Kate in Alexander McQueen for Canadian Royal Tour

Today, September 25, is the second day of Will and Kate’s royal tour. The Cambridges have departed Victoria for Vancouver. Kate wore a vibrant dress by Alexander McQueen with red shoes and clutch bag to match. I am SOOO happy she didn’t wear nude pumps with this dress. The red bag and shoes accessorize the bold pattern of the dress very nicely. Remember that Kate chose Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen to design her wedding dress so this designer is a go-to favorite for Kate. Here are some pictures!


Kate Middleton today

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge wave as they board a 'float plane' from Victoria  to Vancouver on Sunday

Today is the Cambridge’s first full day of public engagements. Later today they will visit a charity called “Sheway” which works to benefit vulnerable mothers who are battling addiction and other mental health issues. Here is a link to Sheway’s official website.

Later today Will and Kate will join Prime Minister and Mrs. Trudeau for a visit to the Immigration Services Society of British Columbia. They will meet with people who have immigrated to Canada including Syrian refugees.

Kate’s dress is getting a mixed response on social media, but I like it. What do you guys think? I will continue to update as more photos and info becomes available.


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Will and Kate’s India and Bhutan Tour Highlights

After a whirlwind week, Will and Kate’s tour of India and Bhutan is over. This blog post will be dedicated to Kate’s fashion moments from April 11-16. For my blog post on Kate’s arrival in India and her first few outfits visit here. I also wrote a separate post on her Jenny Packham gown from the ‘Bollywood Dinner’ which you can find here. 🙂

April 11, 2016

On April 11, Will and Kate spoke with tech entrepreneurs, visited India Gate, and paid respects to Mahatma Gandhi. The first photos I saw of this event were of Kate and Will meeting with a man who invented a machine that automatically makes dosa for breakfast in the morning after you pour batter into it. I think it must be set on a timer like when you time your coffee at night before you go to bed and then it just brews itself automatically in the morning. Dosas are kind of like Indian crepes. William tried to make one himself but then when he offered it to Kate she didn’t want to try it. Some people in India are saying that this came across as rude, as you are not supposed to turn down food when your host offers it to you. But I suspect that it may be because Kate doesn’t like to be photographed eating because that can result in some really unflattering pictures. Heaven knows the press have had a field day with Camilla whenever she eats something. They always print the most unflattering pictures of her afterwards.

William was shown the 'dosamatic' machine which makes pancakes, crepes, dosas and omelettes when automatically loaded with batter

Not so keen: After trying his creation, William offers Kate a bite, however the famously slim royal waved the food away with her hand

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrive at an event to meet aspiring young entrepreneurs in Mumbai on the second day of their tour

Kate wore a white midi-dress by Emilia Wickstead for 1,700 pounds for the first events of the day. That translates to more than 2,000 US dollars which I honestly think is a bit overpriced for such a simple dress. I like the collar and the overall shape and structure of the dress and I think it is an appropriately modest length although the fake pocket flaps on the busts may have been better if they were positioned on the skirt of the dress itself. I like dresses with real pockets in the skirt and think it can be really cute. My first impression of the dress was that Kate probably chose white to keep cool in the Mumbai and New Delhi heat. However, the dress is actually wool-crepe, so it is debatable as to how cool (temperature wise) the dress could actually be. She accessorized with an oatmeal/almost nude Mulberry clutch and light pink/almost nude Rupert Sanderson pumps.

This dress by Warehouse from ASOS has a similar Peter Pan collar and looks kind of like Kate’s but the flap pocket detailing is on the skirt. It’s only $47.

Find it here:


I’m pretty sure these are Kate’s Rupert Sanderson pumps. But all of her shoes look alike so it is hard to tell sometimes.

See them here:


These Michael Kors pumps look very, very similar and are a fraction of the price.

See them here:


Like many other fashion bloggers, I would really, really love to see Kate experiment a bit more with her shoes and bags. She has dozens of nude or basically nude colored clutches and pumps. A clutch bag is not always appropriate for day wear and sometimes an outfit needs a splash of color. I understand that Kate had to pay respects at India Gate, which is the Indian equivalent to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, so she may not have wanted to be too loud with her fashion on this day. But it would have been fine to wear a navy blue bag and shoes or maybe even just a darker shade of pink. Not too bright, just enough that the color picks up well on camera and it contrasts against the white dress. Otherwise, the outfit looks too washed out.

Maybe something like these navy pumps by Charles David Pact? These are under $100 and are still a ‘safe’ color for Kate if she didn’t want to be too colorful.


Or maybe this shade of pink from Christian Louboutin. It would have photographed better than the light pink pair that Kate wore that basically just looked like all of her nude shoes.

See them here:


By now most people who have been following the Cambridges know what happened at India Gate. Kate’s dress flew up as she was walking and while she was trying to place the flowers. I won’t sugar coat it, this was pretty embarrassing. And a so called “Marilyn Monroe” moment couldn’t have happened at a more inappropriate time. I admit that I have had a sudden gust of wind blow my skirt up before. It is really embarrassing. The queen always takes certain precautions with her wardrobe. She wears weights in her hems, but she also has her dresser, Angela Kelly, make slips that go underneath her skirts that are the same color as her skirt. It is important for Kate to wear a skirt that is fitted more closely to her body when she is going to be outside the way the queen does and she should also have weights sewn into her hems. And always, ALWAYS wear underwear because Kate has been photographed without underwear while working at an official event. Most royal women have had their skirts fly up once or twice by accident, but Kate has had it happen too often over the past five years so something needs to change. The Indian press was deeply offended and it reflects badly on the Queen.

Happy Birthday, Gran! Kate and William use a sword to cut a special cake for the Queen at a party to celebrate her 90th in New Delhi

At the very end of the second day of their tour, Will and Kate attended a garden party in honor of the Queen’s 90th birthday. Kate got a chance to cut a cake with a sword, which sounds like fun. 🙂 Then she and Will mingled with the 2,000 guests that included people from the realm of academia, business, politics, and the military. Kate wore a Temperley London crop top and skirt by Alice Temperely. To my knowledge, Kate has never worn something like a crop top and maxi skirt quite like this before and I like it when she tries something different. I like the black embroidery on the white dress, but again I wish she would accessorize differently. A red clutch and red shoes would have contrasted well against the stark black and white of this ensemble or really any other color would have worked for that matter. The black and white is a blank slate kind of like the white Wickstead dress she wore earlier in the day. Kate has so many black and nude clutches and purses she really doesn’t need to buy any more.

The Duke and Duchess will meet hundreds of guests from Indian society at the official garden party  celebrating the Queen's 90th Birthday

Here is the top:


And here is the skirt:


Personally, this is my favorite dress from the Temperley Spring 2016 collection. I think Kate would look pretty in it if she wore a shell underneath or added some fabric to make it less low-cut.

See it here:



April 12, 2016

Art class: The Duchess of Cambridge sat cross-legged as she drew pictures with some of the street children helped by the charity

A picture of a house drawn by the Duchess of Cambridge during her visit to a children's centre run by the charity Salaam Baalak in Delhi

Playtime: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge enjoyed a game of the traditional table game Carrom with street children in New Delhi

The events from the morning of April 12 have been some of my favorite from this entire tour not so much because of what Kate wore, but because of the activities that took place. I love children and have worked with them off and on for years so I loved being able to see Kate sit on the floor and play games and draw with the children. I would love to see her do this more.

Will and Kate visited Salaam Baalak Trust. This organization won the National Award for Child Welfare in 2011. This is a description of the organization from their website:

Salaam Baalak Trust is an Indian non-profit and non-governmental organization which provides a sensitive and caring environment to street and working children in Delhi, India.

We help nurture their dreams and make them realize that their fate can be crafted by their own heart, their own hands and a firm resolve.”

For the occasion, Kate wore a maxi dress by Glamorous, a British Label, that cost about $80. I think it was appropriate for Kate to wear something less expensive since her other clothing choices for the rest of the tour were pretty expensive, by and large. She wore the maxi dress with brand new Russell and Bromley flats. I’m glad to see she wore some flat shoes for this event because watching her play cricket in wedge heels made my feet hurt in sympathy pain! 🙂

Relaxed: Kate wore flat cream pumps underneath a long burgundy ethnic style dress with a belt tied around the middle

I’ve never been one to wear maxi dresses, mainly because I am only five feet tall and any maxi dress would drag on the floor on me. But I think they can be fun for some women who can pull it off. There is a bohemian free spirit vibe going on with this dress. I found one in a similar style by London Times on sale for $50. I live in the south so long sleeves like Kate’s aren’t really practical for the Summer.

Find it here:


Formal: Prince William (left) shakes hands with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as he and wife Kate arrive for lunch in New Delhi

The Duchess of Cambridge smiles during a photo opportunity at Hyderabad House in New Delhi

Later that same day, Will and Kate met with the Prime Minister of India, Naranda Modi to have lunch. Kate changed into a Temperley London dress in a really pretty jade color. I think that this color really suits Kate and it is a color I would wear myself. I also like that she wore her hair up and I wish she would have worn it up more throughout the tour in general. However, I don’t think the bodice of the dress is fitted properly. As it turns out, the dress was originally completely transparent in the front with the original model showing off some serious cleavage. So Kate’s assistant helped her add ‘modesty panels’ to the dress so that it would be appropriate for her to wear for this lunch. I believe that in placing these modesty panels the dress lost some of its original structure and pulled on her bodice in an unnatural way. So I would love this dress if it had been tailored properly to fit her better around the chest area.

Duchess of Cambridge attends a meeting with Prime Minister of India Narenda Modi in  Hyderabad House

Kate was also sporting some new Kiki McDonough earrings. McDonough is one of Kate’s favorite jewelry designers. The press are reporting that these earrings may have been a ‘push present’ given to Kate after Princess Charlotte was born. But while Charlotte’s birthstone is an emerald, these earrings are green tourmaline and amethyst.

Red carpet welcome: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are greeted with a ceremonial welcome as they arrive at Tezpur Airport in Assam, India, on day three of the Royal visit to India ahead of their visit to the world's largest one-horn rhino park

After their lunch with the Indian Prime Minister, Kate and Will flew to Assem where they were greeted with a campfire celebration.

The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William watch dancing by the fireside during a Bihu Festival Celebrationat Diphlu River Lodge on day 3 of the royal visit to India and Bhutan

Kate arrived in the same dress she wore to lunch with the Prime Minister but she quickly changed into a maxi dress by Anna Sui. The dress’s design was inspired by mid-century Scandinavian styles. I felt like there was a lot of pattern going on in one dress. Kate chose to wear Wedges, which quickly became muddied. I wish she would have worn some sensible sandals.

See it here:


When it comes to shoes, I would have opted for really simple black sandals because of how busy the print is on the dress. I also probably wouldn’t have worn anything too expensive. Something like these H&M sandals for $14.99.

See them here:


April 13, 2016

On April 13, Kate and Will took a Safari tour of Kaziranga National Park. They got to feed baby elephants and rhinos with giant bottles, which is basically my dream. It’s just too gosh darn cute!!!

Animal doctor: Kate nurses a baby elephant back to health at a sanctuary helping animals who have been injured, displaced or orphaned

The sanctuary provides emergency care and rehabilitation to wild animals that have been injured, displaced, or orphaned in the wild

The Duchess of Cambridge arrives in Pan Bari Village, Assam, India, during day four of the royal tour to India and Bhutan

Kate wore an embroidered dress by Topshop and wedges. Again, I kind of feel like sandals or flats of some kind would have been more practical but maybe Kate’s ankles are just stronger than mine are!

The dress that Kate wore is no longer available but here is another embroidered smock dress by Topshop for $68.

See it here:


Then William and Kate went on a safari. It felt a little bit more like a vacation than an official tour to me at this point but that may be because William was originally scheduled to give a speech on poaching on this day but for some reason he didn’t. Maybe he ran out of time or something happened but I think if William gave a speech it would have felt more like an official visit and not just a vacation. I would have liked to hear some informational facts and figures concerning what Kaziranga does to help these animals. Unfortunately, the day after William and Kate’s visit a rhino was killed by poachers close by to where the royal couple went on their safari.

Kate wore a blouse that was given to her by RM Williams during her tour of Australia and New Zealand in 2014. She also wore one of her favorite pairs of earrings. Citrine drops by Kiki McDonough. Here are the same pair with blue topaz instead of citrine.

See them here:


Kate wore some flats this time, though. She wore these Sebago Bala shoes.

See them here:


April 14th, 2016

On April 14th, the Cambridges flew to Bhutan. They were greeted by Princess Chimi, the sister of the King of Bhutan, and her husband.

Kate wore an Emila Wickstead coat that she has worn before and probably purchased in 2012. I like the color of the coat. It’s a pretty soft yellow like buttermilk. But alas, she chose a beige clutch and nude heels. I have already established that I would like to see Kate experiment with her shoes and bags. But I will also add that I think this coat would have looked lovely with a pretty brooch. Kate was not loaned any jewelry by the Queen for this tour and it is not exactly clear why. But Kate does own at least one brooch of her own that she could have brought with her. She was last seen wearing it at Christmas.

The brooch is an oak leaf with little acorns on it because Kate’s family crest has acorns incorporated into the design. The brooch, being entirely diamonds with no other colored stones, may not have showed up well against the light yellow coat but it still would have added a little extra sparkle. In general I wish Kate would wear more brooches. She has a very large collection of coats and dress-coats that would look great with some pretty brooches. But I am of the opinion that as a duchess and future Princess of Wales Kate should wear more diamond jewelry than she does especially when she is representing the Queen abroad. She has been royal for five years now so I think it is a good time for her to start wearing more jewelry. Maybe William should buy her a new brooch as a gift for their five year anniversary?

After arriving in Bhutan, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge met with King Jigme and Queen Jetsun. Kate changed into an interesting outfit. It wasn’t traditional Bhutanese clothes; rather, it was a skirt made in London by unidentified designer using fabric made in Bhutan coupled with a top made by Paul and Joe. I like the top, although the skirt had an awkwardly placed slit in the front that kept blowing open. I think that maybe it could have been designed differently to avoid that from happening. Or, Kate could have just worn traditional Bhutanese clothes. I don’t see anything wrong with that.

That night, Will and Kate attended a reception with the King and Queen. Kate wore a Tory Burch dress and a pretty orange shawl, a color she never wears. I thought she looked good in orange and would like to see her wear this color again especially in the fall.

Coincidentally, Drew Barrymore wore this same exact dress on the same day that Kate did.

I think I like this dress a little better with the added orange shawl.

April 15th, 2016

On April 15th, Will and Kate went on a hike to the Tiger’s Nest monastery in Bhutan.

So Kate wore a blouse, a waistcoat, skinny jeans, boots, and the citrine earrings I wrote about earlier. I’m not a hiking kind of a girl, but keeping in mind how incredibly hot it was in Bhutan and how difficult this particular hike is claimed to be (Prince Charles visited the Tiger’s Nest but never made it to the monastery, he only got half way) I am not so sure this outfit is right for the occasion. Throughout the tour I followed what royal reporters were saying on their Twitter pages and apparently I am not the only one to question this choice. Camilla Tominey, a royal editor for the Sunday Express who went on the hike with a press pack to photograph the couple, said “Having just done this hike, may I humbly suggest that Kate’s leather waistcoat is a tad misjudged. May also want to put her barnet up. #hot”

Kate’s ability to hike up a mountain with her hair down while wearing a leather jacket and not breaking a sweat after hours in the sun led the Huffington Post to question “Is the Duchess of Cambridge Human?” 🙂

After the hike the Cambridges attended another reception. Kate wore a Beulah London red poppy gown. The blue poppy is the national flower of Bhutan.

April 16th, 2016

The Cambridges saved the best for last. On their final stop on their tour, Will and Kate flew from Bhutan back to India to visit the Taj Mahal in Agra. I would love to visit the Taj one day. It is not only a monument to love, but an architectural masterpiece.

I absolutely love this dress by Naeem Khan. Truth be told, he is one of my all time favorite Indian designers. I wish that Kate would have worn one of his gowns for the Bollywood reception. He is fantastic. I believe that he has been compared to Oscar de la Renta and Valentino. Here is a link to an article from Vogue showcasing his pre-fall 2016 collection. I think it is so lovely and although it cannot be purchased yet I just love looking at the various pieces he has put together.

I think Kate chose this particular dress because the pattern is reminiscent to the famous engravings that decorate the Taj. It was a great choice. (I wish she wore blue shoes to match, but I’m gonna let that go. 🙂 )

I don’t believe that this dress is available anymore. But upon closer inspection, you can see that the dress on the model is shorter than Kate’s. It looks like the designer added an extra layer of design for Kate to make it come to her knees. I would absolutely wear this dress and I hope Kate isn’t afraid to wear it again because it was used for the iconic Taj Mahal photo. I’d love to see her wear it again with her hair pulled back and her sapphire and diamond earrings that match her ring.

So that’s all folks! I hope that Will and Kate will continue to fulfill more royal duties. Now that Her Majesty has turned 90 years old and the Duke of Edinburgh will soon be 95, it only makes sense that it is now the time to pass on more responsibilities to the younger generation.

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Kate’s Royal Tour of India and Bhutan Fashion Predictions and Suggestions

Hello ladies! I know what you’re thinking, “long time no see” right? As I mentioned in my last post, my laptop broke and I was MIA for a while. But now I have a brand new laptop and I am getting all situated setting up my blog and picture files on the new one, so I think I am officially back in business now. Yay!

Anyway, for my first blog back on the scene after what I like to call “the laptop crisis of 2016” I have decided to do something I have never done before. This post is dedicated to predictions and suggestions for what Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge may wear for her highly anticipated royal tour of India and Bhutan in April.


So without further ado, here is my take on what we may see Kate wear during the tour based on what she normally wears and her favorite designers. I also make some suggestions for what I would like to see Kate wear that might help change her public image a bit considering the ongoing scrutiny and controversy that has been surrounding the Cambridges in the press over the past month or so.


Business Casual/Professional

The exact schedule for what Kate and William will be doing on their tour has not been released just yet. So far the palace has only given us this press release. But I am assuming that there will be occasions where it will be necessary for Kate to wear business casual or professional clothing. In the past Kate has struggled with this dress code a bit, like when she wore a cocktail dress, clutch bag, and pumps to visit a women’s prison last year. Commentators remarked that she was overdressed for the visit. They made similar remarks when she wore a lace Dolce and Gabbana cocktail dress to visit a museum early in the morning with the president and first lady of China. So I think it would be great if Kate could get some simple blazers to wear for more professional meetings and events that she might go to during the tour.

Maybe something like this tweed blazer by L.K. Bennett? Bennett is one of Kate’s favorite brands.

See it here:


Or maybe this simple white blazer by Michael Kors.

See it here:


I also think that Kate would look good in the type of peasant blouse that Queen Rania likes to wear with a skirt or trousers during working engagements. I like the pink/peachy color of this one by Vince Camuto.

See it here:


But what I would really, really love to see Kate wear is a great pant suit or skirt suit. Something like this short sleeve blouse by Reiss, another Kate favorite.

See it here:


With these Reiss trousers in a light blue/gray that Kate likes.

See it here:


And the matching blazer. A pantsuit like this is very modern and professional. It’s the type of outfit that Kate should wear if she needs to give a speech or attend a meeting.

See it here:


Or maybe something like this Tahari pearl boucle skirt suit? I think Kate would look really pretty in something like this. Although it does look very much like the Chanel skirt suits that Diana would wear after her divorce, so Kate may not want to wear something so similar. I think that she could still get away with it though because other royals like Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie of Luxembourg or Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco wear skirt suits like this all the time so it’s not just a Diana thing. Many royal women have worn boucle skirt suits.

See it here:


I also like this purple pantsuit by Tahari. I think the color is a little less harsh than maybe a black suit would be. And depending on how many events they have scheduled in one day Kate may not be able to do too many wardrobe changes and I really prefer it when royal women wear color when they meet children. Children seem to like it better when they meet a princess or queen who is wearing pretty colors.

See it here:


Princess Victoria of Sweden, Princess Mary of Denmark, and Queen Rania of Jordan all love Prada bags. I think this classic black Prada bag would be a great investment for Kate’s professional wardrobe. She really only wears clutch bags during royal engagements and a lot of fashion and royal bloggers and commentators have said that they wish Kate would wear another style of bag during official engagements. I think something like this is perfect for business casual/professional dress.

See it here:


I really like the structure of this Michael Kors bag for business casual. I like the soft pink color for Spring. I think Michael Kors is a more affordable choice for those of us ladies who may be shopping on a budget.

See it here:


And also this gray Michael Kors bag.

See it here:


But if Kate still wants to wear a clutch, which seems to be her preference, I like this patchwork piece by Michael Kors. Pathwork is very ‘in’ right now, but it’s a neutral color so it isn’t too flashy. Kate is very understated in her choices of bags and shoes.

See it here:


And finally, to complete the professional outfit I am sure Kate will most likely stick to her beloved L.K. Bennett pumps. She has so many simple black pumps they are all starting to look alike, though. I think it would be nice if she bought this pair with a quilted pattern on traditional black patent leather pumps. It adds some unexpected texture to her shoes while still being relatively simple.



Bennett has a new style for Spring/Summer 2016 and I think it’s pretty cool. It’s called the “Rillata” heel and it has a neat cutout pattern. Again, this adds some texture or pattern to what is otherwise a pretty basic pump. I think Kate might like this.


I think my favorite is this version in black and white. It would go with everything.


Taj Mahal

There is one portion of the royal tour that has been confirmed by Kensington Palace. William and Kate will definitely be going to the Taj Mahal where they are certain to take a picture in front of the iconic building. Lots of presidents, prime ministers, celebrities, and foreign dignitaries have visited the Taj Mahal. In fact, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden visited before she married Prince Daniel.

But the press are undoubtedly going to compare William and Kate to Diana’s visit from 1992. She was there with Prince Charles, but they were so terribly unhappy in their marriage that they were attending separate engagements throughout the tour.

The Taj Mahal is universally acknowledged as a monument to love. It is a mausoleum that was commissioned in 1632 by emperor Shah Jahan to be built for his favorite wife, Mumtaz Mahal. Originally there was to be a second Taj built across from the Taj Mahal that was supposed to be exactly, perfectly alike to the Taj Mahal that is seen today and that is where Shah Jahan wanted to be buried so that he would always be across from his wife for all of eternity. But the second Taj was never built because Shah Jahan’s son wouldn’t allow it so when Shah Jahan died his son just had him buried in the Taj Mahal next to Mumtaz. It’s actually a really fascinating story.

By posing in front of the greatest monument to love in the world all by herself without her husband, Diana was making a public statement on the state of her marriage and how lonely she felt.

When Diana was about to pose for this picture, photographers later commented that they didn’t understand why she was wearing a bright red and purple outfit. But Diana did this intentionally so that her clothes would contrast against the light white color of the Taj behind her.

Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai was probably thinking along the same lines when she wore red for this picture below.

And Oprah wore a really bright orange and green ensemble as well. Presumably for the same reason.

When Kate takes her picture I am hoping that she wears something colorful as well. I think Princess Victoria’s picture turned out really nicely but in general it would probably be a good idea for Kate not to wear white so that she stands out more in the picture. Recently Kate wore a skirt and top by English brand Eponine, a relatively obscure fashion designer who specializes in clothing inspired by the 1950s and 1960s. You can see pictures of Kate in the outfit here. I have checked out other designs on Eponine’s website and I think it is a safe bet that Kate may wear more of their clothing for the tour because it is all so colorful and I think that something by Eponine may be perfect for the picture with the Taj Mahal.

For example, I like how colorful this dress is. It’s nice and bright like colors you would see in a Bollywood film and I think it would contrast well against the Taj Mahal.

Eponine SS16 Collection-1005.jpg

And this red dress looks like Kate’s style.

Eponine SS16 Collection-1002.jpg

If you would like to see more of Eponine’s clothing visit their website here.


And now here is the REALLY fun part to write about. 🙂 I am not sure if Kate is going to a gala while she is in India, but if she is these are some of the jewels and gowns that I would love to see her wear.

First comes Kate’s wedding tiara: the Cartier Halo tiara. I would like to see her wear this again but if she does I think it would be nice for her to wear the earrings that her mom and dad bought for her as a wedding present. The swirly part of the earrings were made to look like the tiara but the acorns were incorporated into the design because they match Kate’s coat of arms. You can see an explanation of why acorns are used in her coat of arms here.

Here is the Cartier tiara. Simple and delicate. Princess Margaret used to wear it.

And the earrings which I do not believe she has worn since her wedding day.

Since I am imagining her going to a gala in India (there could be a dinner in Bhutan,too) I think it is very possible that Kate would try and incorporate Indian culture into the dress she would wear for the dinner. For example, when Kate attended the Chinese State Banquet at Buckingham Palace she wore red because red is culturally significant to China. Similarly, Diana wore a dress designed to look like a sari when she was in Thailand which you can see here.

So I’m thinking that maybe Kate could wear the Cartier Halo tiara with her matching earrings with something like this Oscar de la Renta gown that was “designed in close collaboration with Indian artisans” and is inspired by the structure of a kaftan.

See it here:
The Oscar de la Renta gown has beautiful silver metallic embroidery that would look great with the tiara, earrings, and these sparkly Jimmy Choo pointed toe pumps and matching Jimmy Choo clutch.
Here are the shoes:
And here is the clutch:
Oscar de la Renta also makes a similar gown in yellow. Kate doesn’t wear this color often but she once wore a yellow cocktail dress on her tour of Australia and I think she looked really pretty in the color.


For Kate’s first state banquet (for the president of China) she wore the Lotus Flower tiara. The tiara was worn by Queen Elizabeth II’s mother, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. She used to wear it across her forehead in a bandeau style back in the 1920s or 30s (picture on right) but it can also be adjusted to be worn in a more traditional way. You can look closely at this picture of Kate and see that they added brown padding to match her hair on the bottom of the tiara so that it sits properly on her head. She is most definitely going to use this tiara again and like her wedding tiara, this piece was also worn by Princess Margaret when she was young.

Now, when Princess Diana first married into the royal family she was given an amazing emerald suite by Prince Charles who has famously good taste in jewelry. Check out this article on the jewelry he has given Camilla and you will see what I mean. In this next imagined outfit I am putting together I would love to see Kate wear the Lotus Flower tiara plus Diana’s emerald earrings and matching choker. But the problem is I am not quite sure what happened to the emeralds after Diana’s death because I am reading conflicting information from different sources. According to her will, Diana wanted William and Harry’s future wives to inherit her jewelry but unfortunately some people sold her belongings after her death and hid portions of her will and other nasty drama so I don’t really know where these emeralds are.

But if there was a way for Kate to wear the Lotus Flower tiara and Diana’s emerald choker and earrings I think it would look awesome with something like this green gown by Elie Saab, who is a royal favorite with people like Queen Rania of Jordan and Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie. I like the fact that it has one shoulder because it reminds me of the style of a sari. Kate has the height to pull this off really nicely.

See it here:


If Kate is going to attend a gala dinner or banquet in India another great tiara option would be the Cambridge Lover’s Knot tiara. It was most famously worn by Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth II during the early years of her reign, and then passed down to Diana on her wedding day (although Diana decided to wear the Spencer tiara for her wedding instead, she often wore this piece throughout her time as Princess of Wales and it is very closely associated with her).

I don’t think Queen Elizabeth liked it very much because she didn’t wear it often. Diana once complained to a friend that the way the pearls move when she moved her head bothered here so maybe that’s why.

Kate has only worn this tiara once but she was in the back of a car and this is the best photo we have of the event. Considering that Kate is the Duchess of Cambridge I think that it would be very appropriate for her to wear the Cambridge Lover’s Knot Tiara again.

And if she did I would love to see her wear it with a dress like this strapless gown by Carolina Herrera. I think it’s a real princess-y gown and looks like something that Audrey Hepburn used to wear. Kate loves this shade of blue so I bet she would love this gown.

See it here:


Since the gown has black beading and embroidery I would probably pair it with these black Louboutins called “So Kate.” I’m thinking that maybe they named these pumps after Kate because they are precisely her style. 😉

See them here:


And a nice black clutch would work well. I like this one by Gucci because it has a little extra “bling” and I think the suede is pretty.

See it here:


Keeping in mind that Kate has her famous sapphire engagement ring I would love to see her wear the King George VI Victorian Sapphire Tiara Suite. I don’t think that is very likely because the Queen has never let anyone else borrow this suite (that I know of), but then again she hasn’t been seen wearing it in quite some time so it could happen. The suite comprised of earrings, necklace, bracelet, and a pendent that can be worn as a brooch was given to the queen by her mother and father when she was still a princess as a wedding gift when she married Prince Phillip in 1947 and then the Queen had the matching tiara commissioned in 1963. This is pretty rare because Her Majesty is famously frugal when it comes to jewelry and hardly ever buys anything for herself. I suspect that the suite holds sentimental value to her since it was given to her by her beloved father before his death and she decided she wanted a matching tiara.

If Kate could wear the sapphire suite I would probably make it the center of attention and opt for a more understated gown so that the large jewels can really stand out. I like this dress by Monique Lhullier who always makes very pretty, elegant dresses.

See it here:
Kate has often worn Alexander McQueen and even had Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen design her wedding gown so maybe she could wear a McQueen clutch. This one is a true work of art (and also really expensive, but she’s a princess and she can wear it more than once, right? 🙂 ).
See it here:
Dolce and Gabbana?
Like I said before, the complete schedule for William and Kate’s tour of India and Bhutan has not been revealed yet so I am not sure what kinds of clothes Kate will need. But based on the fact that Kate has been wearing more Dolce and Gabbana over the past year I could see her wearing some of these pieces if not on the royal tour than maybe for other events in the future this Spring.
I think this dress is particularly ladylike. I like the poppies and daisies.
See it here:
I would probably wear these D and G yellow pumps to match the yellow bits in the daisies.
Find them here:
In the past when Kate has been seen wearing D and G she mostly wears their lace dresses. Dolce and Gabbana have made some pretty lace dresses this season in white. I like this one and can imagine Kate buying this for sure.
Find it here:
There is also this one. I bet you guys that she has purchased this dress already, it has Kate written all over it.
See it here:
And for those who say that they wish Kate would wear something besides a clutch, D and G has made some gorgeous bags this season. They have a citrus-y theme going on right now. You can seem lemons on this embroidered “lunch box” bag that can also be worn with a crossbody strap. I really like it. But the only problem is that I just noticed that is has snakeskin on the handle and strap. Kate just got a lot of bad press for wearing possum fur gloves on her vacation to the French alps so I am not sure if she would want to wear snakeskin. (Sidenote: possum fur gloves? I never even knew there was such a thing. Go figure.)
See it here:
I also think that this colorful D and G bag would look really nice with one of the white lace dresses. I think it’s fun.
See it here:
One last piece by Dolce and Gabbana is this pretty green dress with a feminine daisy pattern. It’s appropriately modest but still bright with some flowers for Spring. I could see Kate wearing this.
Find it here:
There is one part of the official press release by Kensington Palace that says that William and Kate will see “Indian efforts to relieve urban poverty”. The press interpreted this to mean that Will and Kate will visit the ‘slums’ of Mumbai with some media going so far as to say that they will see the same places that were featured in the movie “Slumdog Millionaire.”
I don’t really have any fashion suggestions for this part of the tour. I think the most important thing is that Kate (and William) dress down in simple clothes. Nothing too designer, nothing too fancy. And that they show the people they meet respect and sincere interest and empathy. They don’t want to be overdressed because they will risk looking pretentious, but they also want to be down to earth and personable without being patronizing. Here are some royal ladies who have done that really well.
Crown Princess Mary of Denmark
Crown Princess Mette-Marit of Norway
Diana, Princess of Wales. This was around the time in the 90s when she was doing a lot with the Red Cross’s Anti-Landmine Campaign.
And Prince Harry, too. He is very much his mother’s son.
And here is Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden when she went to India. She visited a project supported by Swedish aid agency, SIDA. Victoria always lights up around children and is very sweet.
William and Kate just need to show the world that they really care. I hope that they do well on this tour and that they can stifle some of the negative press attention that they have been getting this past month. With the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations quickly approaching it doesn’t seem fair that the press has decided to focus on bad PR regarding William and Kate instead of focusing on the Queen’s milestone birthday. Watch this space as I will be blogging throughout the royal tour to see if any of my predictions were correct.
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