphine.

And I really like this sweater poncho. Plaid is really in this season and this poncho is only $24! It isn’t a maternity poncho but it could work for that for sure.

This beautiful dress looks just like something Princess Mary would wear. It is definitely her style. Very elegant.

Princess Mary also really likes wearing maxi dresses when she is pregnant or even when she is not. Since I am only 5 feet tall I have never been able to pull off a maxi dress but apparently they are really popular with pregnant ladies because of how comfortable they are.

 Princess Mary maxi

Princess Mary Free People Maxi Dress

In the picture above Mary is wearing a bohemian Free People maxi dress. Here is something similar in maternity wear from  Pink Blush for $40.

Or if you would like something simple here is a maxi dress from Seraphine. It can also be used when breastfeeding.

On the other hand, Princess Mette-Marit of Norway likes a really simple, understated style. Kind of like Carolyn Basset in the 1990s. This 4 in 1 sweater from Jojo Maman looks like something she would wear. It comes in gray and navy.

And this top that is also from Jojo Maman is in great navy blue stripes, a favorite of Mette-Marit’s. I imagine that these sweaters would look great with jeans.

I hope that you have enjoyed this post!
The Frugal Lady

Fall Fashion-Princess Mary of Denmark

Hey Guys,

Now that we are in the second week of August, stores are stocked up with fall fashion. Where I live it is so hot everyday it is really difficult to even imagine wearing a sweater or a coat, but August is the time to start planning your fall wardrobe! For some inspiration I have decided to start writing a series of posts called “Fall Fashion” with each post focusing on a different royal lady. I am going to look at Crown Princess Mary of Denmark first because she is one of my all time favorite fashionable royals.

Embed from Getty Images

I just absolutely LOVE this coat that Mary wore in September of 2010 during an official visit to Germany. Here is another picture that gives a better, close up few of the coat (she was visiting a zoo in Germany and got to feed penguins):

Embed from Getty Images

 If you are like me you probably already have at least one black, brown, or neutral coat that you have worn for a couple of years in a row, but most people are afraid to buy a coat with a pattern on it. I say if you already have your neutral coat it’s fun to experiment with a coat that has a pattern or embroidery on it. Unfortunately I do not know who designed this coat, but I love that it has a pattern on it that almost looks like an illustration from a fairy tale, very appropriate for a princess. I especially like how she accessorized with gray shoes and a clutch bag that matches part of the design in the coat along with the red hair piece for a bit of color. She also seems to be wearing large black pearl earrings.

Embed from Getty Images

I really like this look that Mary is modeling in the picture above. Some people say you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day but I really like winter white. I especially like how this coat is belted and how Mary paired it with a really simple brown jersey dress. Very elegant.

Next I would like to talk about this simple outfit that Mary wore on an official trip to Canada last year. It’s a classic long sleeve white blouse with a black skirt.  Very simple and chic.

 Embed from Getty Images

But what I really love about this outfit is her shoes. Check out a close up pic:

Embed from Getty Images

This must be one of Mary’s favorite pairs of shoes because I noticed her wearing them on multiple occasions including Princess Isabella’s first day of school.

Embed from Getty Images

I think that Mary’s may be Jimmy Choo. Here are some similar  (less expensive) shoes by Anne Klein.

 Embed from Getty Images

This burnt orange dress that Mary wore in October a few years ago is such a perfect color for fall. I have seen this color in stores a lot lately so I think that it will be really fashionable this season. In general, royal women from around the world tend to favor bright or bold colors, not just black or white, so that they stand out more in a crowd so that people can see them easier. Bold colors also photograph better and Princess Mary had a career in public relations before becoming a princess so she is very aware of how she presents herself in public. She is always so poised and articulate when she speaks. She’s one of my favorite royal princesses. 🙂 Here are some clothes I found that are all in this same bold orange color like the one Mary wore above.
First, If you are looking for a business casual look, I found this white floral print Julian Taylor dress. This dress is nice because it has that great orange color like Mary’s dress, plus it is between $24-$58 (depending on what size you choose) so it’s pretty affordable. I also think it’s great that the dress comes in sizes 6-16. It has a cute bow on the front, too. If you click this picture you should see a cool 3D model that twirls around so you can see all angles of the dress, pretty nifty when you are shopping online.

Here is another pretty business casual dress. This time I chose it because it is a ‘petite’ size. I am only 5ft tall so I appreciate any designer who remembers to include us petite ladies when designing their clothes. This dress is Anne Klein and it has an amazing white fall leaf pattern on it that I really like. Very appropriate for fall. And if you wore it in the office or for a job interview you can put a white cardigan over it, too.

And finally, there is this tulip sleeve dress dress by London times in US sizes 14 to 22. I really like the sleeves. It has a retro 1960s feel to it.

Or you could maybe experiment with a skirt like this one by BCBG Max Azria. It’s one of the Duchess of Cambridge’s favorite designers.

And finally there is this evening look from November of last year when the Crown Princes and Princess of Denmark attended the Bambi awards.

 Embed from Getty Images

Princess Mary looks so gorgeous in this dress! I have not read it for sure but I think I recognize this dress as an Elie Saab. Very expensive couture. Most Elie Saab eveing gowns costs about $7,000 (or more). Saab is a favorite designer of Stephanie, Hereditary Grand Duchess of Luxembourg as well. But I think I am probably the most in love with her gorgeous chandelier earrings. Sooo sparkly…

Here is a sparkly beaded navy blue Adriana Papell cap sleave evening gown in a similar style.

I hope that you have enjoyed taking a look at some of Princess Mary’s fall looks and that it inspired you as you shop. Have fun! 🙂


The Frugal Lady