George and Charlotte’s Favorite Things

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have adamantly shielded their children from the unrelenting glare of the public eye in the hope that they might live a normal childhood, which I can wholeheartedly respect. It is for precisely this reason that I refuse to publish paparazzi photos of Prince George and Princess Charlotte on my blog. However, the official pictures released by Kensington Palace-and often taken by mum Kate herself- have offered brief glimpses into the lives of the Cambridges. From these photos and from tidbits of information that William and Kate have given to the public one can gather some sense of what life must be like growing up a royal child. I personally love to look at baby and children’s toys because I think they are sweet. I also think it is fun to imagine the types of toys and accessories that may be found in the royal nursery at Anmer Hall. So here is a fun little blog discussing George and Charlotte’s favorite things for those of you lucky enough to have children in your life to shop for!


In one of the sweet pictures that Kate took of Charlotte when she was about six months old Charlotte can be seen holding a Jellycat “Fuddle Wuddle” puppy, which happens to be one of her favorite toys. I love her toothless smile as she looks at her puppy with glee! The same exact puppy may no longer be available but there are some similar ones that babies would love just as much. Jellycat is an English company and their stuffed animals are very soft and meant to be appropriate for children of all ages including very small babies like Charlotte.

Here is a brown puppy very similar to Charlotte’s.

Find it here:

Jellycat also produces sweet baby books that are meant as companion pieces to the stuffed animals. One of the stuffed toys plus a matching book would make a really sweet baby shower gift.

Find it here:

Find it here:

I also love the black and white spotted dog that Jellycat makes. Here is the little book called “If I Were a Puppy.”

Find it here:

And here is the adorable matching stuffed animal! Too cute.

Find it here:

And another matching book! I wonder if Charlotte has some of the books to match her stuffed dog?

Find it here:

Besides dogs, Jellycat also makes some other adorable animals. There are too many for me to list all of them here so I will just pick some of my favorites. I love this stuffed bunny with the cute contrasting pattern on the ears and paws. Perfect for a little girl.

Find it here:

I also have a soft spot for giraffes. I just love the pattern.

Find it here:

And what little girl doesn’t love unicorns?

Find it here:

And look! It has a matching book, too!

Find it here:

For their Christmas photoshoot, the Cambridges posed outside. We can see that Prince George was playing with a wooden toy train on the ground near Prince William’s foot. The train is by Orange Tree Toys, an English toy company that specializes in classic wooden toys. George’s toy train is currently sold out yet I have found some other toys by the company that are very sweet and I wouldn’t be surprised if they might be in the children’s nursery.

First, there is this really cute dog push along that I can imagine George and Charlotte playing with. It’s made by the same company that made George’s train and is colorful yet classic.

Find it here:

They also have this cute wooden Noah’s Ark set.

Find it here:

Since Kate seems to like to buy George and Charlotte wooden toys, I would also like to point out that one of my favorite American toys companies, Melissa and Doug, also makes some really sweet classic wooden toys. For example, since George’s exact toy train is sold out, take a look at these wooden Melissa and Doug trains which are similar in style.

Find it here:

Find it here:

For her adorable 1st birthday shoot, Princess Charlotte showed off her walking skills with a Orange Tree Toy block push toy. Like the train that George was pictured playing with, this toy also sold out quickly. But here is a similar block pull toy by Melissa and Doug.

Find it here:

And Melissa and Doug also make a few cute wooden push toys that are meant to help encourage toddlers beginning to walk.

Find it here:

Find it here:

Back when Kate was pregnant with George a few years ago, she was seen out and about with her mom, Carole, purchasing some baby items at boutiques. This Moses basket sticks out in my mind when thinking about what items might be in George and Charlotte’s nursery. I bet that both babies used this basket.

And while Kate purchased a Moses basket from a more exclusive and expensive boutique, I managed to find a pretty one from Kohl’s for a reasonable price.

Find it here:

Finally, Prince William recently made a statement that his children love “The Gruffalo,” a children’s book that I honestly had never heard of before. Then again, I don’t have kids so maybe some of my readers are more familiar with this story. There were two Gruffalo books that I could find. The original and then a sequel called “The Gruffalo’s Child.”

Find it here:

Find it here:

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of George and Charlotte’s favorite things! I think it is lovely that they get to have the opportunity to enjoy a relatively normal childhood. Don’t forget to like My Frugal Lady on Facebook and to follow this blog for more articles! 🙂


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Christmas Gift Ideas Part 3: Royal Children and Their Favorite Things

In celebration of the holiday season, I have put together a little list of some of the favorite clothes and toys of royal children from around the world to help inspire any of my readers who may be shopping for little princes and princesses themselves. I don’t have children of my own yet, but who doesn’t love to look at little kids’ clothes and toys? They’re adorable! 🙂 Enjoy!

  1. Prince George and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge’s Clothes

Since Prince George was just an infant, his mum, the Duchess of Cambridge, has made it clear that Rachel Riley’s clothes are her favorite choice in children’s fashion. Here is a collection of some Rachel Riley clothes that are available right now that are either exactly what George and Charlotte have worn or similar.

Prince George Sailor

Prince George wore a cute pair of Rachel Riley sailor dungarees on his very first royal tour to Australia with his parents. The dungarees are currently available in two colors in limited sizes. This light blue:


Which can be found here:

And the same dark blue pair that George wore.

Sailboat Shortalls

It can be found here:

When George was a little baby he would often wear onesies like this one:

Anchor infant

Which can be found here:

Princess Charlotte white

Unfortunately, we have only seen two official portraits of Princess Charlotte. One was the day of her christening, and the other was when she was first brought home from the hospital. Here is a similar all white baby outfit that I think is really cute.

Rachel Riley dress and bloomers

You can see it here:

George has been photographed wearing lots of cardigans like this one which I love. The little dogs on it are really cute and the red color would be great for the holidays.

Scotty dog

See it here:

Obviously we do not know what Charlotte will be wearing for her very first Christmas but if I can make a prediction I would say that something like this little sweater would be a safe bet. It has been reported that Kate will not dress Charlotte in a dress until she is one year old, which is a royal tradition. I like the little deer on this sweater. They are not specifically Santa’s reindeer but I think it kind of looks that way.


Get it here:

However, if Kate changes her mind there are lots of really cute Rachel Riley dresses available. And if you wanted to get your little princess one here is a nice selection. This pretty blue dress has cute smocking on the front.

blue dress

Get it here:

I like this navy blue dress as well. It would look cute with white bows in a little girl’s hair.

6 year old blue dress

Get it here:

This velvet trim tweed skating coat is for older little girls but I can imagine Charlotte wearing this in the next year or two. Princess Estelle of Sweden wears pretty little coats like this all the time. It has a bit of a classic, Victorian feel to it. Very pretty.


Rachel Riley coat

Get it here:

This little girl’s sparkle tulle dress is so sweet and delicate.

Sparkle dress

Get it here.

I also love this blue dress and little white hearts.

Rachel Riley heart dress

See it here:

This is another pretty little outfit I would love to see Charlotte wear. It has a cute bunny pattern and small polka dots.

Polka dot bunny dress

Get it here:

Prince George Soldiers Sweater

For a photo shoot last year, Prince George wore a sweater vest by Rachel Riley with a cute little soldier pattern on it. That sweater does not seem to be available anymore. However, Rachel Riley did make a pair of dungarees with a similar pattern.


You can find them here:

Rachel Riley has a beautiful red tartan dress available this season. This is the type of dress I hope to see on Charlotte as she grows older. I think all little girls have worn a tartan dress during the holidays at some point in their lives so it seems to be a fashion right of passage.


Find it here:

And finally, although there is no way for us to know what kind of pajamas George will be wearing on Christmas morning I like these British soldier patterned Rachel Riley pjs. It seems like something Kate would dress George in.

Rachel Riley toy soldiers pajamas

Find them here:


2. Queen Elizabeth’s Doll Pram

When it comes to toys, I have found some inspiration in museum exhibits, since Royals tend to use the same types of toys for generations within their family. Royalty is all about maintaining tradition, after all. In particular, I discovered some heartwarming pictures of a little display of Queen Elizabeth II’s dolls. You can see a curator arranging the display in the picture below.

Queen Elizabeth's Dolls and Pram

The dolls are beautiful. But I especially love the little traditional English pram that Elizabeth used for her dolls. You can see the little Princess Elizabeth using the tiny wicker doll pram in the picture below.

Queen Elizabeth with Pram

Considering how traditional Prince William and Kate seem to be I have no doubt that when it comes the time to purchase big kid toys for Princess Charlotte the will probably buy her a pram to go with her dolls. Doll prams can be in the thousands of dollars, almost as much as real baby prams as a matter of fact, but I have managed to find some really sweet and affordable doll prams for under $100 each. Starting with this sweet pink doll pram from Pottery Barn website.

doll-pram-stroller-c pottery barn

Find it here:

I also love this pink pram that is a 3 in 1 doll pram, carrier, and stroller for $59.99. Really cute and fun.


See it here:

And although a lot of little girls will probably love the pink options I found, the most traditional or ‘authentic’ choice would probably be this navy blue version since most royal prams have been navy blue for many generations.


Find it here:

For Princess Charlotte’s christening the little princess was strolled to the christening in the same pram that Queen Elizabeth used for two of her sons. You can see it is a dark navy blue like the toy I linked to above.

Princess Charlotte's Christening

And here is another cute dark blue options. But this one is a nice compromise because it has pink trim and what looks like a little diaper bag. I really like the swirly handles on this one. It looks like fun! And the best part is it’s just $49.99, making it the least expensive one I found.

Hauck Doll Victorian Pram

Get it online only here:

I kept help but finish this section of the article with one of my favorite pictures of Diana, Princess of Wales as a child in her pram. It was probably used in the Spencer family for years. It looks like an antique. I can’t think of anything more representative of British royal childhood than this.

Princess Diana Pram

3. Danish Julekalender ( Yule Calendar) and gavekalender (Gift Calendar)

The Danish royal family-and Danish people in general- have picked up on the German tradition of advent calendars, or Yule Calendars as they are called in Denmark. The most popular being Gift Calendars, advent calendars with little drawers or boxes with room for 24 little presents. The presents are normally little candies or chocolate but some boxes are big enough for a tiny yo-yo or, ball, or really little stuffed animal. If you buy a good quality advent calendar they can be used for many years and many are so pretty they became an essential element in your Christmas decorations. I just bought a brand new wooden German advent calendar this year and I plan on putting it out every year as a new tradition.

Danish Christmas

Queen Margrethe of Denmark decorating her Yule tree.

Here are some really pretty gift calendars that I like. Some of the really collectible ones by places like Erzgbirge Palace can be $700 be these are much more affordable. The first one is in the shape of a Christmas tree and the individual boxes are deep enough for a nice sized treat each day.

Neiman Marcus Advent Calander

Find it here:

This wooden advent calendar has a really pretty fireside scene on it. I like the fact that it has little boxes inside that are long enough for candy canes.


Find it here:

And last but not least, this advent calendar is special because it’s actually musical so each day when you open a new door it plays a song. What kid wouldn’t love that?

Byers' Choice St. Nick's Toy Shoppe Musical Advent Calendar

4. Norwegian Sweaters

Like other Scandinavian royal families, the Norwegian royals know a thing or two about keeping warm during the winter. But more than any other realm, Norway has a reputation for having iconic knitwear. The Norwegian royals have often been seen wearing “Dale of Norway” sweaters and hats and I found a few nifty examples.

Norwegian Christmas

This pink child’s sweater has the traditional Norwegian pattern knitted on the front. It is by Dale of Norway, which is a company that specializes in authentic hand knitted Norwegian designs. It can be really expensive but I found a few kids’ sweaters on that are more affordable. This one also comes in a few other colors like red and black.

Dale of Norway Pink

Find it here:

And here is another sweater in black and white. I like that it has a traditional, folk pattern and color neckline. Very stylish.

Dale of Norway black and white

See it here:

Dale of Norway also makes some really neat hats. Here are a few examples. This one comes in black with a white pattern (as you can see in the picture) but you can also choose to buy one that is white with the pattern in black.

Dale of Norway Garmisch Hat

Find it here:

This example is navy blue and white. It’s a traditional knitted pattern that Dale of Norway has been making since the 1950s.

Dale of Norway Cortina 1956 Hat

Get it here:

And one final example. I like that the hats are unisex designs. Princess Mette-Marit loves hats like these.

Dale of Norway Rondane Hat

I hope that all of my fellow American have a great Thanksgiving tomorrow and that everyone travels safely!


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