Fall Trend: Embellished Guitar Strap Bags

Now that it is August, I have been doing some research and paying attention to what trends I have seen on the runway for the Fall season so that I can write some Fall fashion inspired blog posts and figure out what I may want to add to my wardrobe for this season. So far my absolute favorite trend for Fall this year is embellished guitar straps on purses. I think this is such a cool trend that is easy to pull off. These purses can be worn casually with jeans and they add a bit of color to darker coats, jackets, or sweaters. The most famous designer who has incorporated guitar straps into their collection this year is Valentino, who is famously inspired by rock and roll. Princess Mette-Marit of Norway, Princess Madeleine of Sweden, Princess Mary of Denmark, and Queen rania of Jordan all love Valentino with Madeleine even choosing the designer for her wedding day. Here are a few examples of Valentino bags with guitar straps that have been featuring prominently this year on the runways and in fashion magazines.



See it here:


See it here:


This super cool Valentino backpack has straps that look like a guitar strap as well.

See it here:


See how this tote bag has the smaller handles as well as the large embellished guitar strap? Valentino sells the guitar straps separately for people who would like to hook the guitar strap onto the bag interchangeably.

See it here:


Here are some Valentino straps sold on their own. They are typically colorful and embroidered.

See it here:


See it here:


Now that you have looked at the high fashion, runway versions of this trend from Valentino here are some more affordable alternatives of the trend that I love since we don’t all have a Valentino budget. 🙂 This bag is only $58. It has 3D flowers on the bag itself, which has been another popular trend all year, in addition to a large and colorful embroidered strap that looks a lot like what Valentino creates. I think it is such a fun bag for Fall!

See it here:


Steve Madden has also created some cute bags with the guitar strap and again, they are a lot less expensive compared to Valentino. Whereas Valentino can be 3 or 4 thousand dollars a bag, these Steve Madden bags are about $80-$90 on average.

See it here:


See it here:


See it here:


This gold version may be my favorite from Steve Madden. I love the color!

See it here:


See it here:


Like Valentino, other designers are now selling wide, embroidered guitar straps for bags on their own. Many bags have metal hoops that you can attach these straps to. So if you have a favorite bag for Fall from last year that you would like to update these straps are a great way to add some personality to your favorite bags but at $95 each they are a lot less expensive compared to Valentino, with each of their guitar straps being about a thousand dollars.

See it here:


See it here:


See it here:


These last two bags also have wide, thick, embellished straps. I wouldn’t really call them guitar straps, per se, but they still have a rock and roll vintage vibe that I really like.

See it here:


See it here:


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Mette-Marit’s Rockstar Princess Shoes

A long time ago I saw pictures of Crown Princess Mette-Marit on a visit to San Francisco and I fell in love with a gorgeous pair of edgy heels she was wearing by Valentino. Recently I also noticed Crown Princess Mary wearing the same Valentino shoes and I came to the conclusion that they were a royal favorite. But they are not cheap, averaging about $1,000 a pair, so I was hoping to find a less expensive alternative. Well, I was browsing in my local mall doing some research for a blog I am going to write on shoes for Spring 2016 when I saw a pair of shoes that I was convinced were the same ones by Valentino that I admired on Mette-Marit. But when I picked them up, much to my delight, I realized they were actually made by Arturo Chiang and are a fraction of the price. But unless someone were to examine your shoes really closely they would never be able to tell the difference because they look so much alike. When  I came home I found a link for them on line and I wanted to share them with my lovely readers. 🙂

Here is a picture of Mette-Marit wearing the heels I love. I like them because they are a good t-strap, which makes them easier to walk in in my opinion, and they have the edgy design along the strap that gives it a rock and roll vibe while still being modest. They are called “rockstud heels” and are perfect modern princess shoes. Contemporary but elegant.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

Crown Princess Mary of Denmark also has a pair of Valentino rockstud heels and she LOVES them. She has worn them many times.

Embed from Getty Images

Embed from Getty Images

These shoes are also popular with movie stars such as Reese Witherspoon. Here are some pictures courtesy of the Daily Mail of her dressed casually in jeans and wearing a pair of rockstud heels. She actually has multiple pairs in many different colors but I think these were the clearest pictures. I don’t normally post paparazzi pictures on this blog but I am making an exception with these just because I like seeing that these shoes can be worn casually, not just with business casual or professional clothing. I think it helps illustrate how versatile these heels are. Mary even wore them to a semi-formal event with a lace dress in the picture above.

So now that you have seen some ladies wearing these cool shoes here are some examples of Valentino rockstud heels and where to find them. Here are some black and white ones:

Find them here for $1,100:


And here is a light pink version similar to what Mary wears.

Get them here for $1,000:


And they are available in lots of other colors, too.

And here is the lookalike pair by Arturo Chiang for only $89.99. Pretty similar, aren’t they? I think they look the most like Mary’s pair that she wears all the time. They come in two colors, “adobe”-which is sort of like a nude, this is the adobe color in the picture below- and black. I’m thinking I need a pair! They are so reasonable and look so similar to the Valentino ones!

Find them here:


Stay tuned for my larger blog post on cool shoes for Spring/Summer 2016! And if you haven’t seen it yet I have written a post on handbags for Spring that you can find here. I’m also putting together a Spring makeup post with new trends for 2016 so please remember to ‘like’ My Frugal Lady on Facebook for all of our new articles and other cool things. ❤


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Royal Fashion Trend Fall 2015-Hand Painted Dresses

I have noticed a pretty cool trend going around in royal fashion circles this fall/winter season. Royal women are wearing hand painted gowns or dresses for special events. Some of these pieces are gorgeous, and the fact that they are hand painted makes each piece seem more personalized. Fashion IS art, of course, but there is something about hand painted clothing that just emphasizes this fact. It’s like wearing a canvas. I think it’s really cool. Here are two main examples of royal women wearing these hand painted pieces this month (October, 2015)

First, Princess Madeleine of Sweden chose this hand painted Valentino dress for her son’s christening. I think it’s beautiful, very autumnal. Just perfect for October.

Princess Madeleine Christening

Embed from Getty Images

This dress is called the “Bambolina” brocade ‘angel wing’ print dress. You can see a short sleeve version of the dress via the Saks Fifth Avenue link below. Of course, Valentino is a very expensive designer. But I enjoy looking at pictures of his work anyway just to appreciate the artistry.


But what’s really cool is that Valentino made a jacket this season with the same ‘angel wings’ hand painted print on it. If I had the money I would buy this jacket in a heartbeat since you can typically get more use out of a jacket than a dress. I would wear it all fall.

Valentino Brambolina Brocade han painted coat


Another royal woman who appreciates hand painted fashion is Queen Maxima of the Netherlands who has recently been hospitalized for a kidney infection. She became ill during her recent tour of China. But she managed to make an appearance at the state banquet in Beijing before traveling back home for treatment. If I had not read that she was ill I would never have guessed it from these photos because she looked beautiful. The gown that she chose for the occasion is a Mattjis van Bergen creation inspired by Van Gogh paintings. I think it was a very appropriate way of incorporating a Dutch design into her gown on an official state visit. The bottom of her dress has a lovely woodland scene painted onto it. Her Majesty chose to accessorize her new gown with the Dutch Emerald Parure. I love emeralds so I particularly love this set that belongs to the Dutch royal family. So elegant.

Queen Maxima State Banquet

Although Queen Maxima’s gown is impossible to find, and even if I could find it it probably would be an astronomical price in the tens of thousands, I have found some other hand painted pieces that are more affordable.

Firstly, a ‘splurge’ for me would be this Carolina Herrera abstract paint print jacquard dress.

Carolina Herrera Abstract Paint Jacquard sheath dress

See it here:


Then this awesome painted floral print Chloe dress is on sale in limited sizes. It’s my favorite.

painted chloe


This Chetta B paint streak scuba sheath dress is not really painted but it has an abstract, paint streak pattern that is reminiscent of the hand painted look of the other dresses featured in this article.

Chetta B Paint Streak Scuba Sheath Dress


This Karen Kane painted canvas faux wrap dress is very figure flattering and is between $50-$80.

Karen Kane painted canvas wrap dress


And this Nic and Zoe hand painted twist dress is in a nice dark color for fall/winter.

Nic and Zoe


And this Alexander McQueen creation from the summer is now on sale in limited sizes,

Alexander McQueen cotton dress


This Marc New York print twill fit and flare sheath dress with pockets is nice and youthful.
Marc New York print twill fit and flare

It has stripes that look like they have been painted on with brush strokes although it is not a hand painted dress so it is less expensive.

Marc New York detailing

You can find it here for $128:


I think that Princess Madeleine and Queen Maxima’s fashion choices this month is a good indication that we will probably see some more hand painted pieces on royal ladies during the busy holiday season.


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