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If you are like me then you probably love to learn about what make-up brands and cosmetics royal women wear. Well, according to the Telegraph in an article they published last year, Queen Elizabeth II is a long time user of Clarins lipstick. As a matter of fact, she has been photographed applying the lipstick quite a few times. Although Clarins will not comment on which shade the queen uses exactly, it is well known in royal circles that Queen Elizabeth has always favored red or deep rose shades of lipstick since she became queen more than 60 years ago. This is because red lipstick photographs well and the queen is very considerate about wearing bright colors, using her iconic clear plastic umbrella, and applying red lipstick so that the large crowds of people who gather to get a glimpse of her can see her more clearly. It’s a very thoughtful gesture. Here is the same type of Clarins lipstick.

Clarins would confirm that the queen also loves to use their hand and nail treatment cream.

If you are interested in reading the Telegraph article I am including a link to it. It provides some cool insight into what is inside of the queen’s ever present purse. 🙂

Like most aspects of the queen’s life, her make-up preferences are a closely guarded secret and most of the brands she shops with are very tight lipped about divulging what she uses. But we do know that the Queen is a bit of a perfume collector. She has a few favorites including “White Rose” by Floris, a perfume house with the royal warrant. It is normally $140 but can be found here for $87.95. It is a white floral scent with the most prominent note being white rose, as the name suggests.

Queen Elizabeth also wears her mother’s favorite perfume in her honor. L’Heure Bleu (The Blue Hour) is a mysterious scent from the 1920s by Guerlain, one of the best perfume houses in the world. It is an oriental floral perfume with powdery bottom notes.

Fun fact: The Queen bathes twice everyday. So I would think she probably goes through a lot of perfume if she needs to reapply it multiple times in one day.

But out of all of the comments I have heard people make about the Queen, the one I hear the most is that she has always had beautiful, glowing, clear skin. I really wanted to know more about her skincare regime and after a little bit of digging I did manage to find some information. Back when the Queen was a young, teenage princess her mother was approached by a make-up artist named Thelma Holland who asked her if she could advise Princess Elizabeth and her sister, Princess Margaret in their skin care and make-up regime. The Queen agreed, and Thelma Holland-with Cyclax Cosmetics- helped the queen with her daily beauty regime and her make-up and skin care for her wedding and coronation. The Queen was so grateful and loved the Cyclax products so much she gave them the royal warrant in 1961. Here is a really cool article describing how Holland and her team spent months preparing for the coronation. It is astounding how much time and attention to detail was paid for the event. They even had stand in models with the Queen’s complexion to practice shades of lipstick on to get exactly the right color!

Cyclax no longer makes the face powder and lipstick that the Queen wore on her wedding and coronation but today they specialize in skin care (especially wrinkle prevention) and it is rumored that the Queen uses their products to this very day. They can be really expensive (I found a cucumber mask for $150!) but I found some of their products for a really reasonable price. And if you see pictures of the Queen now at the age of 89 it appears that they must work since she has lovely skin! (Pictures are links)

Here is a “Oil of Evening Primrose” night cream by the company for $6.

A facial exfoliator for $28:

And a lavender and tea tree face mask for $25.

I really love a good face mask and we don’t hear about Cyclax here in America so this mask sounds like something I would want to try now that I have found it.

I also found this article by the Daily Mail with some quick facts about the Queen. The article mentions that the Queen gets a ‘designer’ hairbrush from GB Kent and Son (another company we do not hear of in America). Here is the article:

The article says that the brush normally costs 145 pounds each which translates to well over $200 per brush. But I have found one of their ladies brushes for $77. Maybe it could be a birthday or Christmas gift?

And look! They make combs and brushes for babies! Do you think maybe Prince George and Princess Charlotte use these? Too cute! ($32)

I hope you have enjoyed getting some insight into what make-up and cosmetics products the Queen uses.


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