Royal Fashion Trend Fall 2015-Hand Painted Dresses

I have noticed a pretty cool trend going around in royal fashion circles this fall/winter season. Royal women are wearing hand painted gowns or dresses for special events. Some of these pieces are gorgeous, and the fact that they are hand painted makes each piece seem more personalized. Fashion IS art, of course, but there is something about hand painted clothing that just emphasizes this fact. It’s like wearing a canvas. I think it’s really cool. Here are two main examples of royal women wearing these hand painted pieces this month (October, 2015)

First, Princess Madeleine of Sweden chose this hand painted Valentino dress for her son’s christening. I think it’s beautiful, very autumnal. Just perfect for October.

Princess Madeleine Christening

Embed from Getty Images

This dress is called the “Bambolina” brocade ‘angel wing’ print dress. You can see a short sleeve version of the dress via the Saks Fifth Avenue link below. Of course, Valentino is a very expensive designer. But I enjoy looking at pictures of his work anyway just to appreciate the artistry.

But what’s really cool is that Valentino made a jacket this season with the same ‘angel wings’ hand painted print on it. If I had the money I would buy this jacket in a heartbeat since you can typically get more use out of a jacket than a dress. I would wear it all fall.

Valentino Brambolina Brocade han painted coat

Another royal woman who appreciates hand painted fashion is Queen Maxima of the Netherlands who has recently been hospitalized for a kidney infection. She became ill during her recent tour of China. But she managed to make an appearance at the state banquet in Beijing before traveling back home for treatment. If I had not read that she was ill I would never have guessed it from these photos because she looked beautiful. The gown that she chose for the occasion is a Mattjis van Bergen creation inspired by Van Gogh paintings. I think it was a very appropriate way of incorporating a Dutch design into her gown on an official state visit. The bottom of her dress has a lovely woodland scene painted onto it. Her Majesty chose to accessorize her new gown with the Dutch Emerald Parure. I love emeralds so I particularly love this set that belongs to the Dutch royal family. So elegant.

Queen Maxima State Banquet

Although Queen Maxima’s gown is impossible to find, and even if I could find it it probably would be an astronomical price in the tens of thousands, I have found some other hand painted pieces that are more affordable.

Firstly, a ‘splurge’ for me would be this Carolina Herrera abstract paint print jacquard dress.

Carolina Herrera Abstract Paint Jacquard sheath dress

See it here:

Then this awesome painted floral print Chloe dress is on sale in limited sizes. It’s my favorite.

painted chloe

This Chetta B paint streak scuba sheath dress is not really painted but it has an abstract, paint streak pattern that is reminiscent of the hand painted look of the other dresses featured in this article.

Chetta B Paint Streak Scuba Sheath Dress

This Karen Kane painted canvas faux wrap dress is very figure flattering and is between $50-$80.

Karen Kane painted canvas wrap dress

And this Nic and Zoe hand painted twist dress is in a nice dark color for fall/winter.

Nic and Zoe

And this Alexander McQueen creation from the summer is now on sale in limited sizes,

Alexander McQueen cotton dress

This Marc New York print twill fit and flare sheath dress with pockets is nice and youthful.
Marc New York print twill fit and flare

It has stripes that look like they have been painted on with brush strokes although it is not a hand painted dress so it is less expensive.

Marc New York detailing

You can find it here for $128:

I think that Princess Madeleine and Queen Maxima’s fashion choices this month is a good indication that we will probably see some more hand painted pieces on royal ladies during the busy holiday season.


The Frugal Lady

Princess Sofia of Sweden-Gucci Silk Crepe Pussy Bow Dress

On October 11 Princess Sofia of Sweden attended her nephew’s christening. Her husband, Prince Carl Philip, was named little Prince Nicolas’s godfather. Since the christening Sofia has announced that she is expecting a little prince or princess herself this April, just one month after her sister-in-law, Princess Victoria, is due to give birth. So exciting!

Princess Sofia just married into the Swedish royal family this summer and I have to say that I have been very impressed with how she has conducted herself since becoming a royal. She seems to be a humanitarian with a special interest in children and has also spoken about the Syrian Refugee crisis. I think she is doing meaningful work and has made the transition into royal life very easily.

Here are some pictures of Sofia at Nicolas’s christening. She is seen wearing a silk crepe pussy bow dress by Gucci.

Embed from Getty Images


Here is the same dress she wore along with a link for where you can find it.

Gucci Silk Crepe dress

Net-A-Porter says that “Gucci’s silk-crepe dress has a chic plum hue that complements any skin tone. This flattering and feminine style is finished with a pussy-bow collar, padded shoulders and a defined waist. Godet pleats through the skirt ensure elegant movement as you walk.” Although Gucci calls the color of this dress ‘petunia’ I like to think of it as raspberry.

I have found a Gucci lookalike raspberry silk crepe pussy bow dress by Giamba.

Giamba crepe pussy bow dress

Find it here:

If you would like something in a similar style that is not as expensive this Thomas Maier pussy bow shirt dress has the same retro, vintage feel as Sofia’s dress. And purple is a good color for fall.

Thomas Maier Pussy Bow Shirt Dress

Find it here:

Or, if you want to try something funky this Moschino ‘Cheap and Chic’ pussy bow collar dress is fun.

Moschino Cheap and Chic Pussy Bow Collar Dress

See it here:

This Frame Demin Le Shirt silk polka dot pussy bow dress is also pretty.

Frame Denim Le Shirt Silk Pussy Bow

Find it here:

Seeing Sofia wear a pussy bow dress two weeks ago reminded me of how many royal women have chosen to wear pussy bow dresses or blouses in the past. They seem to come back in style every few years because they are a classic, ladylike, modest look. Here is a picture of Princess Diana for her engagement photo shoot wearing a pussy bow blouse with a skirt suit in 1981.

Princess Diana Engagement Pussy Bow Blouse

And here we can see the Duchess of Cambridge wearing a cobalt blue pussy bow blouse in her official portrait by Paul Emsley.

Paul Emsley Portrait Duchess of Cambridge Pussy Bow Blouse

The Queen’s granddaughter, Zara Phillips, wore a pussy bow blouse and a bubble skirt to Royal Ascot in 2008.

Zara Phillips Royal Ascot 2008

So here is a collection of some pussy bow blouses for this season that are inspired by royal women’s love of the ladylike look. First, some ‘splurges’:

Dusty Pink Alice&Olivia blouse

Cream Alice and Olivia Pussy Bow Blouse

See here:

Also from Alice and Olivia, a cobalt blue blouse like what Kate wore.

Blue Alice and Olivia Pussy Bow Blouse

See here:

White Alice and Olivia blouse with black bow:

White Alice and Olivia blouse with black bow

Find it here:

Tory Burch has also made some great pussy bow blouses this season. Here is a pretty checked blouse:


See here:

A professional wine colored Tory Burch blouse:

Wine Tory Burch

See here:

And here is another colorful piece by Moschino. This burnt orange is great for fall.


See here:

And here are some ‘steals’:

An ASOS $65 pussy bow blouse with lace sleeve detailing that would be great for holiday parties with a pretty skirt:



A Nasty Gal Mademoiselle blouse for $58:

Nasty Gal Mademoiselle Pussy Bow Blouse

See here:

A sheer Nasty Gal Marianne in black:

Nasty Gal Marianne

See here:

Nasty Gal Marianne in red, a great festive color for winter:

Nasty Gal red

See here:

Nasty Gal in Cobalt blue.

Nasty Gal blue

I look forward to seeing how Princess Sofia dresses her baby bump! 🙂


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Fall Fashion-Princess Victoria of Sweden

My next installment of ‘Fall Fashion’ will be about Princess Victoria of Sweden. I think she seems to be a very affectionate and loving woman and a really good mother. I just find her so likable and I think that she will make a great queen. I cried when I watched her wedding to Prince Daniel years ago because she just seems like such a warm person. I think her love story with Daniel is so romantic! She makes Sweden proud. 🙂

I have admired Victoria’s grace in her position (which must be very stressful) and how she handles her responsibilities as the future queen since I was a teenager. So I am excited to put together this blog post highlighting some of her recent outfits that she has worn during official events the past few fall seasons. I love seeing how women dress while they work and I think she is always very professional and put together.

Let’s start with this pretty skirt and blouse combo that Victoria wore last September to a seminar in Stockholm.

Embed from Getty Images

I love the light blue lace skirt she is wearing here but I think my favorite thing about this outfit is the statement necklace. Here is a closer look.

Embed from Getty Images

I think what I like most about it is the light orange flowers in the necklace. As I said in my first post on Fall Fashion featuring Princess Mary of Denmark, I think orange is a great fall color and it is really fashionable this year. Here is a pretty necklace I found in the same color scheme as Victoria’s plus it also has pretty pearls surrounding the flowers. You have to click on the picture and get a close-up view of it to fully appreciate the details of the necklace, but the smaller flowers that look like they are sparkly-gold are actually full of rhinestones. I just love it! It would look great with a lighter blouse like Victoria wears or even paired with a sweater. So cute! And it’s only $14.99! I want it! 🙂

The next outfit that I chose for this blog also comes from September of 2014. This time Victoria attended an awards ceremony for children.

Embed from Getty Images

Again, I love how Victoria wears such pretty bold skirts. But I also really like the shoes she wears here. Here is a better picture of her shoes so you can see what I mean.

Embed from Getty Images

I like the sexy, strap-y look of these high heels. I found a similar pair by Steve Madden at a reasonable price and I think they would look especially gorgeous with red painted toenails. They are a great way to show off a good pedicure.

Browsing through all of the pictures of Victoria’s past fashion choices I can’t help but feel that she really knows how to accessorize her outfits! In this picture she is once again wearing a great skirt (this time a sparkly, sequined number). But I am going to focus on her clutch because goodness knows I love a good handbag. And this one is Zebra print! How fun!

Embed from Getty Images

After searching around I found this great Zebra clutch from Guess for $32. I really like it and think it would look good with lots of different outfits.

To prepare for fall I like to look at the coats that royal women wear since they have so many of them in so many colors. I already have a good black winter coat, a camel colored coat, and a red one for when I am feeling a bit adventurous. 🙂 But I really love the color of this coat that Victoria wore in November of 2009. It’s a pretty navy blue color. Navy blue is still a neutral color like black or brown that goes with pretty much everything yet it would make you stand out from the crowd since most people choose to wear black coats as soon as it gets cold outside.

Embed from Getty Images

I like these two examples of good fall coats in a similar color to what Victoria wore. First there is this aptly named “Victoria” coat by BGSD for $99. It has large military style buttons and is very much in style right now. It reminds me of the navy blue Zara blazer that is one of the Duchess of Cambridge’s favorite pieces of clothing.

Here is a picture of Kate wearing her Zara blazer to show you what I mean!

Embed from Getty Images

On the other hand, I also like this navy blue London Fog trench coat if you are looking for a different type of coat to add to your wardrobe. I think a trench coat is a staple item of clothing that every lady should have in her closet.

Last but not least I would like to show you an example of Victoria’s evening wear during the fall. Here she is attending the Polar Music Prize in August of 2014.

Embed from Getty Images

Love how the dress has a classy, vintage 1950s vibe to it.

Embed from Getty Images

I found this beautiful lace overlay Vera Wang gown that has a similar large white rose pattern against a simple cream backdrop. Nobody does lace quite like Vera Wang considering her expertise is in wedding dresses. So pretty!

I hope that you have had fun looking back on some of Princess Victoria’s fall fashion. Stay tuned for the next installment!


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Royal Children’s Back to School Fashion-Part Two

Today is the Sunday of tax free weekend where I live in Tennessee. Every year this is when hoards of people flock to the mall to buy back to school clothes, so I thought this would be a good time to take a look back at how royal kids from around the world dress on their first day at school. In part one, I talked about the royal children of Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, and the Netherlands. Now I will take a look at some other royal kids starting with the Swedish royal family.

Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel brought their pretty little girl, Princess Estelle, to her first day of preschool last year. Here’s the picture:

Embed from Getty Images

Princess Estelle always looks so happy in all of the pictures I see of her and her parents obviously adore her. I think she is probably one of the most confident and happy royal children. I love seeing pictures of her.

As a side note, do you guys see how similar Princess Victoria’s blazer is to the beloved blazer by Zara the Duchess of Cambridge loves to wear? Take a look:

Embed from Getty Images

They’re both dark blue blazers with large gold buttons. They have a nautical/military look to them and both royal women paired their blazers with jeans and wore their hair pulled back. It must be a popular royal look. 🙂 I am not sure if Victoria’s blazer is Zara as well, but Kate’s definitely is so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was. Kate really loves Zara and has worn the brand many times before and after her marriage. Here is a similar Zara blazer. It is not the same one Kate wears because it sold out (anything Kate wears sells out within 24 hours!). But it has the same structure, navy blue color, and large gold buttons on the backs of the sleeves. Moms deserve to treat themselves to a nice outfit to bring their kids to their first day of school, too. Right ladies? 😉

The royal family of Japan (like the Spanish royals) send their children to private schools where they have to wear uniforms. Here are some pictures of Japanese royal children on their first day of school.I can’t believe how grown up Princess Aiko is. And I feel like Prince Hisahito was born just yesterday!
Embed from Getty Images
Embed from Getty Images

Not every royal family has a tradition of taking pictures of their kids’ first day of school but the British royal family has some great pictures of these events. Most of the current generation of royal children are too young to be in school (like the Cambridge’s kids and Zara Tindall’s children) but here is a look back on British royals and their first day from the previous generation.
This is a sweet picture of Prince William on his first day of nursery school. He reminds me so much of Prince George! I imagine this is what George will look like on his first day in a year or two.
Embed from Getty Images

I cannot get over how adorable Harry is in this picture from 1989. He always had such a mischievous personality. I bet he kept Diana on her toes. Love the way Diana is looking at her boys. She seems so proud.
Embed from Getty Images
Here is a picture of Princess Eugenie with her mom and dad, the Duke and Duchess of York. I never realized how much Eugenie looks like her dad but boy she does take after him.
Embed from Getty Images
And then there is this picture of Prince William on his first day at St. Andrews University in 2001. I had such a crush on him during this time, you guys. I was 11 years old. 🙂 William’s casual style really hasn’t changed all that much since this picture was taken. This is pretty much the way he dresses when he is not participating in royal events or official functions. He’s a laid back guy.
Embed from Getty Images
And it looks like Ralph Lauren is still making this same style of pullover to this very day, too:


UPDATE! January 6th, 2016

Today is the day that little Prince George of Cambridge began his school career at a small Montessori school near the Duke and Duchess’s home, Anmer Hall in Norfolk. Instead of inviting photographers to watch George enter the preschool, William and Kate opted to share two pictures of George’s first day via social media. Here they are!

Prince George first day 1

George is pictured standing in front of a large mural that is painted on the side of the tiny school. There are only about 30 students who attend in total.

Prince George first day 2

I think he looks like a mix of both William and Kate. Adorable! 🙂

I hope that you enjoyed these posts as a look back on how royal kids dress on their first day of school. If you have kids or are getting ready to go back to school yourself, good luck and have fun!
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Top Five Ways to Dress Like a Princess- Part One

Hey Everyone! I really like to read top lists when I visit fashion blogs so I thought that should be one of my first posts on my new website. This top five list will just highlight some ways that you can become inspired by royal women to dress like a princess yourself. Whether you are looking for gift ideas or just want to treat yourself I think this is a fun little list with some cool ideas. In general, royal women tend to pair classic wardrobe pieces (like pearls and sensible wrap dresses) with added whimsical touches to show off their own unique personality (like Princess Diana’s polka dot clutch bag). You can do the same thing too but with less expensive pieces so you don’t go over budget. Here is a list of ten ideas to inspire you as you shop for fall. 🙂

#1 Accessorize with a cute bag

Check out this sweet picture of Princess Diana in the 80s. I love how her dress is blue with pink polka dots and she matched it with a pink bag with blue dots:

Embed from Getty Images

Well, I saw some really cute Coach bags in my local mall with polka dots on them that reminded me of this purse, only as a more modern take of it. I love Coach bags and think that they last for a really long time and are a good quality. If you take care of them they can last for years. I like that this particular bag has a handle, since clutch purses may not be practical for daily use, and it still has those fun polka dots that makes it special:

#2 Wear Some Sparkles

This pretty green gown looks so lovely on Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden. But it’s even better that she decided to wear sparkly shoes to match. Take a closer look at these pictures:

Embed from Getty Images

And here are the shoes:

Embed from Getty Images

So try adding a bit of sparkle to your next outfit. I  think it would be particularly appropriate during the holidays like Christmas or New Years since it is a festive and celebratory look. But then again it would look great at a cocktail party with a classic little black dress, too. These silver high heels by Nine West are really similar and I just love them. Click on the picture here to get a better look at the heel and what the shoe looks like from the side:

#3 Wear a Good Watch

Nowadays most people just use their cellphones to check the time. But there is something very classy and ladylike about a good watch. I personally think that the watch and perfume that a woman chooses says a lot about her personality. For example, take a look at Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway’s watch:

Embed from Getty Images

I cannot be sure, but I think that Mette-Marit’s watch may be a solid gold Rolex. I don’t know about you, but that is a bit out of my budget. 🙂 Instead, I really love Anne Klein watches. This one also has Swarovski crystals surrounding the watch face which gives it an added bit of ‘bling.’ Take a look:

#4 Wear a Wrap/Sheath Dress

Every woman should have at least one wrap/sheath dress in her closet. They are universally flattering on basically every body type and age and depending on the color and pattern of the dress they can be worn all year long. The ruched style highlights the waist and gives the wearer an hourglass figure. Kate Middleton famously wore an Issa cobalt blue dress to match her sapphire engagement ring in her photo call to announce her engagement seen in this picture:

Embed from Getty Images

The Issa dress sold out within a few days. Issa is one of Kate’s favorite “High Street” brands. However, the style of this dress is really very simple and classic and can be found elsewhere for far less. As a matter of fact, I found a very similar dress by Ralph Lauren (another of Kate’s favorite designers) on Here it is:

I really like the color and think that this dress would look pretty with sapphire earrings or maybe a string of pearls. You can finish the look with similar simple Steve Madden black pumps like Kate’s too:

Black pumps go with everything so it is a good purchase that can be used with mulptiple outfits all year long. 🙂

#5 Pearls!

Royal ladies looovvvee pearls. I particularly love these pearl earrings worn by Queen Mathilde of Belgium:

Embed from Getty Images

I love pearls AND I love bows. So give me a pair of earrings with both pearls AND bows and I am a happy camper. 🙂 These may not be real diamonds but I’ll take them:

Or if you really wanted to treat yourself you could splurge on these 10k gold earrings:

With a necklace to match:

This set would make a lovely wedding present or just a great way to wear classic pearls with a little bit of a twist. What woman doesn’t like bows? 🙂

I hope that you have enjoyed my first top five list of ideas on how to dress like a princess. There will be more posts like this so please follow my blog and I will keep writing!


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