Fall Trend: Boots with Fringe

For my next installment of the “Fall Trend” series I would like to write about a cool, fun variation of the classic winter boot. Boots with suede fringe are all over the runway for Fall/Winter 2016. Here are a few high fashion examples of the trend along with some more affordable versions for those of us who like to be a little frugal. 🙂

Stuart Weitzman boots are Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge’s favorite designer boots. She has been wearing them since long before her marriage back when she was still Kate Middleton, a University of St. Andrews student. So I think it would be great if we catch Kate wearing some of these knee high fringe boots by Weitzman. Perhaps she will buy some for her tour of Canada next month?



See it here:


See it here:


Another luxury designer who has been inspired by the fringe trend this year is Christian Louboutin.  Take a look at these boots that incorporate two big trends for fall: fringe and anything Tudor-esque. Expect to see a lot of velvet, choker necklaces, leather, etc. this Fall/Winter season. According to magazines like Vogue and Elle, anything Tudor or Elizabethan is very ‘in’ this year.

See it here:


So now that you have seen the high fashion, runway version of this trend. Here are some more affordable alternatives by one of my favorite boot designers: Steve Madden. These books look just as great as any of the Stuart Weitzman shoes that Kate Middleton loves so much, yet they are a fraction of the price. I have some Steve Madden boots that I have worn for a couple of winters in a row so I also know from experience they last a long time. Check out these booties with zippers and buckles.

See it here:


I also like these dark brown boots that have an old West vibe.

See it here:


Or these light brown suede boots with multi-layer fringe that remind me of the Weitzman boots.

See it here:


These black booties also have a Western vibe. I like the thick heel. I have always been more comfortable walking in boots with a solid heel instead of something like a stiletto.

See it here:


And finally, here are some cool knee high boots. I like wearing boots like this with a sweater dress. But you can probably wear them over skinny jeans, too.

See it here:


I hope you guys are getting inspired to shop for Fall! Stay tuned for some more blog posts on Fall/Winter trends and remember to follow My Frugal Lady on Facebook. 🙂


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Christmas Gift Ideas Part 1: Royal Ladies and Their Favorite Things

Now that Halloween is over and we are preparing for Thanksgiving here in the US stores have begun to switch over to Christmas decorations. And no matter what holiday you may celebrate this season, it’s a pretty busy time of the year for shopping for your loved ones. So if you have any ladies in your life (or if you are a lady yourself) here is the first installment of a series of posts on royal women’s favorite things. You can use this as inspiration when shopping for the ladies in your life OR share this post with your friends and family as a gentle hint that you may have your eyes on one of these cool royal favorites. 😉

1. Crown Princess Mary of Denmark’s skincare:

Princess Mary Orange Dress

As a royal watcher and blogger I have been admiring Princess Mary’s pretty porcelain skin for about ten years. Since I also have super fair skin I have been curious to learn more about what products Mary uses but it has been difficult for me to figure it out up until now. Thanks to some research in royal forums I found some articles in Danish that a kind royal watcher and native Dane translated in the forum. It said that a Danish skin cosmetician named Ole Henrikson-who is a skin consultant to Hollywood stars as he lives in the United States- gave an interview stating that Princess Mary is a fan of his “3 Little Wonders” skincare kit. It is described as “A three-step daily regimen developed for an effective, easy, and healthy skincare routine to treat all major skin concerns.” I found a nice starter kit that would make a great gift!

3 Little Wonders

Find it here on sale for $72. It’s normally $110.:


2. Princess Grace’s Wedding Perfume

Grace Kelly Wedding

Fleurissimo by Creed is a perfume I have been dying to try for years since it is famously used by many royal women including Queen Elizabeth II. Creed-a perfume house that has been frequented by royalty since the Victorian era-was commissioned by the House of Grimaldi to create a special perfume specifically for Grace Kelly’s wedding day in 1956. Fleurissimo was the result. It is a floral scent that smells like a wedding bouquet. As a matter of fact, Marie-Chantal, Crown Princess of Greece reportedly sprayed some onto her wedding bouquet itself to make it more fragrant. The perfume is described as a “sumptuous floral fragrance whose notes include bergamot, tuberose, Bulgarian Rose, violet, Florentine iris and ambergris.” It is glamorous and elegant, just like Princess Grace herself. I think it would make a lovely gift for anyone who wants to smell like a princess.

You can find it at Neiman Marcus for $350 via the link below:


Or at Amazon.com, where it is significantly less expensive (picture is a link):

3. Kate’s Favorite Boots

Ever since she was a student at St. Andrews University Kate Middleton has loved her boots. Now that she is HRH the Duchess of Cambridge, that love has not seemed to wane. Although Kate has several designers that she goes to when she shops for her boots, it seems that Stuart Weitzman is one of her favorites. Here is a picture of Kate from a few years back wearing some ankle boots by Weitzman.

Kate Weitzman ankle boots

And here are two popular pairs of Weitzman ankle boots this season that look just like something Kate would wear. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if we see her wearing these soon.


Stuart Weitzman “Zipzipzip” Suede Ankle Bootie:


Sidearm Bootie

Weitzman Sidearm Ankle-Buckle Bootie:


Kate especially loves knee high boots. I have a theory that they are one of the few pieces of clothing that she can wear that makes her feel a little bit edgy while still maintaining the fashion standards of a member of the royal family. These boots tend to be on the expensive side but I managed to find some that are on sale. Here are two examples of Kate in Weitzman knee high boots.

Kate Weitzman boots

Kate's Weitzman boots

These “Reserve” boots are almost exactly like what Kate is wearing with the blue coat.


Weitzman Reserve Stretch Suede Boot:


The “Mixitup” boots are also like what she has worn. Angelina Jolie loves these boots, too.


Weitzman “Mixitup” Boots at 40% off!!!


This one has more of a heel in case you are feeling in the mood for a good high heeled boot.


Weitzman’s “The Lowjack Boot”:


The boots in the picture of Kate with her wearing a brown hat are an earlier version of these “Benefit” boots. This season they made the heel a little spikier so they are a little sexier.


Weitzman “Benefit” Suede Boots at 49% off!!!!


4. Queen Elizabeth’s Hairbrush

We know very little about what products the Queen likes to use. However, it has been reported in many sources that the Queen has been a longtime user of Kent Hairbrushes. A quintessentially British brand that most of us Americans have never heard of, these high quality brushes are used by lots of hairdressers in the UK. But Queen Elizabeth quite famously prefers to style her own hair. You can see Annie Leibovitz mention that when the Queen sat for a portrait for her.

LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 16: Queen Elizabeth II smiles as she is congratulated on the news of Prince Williams engagement to Kate Middleton during a reception for Leaders of the Overseas Territories at Windsor Castle on November 16, 2010 in London, England. (Photo by Lewis Whyld - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Here are some examples of the Kent hairbrushes.

Kent Ladies’ Spiral Bristle Brush LBR1:


Get it here:


Ladies Real Bristles Hair Brush LS9D:


See here:


Ladies Oval Hairbrush LC22:

Ladies Oval

Find it here:


5. Princess Diana’s Vanity Set

The final royal favorite thing that I will discuss in this post will be a product that I can stand behind as I have had it myself for about ten years now. I have loved Princess Diana since I was a little girl, even though she passed away when I was only seven years old so I barely remember her. When I was a teenager my grandmother wanted to get me something really special for Christmas so she found out that Diana was reported to enjoy using Lady Primrose’s vanity set in “Necture,” a sweet floral scent with jasmine, apple blossoms, fresh mint, and lily as the main notes.

Princess Diana

Below is what the beautiful set looks like. Diana used Lady Primrose body creme (the round jar) and the dusting powder to set the creme. What makes this set special is that the silver lid of the body creme can be engraved. My grandmother engraved my nickname on mine. Then when you are finished with the creme you can order a refill. The glass shaker for the dusting powder also can be refilled. This is a beautiful set that is meant to be displayed on your vanity with your prettiest perfume bottles. It’s timeless and I cherish mine.

Lady Primrose

I recommend buying the Lady Primrose body cream in “Necture”, the scent Diana is reported to have loved especially when she was in her 20s and still married. I have terrible migraines so many perfumes are too much for me but I never have a problem with this creme. You rub it into your forearms, neck, and decolletage.

Picture is a link.

After you apply the creme you use the dusting silk to set the creme. Not only does it smell nice as a subtle perfume but it also makes your skin really soft.

Picture is a link.

You pour some of the dusting silk onto the large matching brush. Then you brush it onto your skin. Women have been doing this for many years and I am sure you have watched period movies where a lady will do this while sitting at her vanity.

Picture is a link.

To finish the gift I would recommend getting a tray to place the pieces in. This is the clear glass oval Lady Primrose tray.

Picture is a link

But I have a silver one and really like it. I think it looks very Victorian and I love that. Plus I think it matches the silver lid of the jar.

Picture is a link

I hope you have enjoyed the first installment of my special Christmas Gift Ideas blog series.


The Frugal Lady

Kate’s Ralph Lauren “Austin” Dress-September 17th, 2015

For her first solo engagement after giving birth to Princess Charlotte the Duchess of Cambridge wore a $1,595 dress by American designer Ralph Lauren. She wore the dress to visit the Anna Freud Centre in London of which she is patron. The centre brings awareness to childhood mental health issues in a school with classes for both parents and children.

She paired the dress by Ralph Lauren which he named the “Austin” dress with black Stuart Weitzman pumps and a black Mulberry clutch bag.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

I don’t know about you, but $1,600 for one shirt dress is a bit out of my budget. So why not try this houndstooth wrap dress by Christin Michaels for $49.99 instead? I looks pretty similar to me. (Pictures are clickable links)

Or, there is this houndstooth sweater dress by Sandra Darren for about $50 depending on what size you get. It goes up to 16 plus and has a figure flattering silhouette.

As I mentioned, Kate wore Stuart Weitzman shoes. Here are some black Weitzman pumps that are similar if you would like to treat yourself.

However, even though Kate decided to accessorize with a black clutch and black shoes I personally think that the dress could use a splash of color with a bright bag, colorful shoes, or even some pretty statement earrings. Kate has nice style but I do wish she would experiment more with color especially with her shoes and bags. The thing about this dress is that it is so neutral that any color would work with it, but it really does need something bright to make the look a bit more youthful. For example, Kate loves L.K. Bennett shoes but really only wears black or nude pumps. I would love to see her wear something like these L.K.s in a nice mulberry color:

Or maybe these in “Orchid” which is a great color for fall.

And as far as the bag goes I think that since this dress is business casual or work wear you could probably use a bigger bag, not a clutch. It would be more practical if you plan on wearing this dress to the office since you can’t put too much in a clutch and I tend to only think of clutch bags for evening wear. Again, with this dress you could really wear any color bag at all. I like this cool Ralph Lauren bag since it’s the same designer as Kate’s dress. This green color is great for fall.

The Frugal Lady