My Frugal Lady’s First Post

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This is my first blog and my first post, so I am very excited and eager to begin writing. As I say in my “about me” page, this blog will focus on showcasing affordable fashion that is inspired by European royal women’s style. As I build my site, I will discuss the latest outfits that royal women wear from around Europe (Danish Royal Family, British Royal Family, Swedish Royals, etc) and how you can find similar clothes. I love to look at the outfits that royal women wear as a source of inspiration to me as I go shopping myself. As an American, I often see magazines discuss the Duchess of Cambridge’s fashion choices, but most American fashion magazines do not write articles about “lesser known” royals like Princess Mary of Denmark or Princess Victoria of Sweden and there are fashionable royals all over the world, not just Britain. Sometimes I can afford to buy the same exact clothes and accessories they wear if I find them on sale, but most of the time I do research on what they wear and then find something similar for a lot less. I am a royal history buff, so some of my posts will also look at royal women from the past (like Princess Diana or Princess Grace) and discuss their style as well. I plan on doing reviews of clothes, accessories, and make-up that the royals wear, too. So if you are interested in learning more about what the royals buy but you are not sure if you should buy the same things yourself, look no further since I will be reviewing the items here to help you make educated purchases.

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I have lots of info on what perfume, make-up, clothes, shoes, and handbags princesses, duchesses, and queens wear from around the world. So this blog is a place to learn about all of the royals’ beauty secrets so that you can learn how to dress like a princess. Since this is a brand new blog, I would love it if you could comment on this post and let me know if the concept of this blog sounds interesting to you. Since I am working on building the organization of this site, I would love to get input from you to see what you would like to learn about or what requests you may have for my next post. All constructive input is welcomed and encouraged. This is a body positive fashion blog and I hope that I can attract an online readership that shares my same vision to be supportive of women of every height, dress size, and economic background.

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Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that you will follow My Frugal Lady to see how my site develops and all of the fun things I will talk about here. 🙂


The Frugal Lady